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    News Round-Up: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

    Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

    Jimmy Fallon rocked The Tonight Show stage; Saudi Arabia appointed its first female editor-in-chief of a national newspaper; and Venezuela expels three U.S. diplomats. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith walk us through the evolution of hip hop dancing; new godmother, Kate Middleton, and Prince George attend a christening; and the U.S.A. wins the first ever gold medal in ice dancing.

    - Gianna + Maura



    First night a hit for ‘Tonight’ host Jimmy Fallon: http://rtvote.com/1e3Kp6b
    Last night, Jimmy Fallon transitioned from his hit show “Late Night” to NBC’s “The Tonight Show” and made a splash with viewers. Mr. Fallon proved once again that he’s a natural host and he excited the audience with his witty humor on topics like Sochi & hip hop. The “Tonight Show” made its first return to New York City in almost 40 years and that was the most exciting part of the evening. In the theme of celebration, Mr. Fallon introduced his parents to viewers and ended the show with a performance by U2.

    School’s Arab Mascot Draws Fire in California Valley That Prizes Dates: http://rtvote.com/1h0ulW4
    This past Friday, Riverside county in California held its National Date Festival, an annual tribute to a local industry that began in the Middle East. Riverside County has held the festival intermittently since 1921 and since the 1940s the county has decided to honor the history of the date and the culture of its Arabian origin. Unfortunately the festival sparked backlash from Coachella Valley High School’s Arab mascot. Although the mascot has been in existence since the 1930s, the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee has deemed the mascot a “gross stereotype” and the high school is currently seeking other mascot options as a result of the Committee’s petition.

    Saudi Arabia’s first female editor of national newspaper appointed:http://rtvote.com/1bhDJqj
    For the first time ever in Saudi history, a female journalist, Somayya Jabarti, was named editor-in-chief of a national newspaper. When reporters asked about her views on this historic appointment, Jabarti said, “There’s a crack that has been made in the glass ceiling. And I’m hoping it will be made into a door”. She continued by saying, “Being the first Saudi woman [editor-in-chief] is going to be double the responsibility … One’s actions will reflect upon my fellow Saudi women.”

    Oklahoma pharmacy won’t provide drug for Missouri execution:http://rtvote.com/1cljrdA
    The Apothecary Shoppe of Tulsa, according to court documents, will not provide drugs for use in the execution of Michael Taylor that is scheduled for this month. Michael Taylor currently sits on death row for the brutal rape, murder, and kidnapping of a southeast Kansas girl. In this court case, Taylor argued that in several recent executions in which the compounded pentobarbital was used, showed it would likely cause him “severe, unnecessary, lingering, and ultimately inhumane pain.” 

    Venezuela raids opposition party office, expels three U.S. diplomats:http://rtvote.com/1c0Ltrw
    Late last evening, Venezuelan Security Forces raided the headquarters of an opposition party accused of being the driving force behind recent violent protests. While raiding the headquarters, the Venezuelan national government also expelled three U.S. diplomats on charges of conspiring with demonstrators. The U.S. State Department has called the charges against the U.S. diplomats, false and baseless.


    Kate Middleton Is a Godmother, Attends Friend’s Baby Christening with Prince George, http://rtvote.com/1jO6zRW

    Pete Wentz Expecting Baby With Girlfriend Meagan Camper, http://rtvote.com/1jCbzGj

    Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Perform “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing” on The Tonight Show—Watch Now!: http://rtvote.com/1f9kSi1

    BAFTA Party Sightings: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o, Oprah Winfrey and More!: http://rtvote.com/1fduWVI

    Winter Olympics 2014: Meryl Davis and Charlie White Win First Ever U.S. Gold in Ice Dance: http://rtvote.com/1kRJo9I

    Gianna Judkins
    Bio: My name is Gianna Judkins& I'm a proud Angeleno. I'm also a Political Science Major at Howard University. I pride myself in being Michelle Obama's biggest fan and always being "FLOTUS Inspired”! As a Political Science major, my ultimate goal is to one day call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue my office. I'm a very determined young woman who understands the power of education and value of hard work while striving to achieve my goal of being one of the nation's next great leaders. I'm not that serious all the time though, for fun I enjoying singing in the choir and hanging out with friends.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

    Gaddafi announces he has left his Tripoli compound; D.C. recounts yesterday’s unexpected earthquake; famed coach, Pat Summitt has been diagnosed with early onset dementia; Sprint will get the iPhone 5; and Facebook changes its privacy settings. Meanwhile, OK GO puts out another viral music video; Kim Kardashian’s People wedding cover has been released; and The Daily Beast has compiled some earthquake “destruction” photos.



    Sniper’s Fight on at Gaddafi’s Compound, http://aje.me/qiEGMV
    Gaddafi spoke on the Libyan airwaves last night, admitting that he has left his Tripoli compound. He said that his move was not of defeat, but “tactic.” He also said that he will fight to the death, claiming “martyrdom or victory.” Some believe he may be in his hometown of Sirte, which the rebels have yet to take control of.

    Earthquake Hits D.C. Area,
    Yesterday, the D.C. area experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that started in Mineral, VA and was “felt from Atlanta to New England, and as far west as Ohio and Michigan.” The earthquake was not deadly, but it caused the Washington Monument to close indefinitely due to cracking. Three of the National Cathedral’s towers were also damaged.

    Pat Summitt Diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia, http://bit.ly/nkR0d4
    Pat Summitt, famed University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach, has announced that she has an early onset of Alzheimer’s. Summitt is 59-years-old and is the winningest coach in the NCAA. She will coach her upcoming 39th season.

    (via POLITICO Playbook) –WashPost A3, “On executions, Perry easily holds the record: TEXAS GOVERNOR HAS OVERSEEN 234: Issue likely to be debated in 2012 race,” by Robert Barnes: “Texans and their representatives give governors little room to slow down the process. … Perry’s lone clemency decision – aside from halting executions of the mentally retarded and juveniles dictated by the Supreme Court – came in the case of a man who drove the getaway car and was not the triggerman in a murder. Perry called for the legislature to reexamine the law, but it has not been changed.” http://wapo.st/qOOX6T

    Sprint to Get iPhone 5, http://on.wsj.com/r2idnU
    Sprint will be selling the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 come October. It will join AT&T and Verizon, who will also start selling the iPhone 5 in October.

    Facebook Aims to Simplify Its Privacy Settings, http://nyti.ms/qZeVho
    Facebook will introduce its new privacy settings on Thursday. The settings allow users to choose who can see each piece of content added to their pages. The privacy options will be next to the content instead of on a separate page. The changes come after Google+ allows users to share content with specific “circles” of people.

    Irene Strengthens to a Category 3 Hurricane, http://bit.ly/p2b5v6
    An earthquake and hurricane in the same week? CNN is reporting that Hurricane Irene has already been boosted to a Category 3 storm. It will hit North Carolina on Saturday and then move up the Northeast Coast. Contrary to earlier reports, it will miss Florida almost completely.


    Twitter’s Newest Meme: Earthquake “Destruction” Photos, http://bit.ly/njUE08

    Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Not Separating, http://bit.ly/rtje8p

    Kim Kardashian, ‘It Was Like We Were in Heaven,’ http://bit.ly/qFQQeW

    Winehouse Was Drug-Free, http://bit.ly/pOxfCu

    Paul McCartney’s ‘Ocean Kingdom’ Ballet Score Out in October, http://usat.ly/pyPmd6

    OK GO and the Muppets Star in New Music Video, Internet Explodes, http://ti.me/pmd7e5

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

    As 2012 speculation sparks political insiders to salivate over possible scenarios for the next presidential electoral match up, reality looms. At the center is Wisconsin Rep Paul Ryan, who today released a massive proposal to cut $6 trillion from the country’s budget in what he argues will be a step toward eliminating our national debt and avoiding government shutdown, which could happen on Friday. With all that big news to digest, don’t let this headline fly under the radar: The Federal Trade Commission is considering launching an investigation of Google.

    Meanwhile, the GOP continues to go Hollywood, with E! announcing it will produce a True Hollywood Story episode on Sarah Palin, T-Paw courting young voters with Lady Gaga jokes in public speeches, and um, it turns out The Governator cartoon is not a joke after all.


    The GOP Path to Prosperityhttp://on.wsj.com/h8d4R7

    Paul Ryan writes on the GOP budget proposal, and breaks down the benefits of his plan, including the creation of a million private-sector jobs, and increasing economic growth. He explains how the cuts would affect everything from Medicare and Medicaid to tax reform.

    Obama Calls Boehner to White House to Talk Budgethttp://yhoo.it/eMfAVQ

    With a continued threat of a government shutdown, President Obama plans to meet with Boehner today to discuss the budget and how to avoid the shutdown.The White House is preparing in the event that a shutdown does occur if a deal is not reached.

    Google Said to Be Possible Target of U.S. FTC Antitrust Probehttp://bloom.bg/fnuP0Z

    Once the Justice Department reveals whether it will allow Google’s travel search site, or whether it would eliminate competition in the industry, The Federal Trade Commission will decide whether to investigate Google for anti-competitive actions. 

    Sarah Palin to Be Subject of Tabloid Documentaryhttp://usat.ly/eVHMVr

    Sarah Palin will be on E! True Hollywood Story this month, a show which features celebrity documentaries.

    Social Media Let Candidates Bypass Traditional Mediahttp://bo.st/fZOrlz

    Candidates in the 2012 race have already shown the prominent role online tools and social media will play in their campaigns. With many time and cost saving benefits, social media will aid in the use of traditional media to bolster candidates outreach.

    Tim Pawlenty Appeals to College Republicans With Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga Referenceshttp://bit.ly/gjNik3

    Pawlenty made a “winning” reference to Charlie Sheen, but wasn’t able to keep the youth connection up with a not so successful joke about Lady Gaga, calling the relationship between Obama and the youth vote a “Bad Romance.”

    David Brooks lauds Paul Ryan’s budget proposal: http://nyti.ms/dLrH6A


    UConn takes the NCAA title: http://nyti.ms/egI65C

    It wasn’t an April Fools joke, the Governator to take cartoon form: http://bit.ly/dPm6sE

    Miley returns to Twitter: http://aol.it/hLZWGt

    Facebook’s Sean Parker gets engaged: http://bit.ly/ezao7S

    Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright talks filming the epilogue: http://on.mtv.com/hU0xaS

    Will and Jaden Smith sign on to new project with M. Night Shyamalan: http://eonli.ne/hDNp1h

    Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label expands overseas: http://bit.ly/hwcm1R

    Was Julia Child a spy?: http://usat.ly/iazjXY

    Kristin Andrews
    Bio: Kristin is Rock the Vote's Communications Intern

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

    Hey Rockers,

    In today’s news we have the Chilean miners’ rescue, a judge orders an end to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and Christina Aguilera splits from her husband.


    Trapped 68 Days, First Chilean Miners Taste Freedom: http://nyti.ms/aYfkKG

    Nearly all of the miners have been safely rescued, much to the joy of their families.

    Judge orders military to stop enforcing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’: http://bit.ly/9TWkbf

    U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips issued a permanent hold on the policy, although it is uncertain whether the Justice Department will appeal the ruling in the next 60 days.

    Obama administration lifts deep-water drilling moratorium: http://bit.ly/am6jcj

    The ban has only been lifted for those who follow strict new rules following the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Whitman and Brown’s final debate a contentious one: http://lat.ms/bFW0wO

    In a debate for governor of California, Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown exchanged some serious barbs.

    Rhee to resign as schools chancellor: http://wapo.st/bE5sKp

    The D.C. Schools Chancellor drew national attention for her approach to reforming the D.C. school system.

    Mom-in-Chief’ campaigns: http://bit.ly/bWEjWT

    Democrats are hoping for a boost from First Lady Michelle Obama as she hits the campaign trail.


    Christina Aguilera Splits From Husband: http://bit.ly/aJXmIy

    Aguilera is now separated from music executive Jordan Bratman.

    Will Smith’s clashes with producers stalls ‘Men In Black’: http://bit.ly/9eATRY

    Apparently Smith disagreed with producers over the script for Men in Black 3.

    ‘DWTS’ Watch: Jennifer Grey Tangos to the Top: http://bit.ly/9vPFgw

    Meanwhile, the Situation takes a bow.

    Teen Mom Amber’s Nightmare — Losing Her Baby: http://bit.ly/d31SFV

    After hitting her baby’s father, Teen Mom Amber must now deal with social services concerned about the child’s home environment.

    Tom Yarnell
    Bio: Tom is a former Rock the Vote communications team member who now works for an intellectual property law firm in DC. He loves sports and coming back to blog for RTV!
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com