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    News Round-Up: Friday, July 26, 2013

    Friday, July 26th, 2013

    Halliburton Energy Services admits to destroying evidence; Judge refuses to acquit Manning; Senate threatens Snowden-aiding countries with sanctions; pesticides kill America’s honeybees; Weiner’s favorability drops 20 percent; and Spanish train crash driver flaunts his need for speed. Meanwhile, Shia LaBeouf debuts his inner nympho; Frank Ocean has a tear in his vocal cords; and Selena protects Bieber from the haters.

    Meron + Maura



    Halliburton to pay $200k fine for destroying evidence in 2010 Gulf oil spill, http://rtvote.com/15QzjiE
    Halliburton Energy Services is to pay a maximum $200,000 fine for destroying evidence related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in addition to agreeing to donate $55 million towards wildlife protection. This has become the third guilty plea by a company over the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Judge refuses to acquit Manning on theft charges, http://rtvote.com/13ag0SP
    A military judge said early Thursday that she would not dismiss charges of theft against Army Private first class Bradley Manning. The soldier is expected to be sentenced next week for the largest intelligence leak in US history.

    Senate threatens to sanction countries that aid Snowden, http://rtvote.com/13aho82
    A hearing held by the 30 member, bi-partisan Senate committee Thursday afternoon in Washington ended with a unanimous decision to move towards sanctioning countries coming to the aid of the former intelligence analyst.

    Scientists confirm: Pesticides kill America’s honey bees, http://rtvote.com/19mxcIo
    New research shows that bees exposed to common agricultural chemicals while pollinating US crops are less likely to resist a parasitic infection.

    Weiner’s lead disappears in NYC mayor’s race, http://rtvote.com/13ajqoG
    Anthony Weiner has lost his lead in the New York City mayor’s race after it was revealed last week that he continued sending lewd messages to women even following his 2011 resignation from Congress.

    Spanish train crash driver wrote on Facebook about high speed, http://rtvote.com/19myeEu
    The driver of the Spanish train that crashed at high speed had previously posted on Facebook about going so fast that he was on the brink of getting a fine.



    New ‘Nymphomaniac’ clip features Shia LaBeouf far removed from the ‘Transformers’ world, http://rtvote.com/13albCr

    Frank Ocean cancels shows after tear in vocal cords, http://rtvote.com/13alkFO

    Sir Mick Jagger turns 70: We say ‘Happy Birthday’ and ask, what’s this rolling stone’s secret?, http://rtvote.com/13alrkB

    Selena: I’ll ‘always protect’ Bieber from haters, http://rtvote.com/13alQ6R



    Bio: My name is Meron Werkneh and I am a rising senior at Duke University. I study English and Political Science, and plan to go into entertainment law as my career. I'm from Washington D.C. and love books, oldies soul music, and getting closer to God every day! I'm excited to become a part of the Rock the Vote team.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Thursday, July 5th, 2012

    Iran says that it is ‘ready to fire missiles at U.S. bases;’ WikiLeaks has data from 2.4 million Syrian government e-mails; and 3 children drown in the Iowa River after 4th of July celebrations. Meanwhile, Steve Nash goes to the LA Lakers, and Jena Malone will play Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games sequel.

    Maureen + Caitlin


    Iran ‘ready to fire missiles at US bases,’ http://bit.ly/NCNZqe
    A commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said that the country is “ready to fire missiles” at U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf within minutes of an attack on Iran. In response to increased U.S. military presence, missiles have been aimed at 35 U.S. military bases in the Middle East and Israel. This announcement comes after the Revolutionary Guard participated in a three-day war game exercise called Great Prophet Seven, which Iranian officials claimed was to show defiance against western pressure, especially the oil sanctions that went into effect this week.

    WikiLeaks has data from 2.4 million Syrian emails, http://lat.ms/OtTzQD
    WikiLeaks announced today that it will publish 2.4 million Syrian government emails. An official said that the emails, covering August 2006 through March 2012, show a relationship between Assad’s government and Western companies. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that both Syria and the people in the emails will find the document dump “embarrassing.”  The source of the emails remains undisclosed.

    Six arrested in London anti-terror operation, http://bbc.in/LzIJ8e
    Scotland Yard has arrested five men and one woman, all between the ages of 18 and 30, who are suspected of terrorism in London. This is just one of several cases of arrests over the last few months on terror-related suspicions or incidents. London’s Metropolitan Police are concerned about potential acts of terrorism ahead of the Olympic Games. The group apprehended is not believed to have been involved with any plans related to the summer event.

    3 Children, Ages 7 to 9, Found Dead in Iowa River, http://abcn.ws/OtXRHD
    Three children were found dead in the Iowa River last night after apparently drowning during Independence Day celebrations. Police searched for the two girls, ages 7 and 9, and one boy, age 7, after they were separated from the rest of the children swimming in the river. Though the river is relatively shallow from the recent draught, the Marshalltown, Iowa Police Chief said there are still parts of the water that are over 12 feet deep. Another child drowned in the Iowa River last month.


    Lakers to acquire Steve Nash in sign-and-trade deal with the Suns, http://lat.ms/PdQzJm

    Frank Ocean reveals he’s gay, http://bit.ly/LVZby9

    Lifeguard Fired in Florida for Saving a Life, http://bit.ly/NazZrq

    Jena Malone to play Johanna Mason in ‘Catching Fire,’ http://bit.ly/NCTPIk

    Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy Expecting First Child, http://bit.ly/MLBMF4

    Maureen Dolan
    Bio: Maureen is the Marketing & Communications intern for Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

    Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

    Charles Taylor faces 50 years in prison; Turkey is the thirteenth country to expel its Syrian diplomats; Julian Assange may be extradited to Sweden; a 4.1 earthquake hits near Los Angeles; and a typo in Mitt Romney’s iPhone app goes viral. Meanwhile, Doc Watson has died; Bob Dylan is awarded the Medal of Freedom; Bono presents the Amnesty Award to Suu Kyi; and a Florida county library lifts its ban on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’



    Liberia’s Charles Taylor jailed for 50 years over ‘heinous and brutal crimes,’ http://on.msnbc.com/LTcYsh
    The International Criminal Court has found former Liberian head of state Charles Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting rebels in Sierra Leone in return for blood diamonds. This is the first time since World War II that a head of state has been convicted of war crimes. The 64-year-old Taylor faces 50 years in prison. Presiding Judge Richard Lussaick said Taylor is “in a class of his own” and is responsible for “some of the most heinous and brutal crimes in recorded human history.” More than 50,000 people died in Sierra Leone’s civil war.

    Syria crisis: Turkey expels diplomats – live updates, http://bit.ly/JMXsAw
    Russia and China re-confirmed Wednesday that they are opposed to the United Nations intervening in Syria. Russia’s deputy foreign minister added that the country is “categorically against” outside intervention in Syria as it would be “premature.” Russia and China have veto power on the UN Security Council which could squash any progress to quell violence in Syria. Kofi Annan’s meeting with Assad earlier this week reportedly went nowhere despite Annan stating that Syria is at a “tipping point.” Meanwhile, Turkey has become the 13th country to expel its Syrian diplomats.

    (via The Christian Science Monitor) Court rules WikiLeaks Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden,http://bit.ly/NeaX9O
    Britain’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden over alleged sex crimes, leaving the Australian with few legal options after an 18-month legal battle. Judges at Britain’s highest court rejected by a majority of 5-2 Assange’s argument that a European arrest warrant for his extradition was invalid.However, the court gave his lawyers two weeks to contest their ruling, and any extradition has been put on hold until Assange decides whether to challenge the judges’s decision.

    With Records Gone, Odds of Finding Boy’s Remains Are Even Slimmer, http://nyti.ms/NdWgUj
    Pedro Hernandez, who confessed to killing 6-year-old Etan Patz in 1979, said that he strangled the boy in the basement of a neighboring bodega and left the body in a trash bag. There may be no hope for finding Patz’s body, however; the New York City Sanitation Department only has landfill records dating back to 1989. Despite Hernandez’s confession, police are still uncertain if he actually killed Patz given his history of mental illness. There is also no evidence connecting Hernandez to the murder except a statement from Hernandez’s sister where she says he “confessed to killing a little boy in Manhattan.”

    (via CNN) Words at medal ceremony cause trouble with Poland, http://bit.ly/NeauEG
    The Polish prime minister on Wednesday reacted strongly to what the White House said was a mistake by President Barack Obama during Tuesday’s Medal of Freedom ceremony. The trouble came Tuesday when Obama paid tribute to Jan Karski, the former Polish officer who escaped Nazi imprisonment and provided firsthand accounts to the Western Allies of atrocities. Karski received the award posthumously. “Before one trip across enemy lines, resistance fighters told him that Jews were being murdered on a massive scale, and smuggled him into the Warsaw Ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself. Jan took that information to President Franklin Roosevelt, giving one of the first accounts of the Holocaust and imploring to the world to take action,” Obama said. The president’s use of the term “Polish death camp,” rather than Nazi death camp sparked outrage in Poland.

    Earthquake: 4.1 quake strikes near Malibu, http://lat.ms/JA5z1Y
    A 4.1 earthquake struck 30 miles off the coast of Malibu and 50 miles from the Los Angeles Civic Center last night. Residents said that they felt tremors, but no damage has been reported.

    Amercia! Epic Mitt Romney App Gaffe Goes Viral Online, http://on.mash.to/KI6Lyp
    Mitt Romney’s campaign released its new iPhone app yesterday without doing some spell-check. The app’s slogan misspelled “America,” stating “A Better Amercia.” The typo has gone viral, trending on Twitter and Tumblr. The app, which was released to coincide with Romney’s clinching of the nomination, allows users to upload their photos into “I’m With Mitt” banners.


    Doc Watson, Folk Musician, Dies at 89, http://nyti.ms/KT7eyv

    Bono to present Amnesty award to Suu Kyi in Dublin, http://bit.ly/NebsRc

    Fifty years on, Dylan awarded Medal of Freedom, http://bit.ly/KZr9cM

    ‘Blissful’ mom Jessica Simpson shares first look at baby Maxwell, http://on.msnbc.com/KWnAm0

    Rihanna Dating New York Knicks Player J.R. Smith?, http://bit.ly/LToDay

    Florida county library lifts ban on “Fifty Shades of Grey,” http://bit.ly/LG9WnG

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com


    Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

    Mitt Romney comes out victorious on Super Tuesday, but Republican commentators are still conflicted; voter ID laws are tested; the United Nations is sending humanitarian chief Valerie Amos to negotiate aid with Syria; and five Anonymous hackers have been charged with cyber assault. Meanwhile, Apple will unveil the new iPad today; celebrity chefs are caught up in court; and Peyton Manning will leave The Colts.

    Kelly + Caitlin


    Mitt Romney Wins 6 of 10 States on Super Tuesday, http://bit.ly/zPVeTx
    Alaska and Ohio, the final Super Tuesday states to report their numbers, were called this morning in favor of Mitt Romney. Romney now has won six out of ten states. Rick Santorum snagged three states: Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Dakota. Newt Gingrich won in his home state of Georgia. With Romney winning Alaska, Ohio, Idaho, Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia, he has now won significantly more delegates than any other candidate. While Romney holds a nice lead, making it difficult for other candidates to catch up to him, he still did not win enough delegates to end the primary fight. Strategists are now pointing out Romney’s trouble in the South and mid-America.  The primary may continue for another month. Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri and Louisiana still need to vote.

    Syria crisis: UN humanitarian chief arrives in Damascus, http://bbc.in/ykAnIY
    United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos has arrived in Syria in order convince the government to allow aid to reach damaged cities. According to the Syria officials, the International Committee of the Red Cross has not been allowed to enter Baba Amr due to security concerns. More envoys, including the United Nations Arab League, will also try to enter Syria this week. More than 7,500 people have died during the violence that has erupted in Syria over the past year.

    5 alleged members of Anonymous hacking group charged, http://wapo.st/w9TKaT
    Five members associated with the infamous cyber hacking firm Anonymous have been charged in connection with a string of cyber-assaults on U.S. companies and government web sites. A member of the Anonymous network was “turned” by the FBI and has revealed confidential information on the five members’ activities.  In one of the most recent assaults, involved hackers obtained emails from Stratfor and sent them to Wikileaks.

    Dover mortuary pressed to avoid dumping of 9/11 remains at landfill, official says, http://wapo.st/wNaWKy
    Officials at the U.S. Dover Air Force Base wanted to have the cremated remains of unidentified 9/11 victims buried at sea. But military officials  dumped the ashes in landfills instead. Official William Zwicharowski, in an in-depth interview, regrets not pushing to have the remains placed elsewhere. Lawmakers, victims’ families, and most military officials believed that the unidentified 9/11 remains had been cremated and buried  at Arlington National Cemetery.

    HuffPo Report: “Voter ID Laws May Still Be Discriminatory Despite High Voter Turnout In Super Tuesday Primaries,” http://huff.to/A1jQoE

    (via Wisconsin State Journal) Judge grants temporary injunction barring enforcement of voter ID law in April election: A Dane County judge on Tuesday barred the enforcement of the state photo ID law at polling places during the general election on April 3, calling it an “extremely broad and largely needless” impairment of the right to vote. Circuit Judge David Flanagan said the Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP and Voces de la Frontera had demonstrated that their lawsuit against Gov. Scott Walker and the state Government Accountability Board would probably succeed on its merits and had demonstrated the likelihood of irreparable harm if the photo ID law is allowed to stand. Flanagan granted a temporary injunction ordering Walker and the GAB to “cease immediately any effort to enforce or implement the photo identification requirements” of the law, pending a trial on a permanent injunction scheduled before him on April 16, http://bit.ly/x312KP

    (via Hot Air) WW2 vet fails voter ID test in Ohio: A Portage County World War II veteran was turned away because his driver’s license had expired in January and his new Veterans Affairs ID did not include his home address. “My beef is that I had to pay a driver to take me up there because I don’t walk so well and have to use this cane and now I can’t even vote,” said Paul Carroll, 86, who has lived in Aurora nearly 40 years, running his own business, Carroll Tire, until 1975. “I had to stop driving, but I got the photo ID from the Veterans Affairs instead, just a month or so ago. You would think that would count for something. I went to war for this country, but now I can’t vote in this country,” http://bit.ly/yuOGVv

    Apple Expected To Unveil New iPad, http://n.pr/AulOtX
    Apple will unveil the new iPad this afternoon in San Francisco. Apple has kept the details mum, only showing a picture of an iPad and saying “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” Tech experts suspect the new iPad will have a very sharp resolution screen and faster network speeds. Other rumors cite that Apple also may announce their exploration into TV. Since the iPad’s 2010 debut, Apple has sold 55 million iPads.


    Paula Deen’s Attorneys: Sexual Harassment Charges Are Baseless, Inflammatory, http://huff.to/xyGdbf

    Mario Batali Settles Tip Lawsuit For $5.25 Million, http://huff.to/zRxKFD

    Uma Thurman Expecting A Baby Girl, http://huff.to/wACHmX

    Source: Colts to release Peyton Manning, http://es.pn/AnikFn

    Justin Bieber’s mom to write a memoir, http://thedc.com/x9l1oW

    He’s back! You may not like it, but Maria Shriver is giving Ahhnold a second chance, http://trib.in/znNNs8

    Kelly Holleran

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com


    Monday, February 27th, 2012

    One dead, four students wounded in a shooting at an Ohio high school; a plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin has been revealed; BP may settle its Deepwater Horizon civil suit; Wikileaks and Anonymous go after political company Stratfor; western officials are calling Syria’s reformed constitution a sham; and Mitt Romney takes the lead over Rick Santorum. Meanwhile, ‘The Artist’ wins big at the Oscars, and Kobe Bryant suffers a nasal fracture.

    Kelly + Caitlin


    Chardon High School Shooting: One Dead, Four Injured, http://abcn.ws/y2zxQ8
    At 7:30 a.m. this morning, students at Chardon High School heard gunshots in their school hallways. A fellow student opened fire on his peers, wounding five students. One student has died from their injuries. A suspect is reported to be in custody with only one shooter being spotted. Chardon High School is located about 30 miles east of Cleveland and holds about 1,100 students.

    Start of Trial on Gulf Oil Spill Is Delayed Amid Talk of a Settlement, http://nyti.ms/wlXhX9
    The civil trial over BP’s oil spill in the Gulf last year has been delayed. The delay, issued by the court over “reasons of judicial efficiency to allow the parties to make further progress” in settlement discussions, is seen as unusual because neither party has requested it. With the trial date pushed back, law experts predict that the case will be settled. The BP oil spill was the largest in U.S. history.

    Plot To Assassinate Putin Foiled, State TV Reports, http://n.pr/zdY42h
    Suspects linked to Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov were arrested in an alleged plot to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.  The suspects were planning to kill Putin in Moscow after Sunday’s election. The suspects were arrested after an accidental explosion at an apartment where they were trying to manufacture bombs. The Russian special service conducted an investigation that revealed the assassination plans. Despite mass protests over his rule, opinion polls show that Putin will win the presidential vote.

    Wikileaks Pairs with Anonymous to Publish Intelligence Firm’s Dirty Laundry, http://bit.ly/y4kRq4
    The private intelligence firm Stratfor has been exposed by WikiLeaks. Infiltrated by the hacker group Anonymous in December, Wikileaks has cooperated with them to release a massive amount of Stratfor e-mail correspondence. Stratfor is a company that sells it analyses of global politics to major corporations and government agencies. The leaked emails supposedly show that Stratfor monitored the political group “The Yes Men” on behalf of Dow Chemical; they also show Stratfor’s interest in setting up an investment fund with Goldman Sachs to trade on the information Stratfor collects. Anonymous said that future projects with Wikileaks may involve a series of announced hacks on major companies. The move on Stratfor could be one of the first of this Anonymous/Wikileaks collaboration.

    Syrians Said to Approve New Charter as Battles Continue, http://nyti.ms/ybIBaG
    A new Syrian constitution has been approved by almost 90 percent of voters according to the Syrian Interior Ministry. Nearly 7.5 million voters opted for the constitution that is supposed to offer reform as violence erupts and spreads across the country; however, western officials see the vote as fake, citing unrealistic turnout numbers. As polls opened, the Syrian government continued to shell Homs and other cities.

    Poll: Romney overtakes Santorum nationally, http://bit.ly/xcpgfM
    In a Gallup tracking poll, despite a tumultuous February, Mitt Romney has the support of 31 percent of likely-GOP voters versus Rick Santorum’s 29 percent. The two candidates have gone back and forth in the polls with Santorum holding a 10-point lead in the same survey last week. Newt Gingrich now comes in third with 15 percent of support.  The Gallup poll also shows Romney leading President Obama by four points.


    ‘The Artist’ paints golden picture at Oscars, http://trib.in/xGxCQ1

    Adam Sandler breaks record with 11 Razzie nominations, http://thedc.com/AF7fSX

    Did Jennifer Lopez Have a Wardrobe Malfunction at the Academy Awards? http://bit.ly/wiB1SQ

    Kobe Bryant suffers nasal fracture, http://thedc.com/xLdTYy

    Ben & Jerry’s Boston Apologizes For ‘Taste The Lin-Sanity’ Ice Cream With Fortune Cookies And Lychee, http://huff.to/zHs6Ea

    Kelly Holleran

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com