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    News Round-Up: Monday, January 13, 2014

    Monday, January 13th, 2014

    In today’s news, Governor Christie of New Jersey is back in the headlines as the Feds investigate the use of Superstorm Sandy relief funds; a Southwest Airlines plane lands at the wrong airport in Missouri; and protestors in Thailand try to shut down the capitol by blocking the streets. Meanwhile, the world is buzzing about the 2014 Golden Globes—the winners, losers, best-dressed, worst-dressed, and the J-Lawrence photo bomb.

    -Maura + Veronica


    Gates Clarifies: Obama didn’t say his opposition to surge was political http://rtvote.com/1d0Qr6z
    Former defense secretary Robert Gates made some clarifications on Monday regarding his book Duty. The book caused controversy for President Obama and Hillary Clinton when it appeared as though Gates was arguing that President Obama opposed the troop surge in Iraq for political purposes. In order to clarify, Gates stated that President Obama’s opposition remained consistent with his opposition to the war and it was not done for political reasons.

    Feds investigating Christie’s use of Sandy relief fundshttp://rtvote.com/1eA96sL
    It seems like Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey cannot escape the front-page news scandals. The newly reelected governor is now being investigated by federal officials on his use of relief funds from Superstorm Sandy, just days after dismissing his two top advisors for their role in the George Washington Bridge Scandal. In the new review, federal auditors will examine New Jersey’s use of $25 million for a tourism ad campaign that starred Christie and his family.

    Southwest Airlines plane lands at wrong Missouri airporthttp://rtvote.com/JVbjWp
    A Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago’s Midway International Airport was scheduled to land Sunday night in a southwest Missouri airport, but instead touched down at an airport 7 miles away with a much shorter runway. Thankfully, no one was injured in the landing of this Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board have launched an investigation to figure out what happened.

    Thai protesters create huge traffic jam to shut down capital http://rtvote.com/JVcXHG
    Peaceful – but large – protests began in Thailand today as anti-government demonstrators seized key intersections across the country’s capital of Bangkok.  The protesters want to derail next month’s elections, overthrow the prime minister, and are accusing the government of corruption. They are vowing to shut down the country of 12 million people and stay in the streets as long as it takes to achieve their goals.

    West Virginians warn of lessons from chemical spill  http://rtvote.com/1dpZDI2
    West Virginia is still cleaning up after a chemical spill last Thursday leaked 7,500 gallons of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol into the public water supply in nine of the state’s counties, affecting 15% of the state’s population. More than 30 people have sought treatment at hospitals for symptoms such as nausea and WV Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has declared a state of emergency for much of the southwest section of the state where the spill occurred. More than 300,000 residents are without access to clean tap water and are seeking ways to bathe, drink, and cook until the issue is resolved.


    2014 Golden Globes Winners: The Complete List, http://rtvote.com/1gAvC6v

    Amy Poehler Breaks Losing Streak at Golden Globes, http://rtvote.com/1kxSR6K

    Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift at 2014 Golden Globes, http://rtvote.com/1ce9b2u

    Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer Premiers, http://rtvote.com/1hPA6tw

    True Detective: What Did You Think of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson’s HBO Detective Drama?, http://rtvote.com/1hiwWeY

    Bio: Maura graduated from the University of Dayton in 2011 with a BA in International Studies and French. During the course of her studies she was elected Student Body Vice President where she worked to make student activity funding more affordable & fair to the campus community. Following graduation, Maura joined the 2012 Obama Campaign as grassroots Field Organizer in Ohio (the battleground of all battleground states). She now continues her passion of engaging and building political power for young people with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    Election results pour in

    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

    Hey Rockers,

    Here are some updates on the races that have already been called so far and ones to watch tonight and into tomorrow:

    Republican Rubio wins Senate race in Florida: http://bit.ly/9iqcp0

    Republican Rob Portman wins Senate race in Ohio: http://bit.ly/b8Okjn

    Governor’s race in Ohio still very close, too early to call, check dispatch.com for live updates.

    Republican Richard Burr wins Senate race in North Carolina: http://bit.ly/d7hxUz

    Philly.com shows Republican Tom Corbett ahead of Democrat Dan Onorato in PA governor’s race, 52% to 48%, with about 55% of precincts reporting and Democrat Joe Sestak ahead of Republican Pat Toomey in PA senate race 52% to 48%with about 55% of precincts reporting. Check here for live updates.

    Democrat Joe Manchin wins Senate race in West Virginia: http://aol.it/djhwxI

    Democrat Richard Blumenthal wins Connecticut Senate race over Republican Linda McMahon: http://bit.ly/btOoIn

    Tea Party Notches First Big Victory With Rand Paul: http://nyti.ms/9tUJBN

    Democrat Chris Coons wins early in Delaware over Christine O’Donnell: http://bit.ly/bRJgDj

    Democrat John Lynch wins New Hampshire Governor’s race for unprecedented fourth term: http://lat.ms/9G3pzL

    Republican Dan Coats wins in Indiana Senate race: http://bit.ly/c7UK5V

    The Chicago Tribune (chicagotribune.com) shows Giannoulias (D) winning over Kirk (R) 54% to 41% with 36% of precincts reporting.

    Republican John Boozman wins in Arkansas Senate race against Democrat Blanche Lincoln: http://bit.ly/dfsnUW

    Tom Yarnell
    Bio: Tom is a former Rock the Vote communications team member who now works for an intellectual property law firm in DC. He loves sports and coming back to blog for RTV!
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    Daily Deadline: 8 States

    Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

    Eight states have voter registration deadlines today:

    Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia. Get your voter registration form here. Print it, sign and get it in to your elections office.

    For Minnesota voters, click here to learn more about same day voter registration.


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    What happened this weekend

    Monday, August 30th, 2010

    If you lived in 48 states or DC, you were busy enjoying the summer. Meanwhile, West Virginia and Louisiana had some work to do on Saturday morning. As mentioned previously, these states had primary elections. So what are the results? Click here to read a recap of the primary in West Virginia. And click on this link to learn about the races in Louisiana’s 1st Party Primary election.


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    Saturday Elections

    Friday, August 27th, 2010

    This Saturday, voters in West Virginia and Louisiana will head to the polls for primary elections. West Virginia voters have a special primary election to nominate the person their party wants to replace the late-Sen. Robert Byrd. Click here to find you polling place.

    Louisiana has the 1st Party Primary election. If you vote in Louisiana, click here to learn what exactly that means and who you will be voting. Then click here to find out where you vote and what’s on your ballot.


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com