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    News Round-Up: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

    As 2012 speculation sparks political insiders to salivate over possible scenarios for the next presidential electoral match up, reality looms. At the center is Wisconsin Rep Paul Ryan, who today released a massive proposal to cut $6 trillion from the country’s budget in what he argues will be a step toward eliminating our national debt and avoiding government shutdown, which could happen on Friday. With all that big news to digest, don’t let this headline fly under the radar: The Federal Trade Commission is considering launching an investigation of Google.

    Meanwhile, the GOP continues to go Hollywood, with E! announcing it will produce a True Hollywood Story episode on Sarah Palin, T-Paw courting young voters with Lady Gaga jokes in public speeches, and um, it turns out The Governator cartoon is not a joke after all.


    The GOP Path to Prosperityhttp://on.wsj.com/h8d4R7

    Paul Ryan writes on the GOP budget proposal, and breaks down the benefits of his plan, including the creation of a million private-sector jobs, and increasing economic growth. He explains how the cuts would affect everything from Medicare and Medicaid to tax reform.

    Obama Calls Boehner to White House to Talk Budgethttp://yhoo.it/eMfAVQ

    With a continued threat of a government shutdown, President Obama plans to meet with Boehner today to discuss the budget and how to avoid the shutdown.The White House is preparing in the event that a shutdown does occur if a deal is not reached.

    Google Said to Be Possible Target of U.S. FTC Antitrust Probehttp://bloom.bg/fnuP0Z

    Once the Justice Department reveals whether it will allow Google’s travel search site, or whether it would eliminate competition in the industry, The Federal Trade Commission will decide whether to investigate Google for anti-competitive actions. 

    Sarah Palin to Be Subject of Tabloid Documentaryhttp://usat.ly/eVHMVr

    Sarah Palin will be on E! True Hollywood Story this month, a show which features celebrity documentaries.

    Social Media Let Candidates Bypass Traditional Mediahttp://bo.st/fZOrlz

    Candidates in the 2012 race have already shown the prominent role online tools and social media will play in their campaigns. With many time and cost saving benefits, social media will aid in the use of traditional media to bolster candidates outreach.

    Tim Pawlenty Appeals to College Republicans With Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga Referenceshttp://bit.ly/gjNik3

    Pawlenty made a “winning” reference to Charlie Sheen, but wasn’t able to keep the youth connection up with a not so successful joke about Lady Gaga, calling the relationship between Obama and the youth vote a “Bad Romance.”

    David Brooks lauds Paul Ryan’s budget proposal: http://nyti.ms/dLrH6A


    UConn takes the NCAA title: http://nyti.ms/egI65C

    It wasn’t an April Fools joke, the Governator to take cartoon form: http://bit.ly/dPm6sE

    Miley returns to Twitter: http://aol.it/hLZWGt

    Facebook’s Sean Parker gets engaged: http://bit.ly/ezao7S

    Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright talks filming the epilogue: http://on.mtv.com/hU0xaS

    Will and Jaden Smith sign on to new project with M. Night Shyamalan: http://eonli.ne/hDNp1h

    Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label expands overseas: http://bit.ly/hwcm1R

    Was Julia Child a spy?: http://usat.ly/iazjXY

    Kristin Andrews
    Bio: Kristin is Rock the Vote's Communications Intern

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com