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    News Round-Up: Friday, July 26, 2013

    Friday, July 26th, 2013

    Halliburton Energy Services admits to destroying evidence; Judge refuses to acquit Manning; Senate threatens Snowden-aiding countries with sanctions; pesticides kill America’s honeybees; Weiner’s favorability drops 20 percent; and Spanish train crash driver flaunts his need for speed. Meanwhile, Shia LaBeouf debuts his inner nympho; Frank Ocean has a tear in his vocal cords; and Selena protects Bieber from the haters.

    Meron + Maura



    Halliburton to pay $200k fine for destroying evidence in 2010 Gulf oil spill, http://rtvote.com/15QzjiE
    Halliburton Energy Services is to pay a maximum $200,000 fine for destroying evidence related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in addition to agreeing to donate $55 million towards wildlife protection. This has become the third guilty plea by a company over the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Judge refuses to acquit Manning on theft charges, http://rtvote.com/13ag0SP
    A military judge said early Thursday that she would not dismiss charges of theft against Army Private first class Bradley Manning. The soldier is expected to be sentenced next week for the largest intelligence leak in US history.

    Senate threatens to sanction countries that aid Snowden, http://rtvote.com/13aho82
    A hearing held by the 30 member, bi-partisan Senate committee Thursday afternoon in Washington ended with a unanimous decision to move towards sanctioning countries coming to the aid of the former intelligence analyst.

    Scientists confirm: Pesticides kill America’s honey bees, http://rtvote.com/19mxcIo
    New research shows that bees exposed to common agricultural chemicals while pollinating US crops are less likely to resist a parasitic infection.

    Weiner’s lead disappears in NYC mayor’s race, http://rtvote.com/13ajqoG
    Anthony Weiner has lost his lead in the New York City mayor’s race after it was revealed last week that he continued sending lewd messages to women even following his 2011 resignation from Congress.

    Spanish train crash driver wrote on Facebook about high speed, http://rtvote.com/19myeEu
    The driver of the Spanish train that crashed at high speed had previously posted on Facebook about going so fast that he was on the brink of getting a fine.



    New ‘Nymphomaniac’ clip features Shia LaBeouf far removed from the ‘Transformers’ world, http://rtvote.com/13albCr

    Frank Ocean cancels shows after tear in vocal cords, http://rtvote.com/13alkFO

    Sir Mick Jagger turns 70: We say ‘Happy Birthday’ and ask, what’s this rolling stone’s secret?, http://rtvote.com/13alrkB

    Selena: I’ll ‘always protect’ Bieber from haters, http://rtvote.com/13alQ6R



    Bio: My name is Meron Werkneh and I am a rising senior at Duke University. I study English and Political Science, and plan to go into entertainment law as my career. I'm from Washington D.C. and love books, oldies soul music, and getting closer to God every day! I'm excited to become a part of the Rock the Vote team.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Monday, January 30, 2012

    Monday, January 30th, 2012

    Middle East relations remain contentious as U.S. drones provoke Iraqi government officials, and more violence erupts in Damascus; Occupy Oakland uprising damages city buildings and causes clashing with police; and U.S. officials are set to testify against Cuban offshore drilling. Meanwhile, the original writers and cast of ‘Arrested Development’ will return for the Netflix series, and Madonna will release an exclusive video teaser on ‘American Idol’ this week.

    Kelly + Caitlin


    U.S. Drones Patrolling Its Skies Provoke Outrage in Iraq, http://nyti.ms/wDu5th
    The State Department is operating a small fleet of surveillance drones to protect the United States Embassy and other U.S. buildings. Iraqi officials are outraged at the program, calling the aircraft an affront to Iraqi independence. The drones are meant to take over functions that the U.S. military used to perform as U.S. troops have been out of Iraq for over a month now. American contractors have been told that drones might soon be needed for other potentially “high-threat” countries such as Indonesia and Pakistan. The drones do not carry weapons and are meant to provide data and images of possible hazards.

    Syria Targets Rebels Based in Suburbs of Damascus, http://nyti.ms/zCetD9
    On Sunday, Syria sent soldiers, tanks, and armored vehicles to seek out pockets of rebel fighters as the country’s war escalated over the weekend. Blasts have continued, with Syrian authorities reporting a blown up gas pipeline near the border of northern Lebanon. In Damascus, black smoke hangs over buildings and electricity and water have been cut off to the area. Arab League nations have been pushing the U.N. Security Council to endorse their plan for political transition in Syria, calling for President Bashar al-Assad to hand over power to his deputy.

    Occupy Oakland arrests reach 400; City Hall vandalized, http://lat.ms/xtGn3W
    The Occupy Oakland movement turned ugly when protesters set to take over the city’s vacant Convention Center. As the takeover met police, protesters spread out to museums and eventually Oakland’s city hall. Demonstrators threw bottles, rocks, burning flares, and other objects at police officers. Over 400 arrests have been made. The downturn at Occupy Oakland comes as Occupy D.C. demonstrators are expected to be evicted today.

    Cuban Offshore Drilling Plans To Be Probed By Congressional Subcommittee Hearing, http://huff.to/y8lPsI
    At the satellite congressional subcommittee hearing today, just north of Miami Beach, members of the U.S. Coast Guard, experts and U.S. officials will testify on the risk of oil drilling off the coast of Cuba. As Cuba seeks to begin deep-water oil drilling, Congressional members and ecology experts will gauge if the U.S. is prepared for potential oil spills in this area.

    Newt: Mitt Can Have Florida But This Is Going All The Way To The Convention, http://bit.ly/zGb3A2
    Newt Gingrich says it isn’t over as Mitt Romney anticipates a win in tomorrow’s Florida primary. In the latest NBC poll, Romney is up by 15 percentage points in the state. However, Newt won’t be far behind if Romney wins Florida. Speaking on behalf of Gingrich’s campaign, former Sen. Fred Thompson says it boils down to the delegate count. Florida holds 50 winner-take-all delegates, comprising about 5 percent of the 1,144 needed at the time of the convention.

    Tech companies team up to combat email scams, http://bit.ly/w3xcy0
    Google and Microsoft, among many other technology companies, are combining efforts to stop email phishing scams. The goal in mind is to design a system which will authenticate emails from legitimate senders and weed out the scammers. The new system will be called DMARC, Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. A combination of email providers and email senders are on the team, including Yahoo, Bank of America, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

    No Thanks, Facebook: Poll Suggests Users Don’t Want Timeline, http://ti.me/zrJ0WV
    In a poll conducted with more than 4,000 Facebook users, most are reporting that they hate the new Timeline format. As Facebook aims to make Timeline mandatory, only 8 percent of polled users said they liked it. A large majority, 83 percent of poll users, had a negative take on the stalking gadget. Most of the negative responses were based on being “put-off” by the amount of personal information that surfaces when using Timeline.


    Guns N’ Roses Announce February Concerts, http://bit.ly/xdV6x0

    ‘The Help’ nabs three kudos at SAG Awards, http://bit.ly/xp3pF5

    Tyler Perry Sets Cast for New ‘Madea’ Movie, http://bit.ly/yiIOR0

    ‘Arrested Development’ revival: entire cast confirmed for Netflix series with original writers, http://thedc.com/wbXFns

    Madonna Goes Cheerleader Chic In New Video: ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ tease will air on ‘American Idol,’ http://on.mtv.com/yNSjPv

    Kelly Holleran

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

    While Facebook hasn’t spent a large amount of time or money woo-ing washington, President Obama will use the social media platform to host a town hall today. Both parties announced their representatives, some of whom are controversial, to continue deficit talks, France and Italy will join Britain in sending advisors to Libya, pushing the boundaries of the UN security council agreement, Investor’s Business Daily wonders if “McJobs” can save the economy and the Black Eyed Peas plan to open their own music academy.


    White House Deficit Talks Come Apart at the Seamshttp://huff.to/hWGqFo

    Both Republicans and Democrats have announced who they will send to continue deficit talks to their party. Republicans will send Speaker John Boehner and Senator Minority Whip Jon Kyl and Democrats have selected Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as well as Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, Senate Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye, House Budget ranking member Chris Van Hollen, and Assistant Democratic House Leader James Clyburn. Both sides have been criticized for their choices and neither agreed to send the total number of representatives requested.

    France and Italy Will Also Send Advisers to Libya Rebelshttp://nyti.ms/fGMlNX

    France and Italy will be sending in military officers to assist the rebels in Libya, following in Britain’s footsteps. The French have said they will increase airstrikes as well. The United Nation Security Council agreement “specifically ‘excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory.’”

    Nil, Baby, Nil: Congress Fails to Pass a Single Oil Spill Lawhttp://huff.to/hYYJE0

    President Obama’s oil spill commission produced recommendations “for changes that would seek to ensure safer drilling operations, provide better spill response, lift the existing liability cap on oil companies and secure funding for coastal restoration efforts in the Gulf” but no major laws have been up into place.

    Facebook Seeking Friends in Beltwayhttp://on.wsj.com/eOtpbf

    Although Facebook is spreading to Washington by increasing the number of lobbyists there as well as building an office, it has spent relatively little time and money in the capital, especially given its controversial use of user data as well as its interest in making the site available in China.

    Facebook Accidentally Turns on Email Notifications, Sparks Waves of Complaintshttp://on.mash.to/ijKGjK

    Some Facebook users who previously unchecked the boxes to receive Facebook email notifications are suddenly receiving them again. Facebook is working to correct the problem that has irritated many users.

    Frank L Mcnamara on the how high schools send wrong message about teen sex: http://bo.st/g27A8T

    Investor’s Business Daily on an economy based in “McJobs”: http://bit.ly/fkkVyC


    Facts and myths behind 4/20: http://huff.to/e6vG12

    Darren Criss apologizes to Beyonce…but for what?: http://aol.it/fzPIS5

    Black Eyed Peas are opening their very own Music Academy in NYC: http://aol.it/eL0InE

    In less surprising news, Willie Nelson explains how he will be celebrating 4/20: http://bit.ly/e66nls

    Sad day as the Kanye West foundation closes: http://bit.ly/fGcw3R

    Italian Mayor of Florence lays the ground rules for the Jersey Shore cast: http://aol.it/fbHu4N

    Kate Middleton’s family gets their own coat of arms: http://eonli.ne/gYlrRb

    And just in case you haven’t caught The Wedding fever yet, check out T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding spoof: http://bit.ly/hzKGmv

    Kristin Andrews
    Bio: Kristin is Rock the Vote's Communications Intern

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    White House Oil Spill Call: Dial-In on Tuesday

    Monday, June 14th, 2010

    Want to hear directly from senior officials in the White House what’s going on to stop and cleanup the BP oil spill? You can TODAY.

    As you probably know, this spill is a huge problem: the largest environmental disaster in our history, in fact. Fouled water, destroyed ecosystems, loss of jobs, tourism crushed. President Obama is visiting the beaches and command centers in the region and plans to address the nation about the topic on Tuesday night. You have chance to hear directly from the White House officials about the government’s plans for the oil spill and the Gulf region before the speech.

    Here are the details for the conference call:

    When: Tuesday, June 15th at 12:30 p.m. NOW AT 1:30 Eastern (call in at least 5 minutes ahead of time)
    Call-in number 800-230-1085

    BTW, here are some links about the oil spill which you might find interesting:

    Also, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just launched a new website meant to be a “one-stop shop for detailed and near-real-time information about the response,” including technical and scientific information. See www.GeoPlatform.gov/gulfresponse for the latest data on the oil spill’s trajectory, fishery closed areas, wildlife and place-based Gulf Coast resources — such as pinpointed locations of oiled shoreline and daily position of research ships.

    Thomas Bates
    Bio: Thomas is Rock the Vote's Vice President of Civic Engagement.
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com