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    News Round-Up: December 10, 2013

    Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

    Some Colorado residents are preparing their guns for some drone-hunting; the winter weather is closing offices, getting flights cancelled, and posing a real safety threat; and GM names the very first woman to run a major automaker. Meanwhile, Lea Michele releases a preview of her debut single, and Miley is named MTV’s best artist of 2013.

    -Sandy + Maura



    Colorado town’s vote on drone ordinance postponedhttp://rtvote.com/18zSP6I
    A vote on a drone ordinance is currently on hold as a court determines the ordinance’s legality. If passed, it would allow Deer Trail residents to shoot down federal drones. The FAA is concerned that this could lead to criminal or civil liability. Responses are mixed; one of the biggest concerns of drone use is trespassing.

    Extreme cold raises fears for 2 adults, 4 children missing in Nevada snowhttp://rtvote.com/J23bCO
    As the winter weather hits many parts of the U.S., federal offices in DC close as more sleet and snow are expected. New York and Philadelphia are expected to receive several inches of snow, and temperatures will drop to about 10-20 degrees below normal in many areas. Rescue teams in Nevada are also searching for two adults and four children who went out to play in the snow and never returned. Please keep warm and stay safe, everyone.

    Friends say student killed by officer was gentle; police say he struck officerhttp://rtvote.com/1hKFvBV
    Robert Cameron Redus, 23, who many describe as a gentle and compassionate honor student, was shot and killed by a campus police officer at his Catholic college in Texas last week. Redus allegedly hit the officer with his own baton after a night of drinking, and when Redus failed to comply with Cpl. Christopher Carter’s orders to stop resisting, Carter fired six shots at Redus. Five of those shots hit Redus and ended the student’s life.

    GM names Mary Barra as CEO – first woman to run major automakerhttp://rtvote.com/1bAhbP4
    Mary Barra, an executive vice president and 33-year GM veteran, will succeed current CEO Dan Akerson on January 15 and become the first woman to run a major automaker. GM shares are up more than 40% so far this year, and the company has earned nearly $20 billion in net income since 2010 – the year it returned to profitability after emerging from bankruptcy. Congrats, Mary Barra! This is huge!

    Can airships revolutionize transportation in world’s harshest environments?http://rtvote.com/19zuzij
    First, the drones. Now, new and improved airships? Scientists and engineers are really making strides in the world of technology. U.S.-based airship company Aeros and Icelandic airline Icelandair Cargo intend to team up to develop a new air freight service cross the Arctic. They hope to deliver standard cargo, troops, and disaster relief supplies into remote and inhospitable terrain. The new airship, dubbed the Aeroscraft, is capable of true vertical takeoff and landing, thus eliminating the need for runways. Aeros has also hinted at possible use of these airships as “floating hotels” and “sky yachts for millionaires” in the future.



    Lea Michele Releases Preview of Debut Single “Cannonball” – Plus, Check Out Her Album Cover for Louder,http://rtvote.com/1kwe1wF

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Have a Simple Life Reunion in Miami, http://rtvote.com/1bv3Y99

    Brandi Glanville Apologizes for Her Racist Joke on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillshttp://rtvote.com/18ztyXt

    Miley Cyrus is MTV’s best artist of 2013, http://rtvote.com/18ktcsM


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

    A new pup graces the White House lawns; US cuts military aid to Egypt; Al Jazeera gets ready to launch American channel; and Musharraf is charged in murder of Benazir Bhutto. Meanwhile, NSYNC to reunite at 2013 VMAs; Britney Spears may release new album in September; and new photos of Prince George are revealed.

    - Maura + Ally


    Senator: Obama Administration Secretly Suspended Military Aid to Egypt, http://rtvote.com/14gbGSy
    According to a leading US Senator, the US government has secretly treated Egypt’s military takeover as a coup, without publicly announcing it as such. With this private ruling, the Obama administration decided to temporarily suspend most military aid to the country. This action comes weeks after conflict began. The US government has considered cutting aid as a last straw in an effort to retain ties with one of few allies in the Middle East.

    Pakitan ex-leader Musharraf charged over Bhutto murderhttp://rtvote.com/16ZHEB9
    Ex-President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, has been charged in connection to former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. Bhutto was a leader of the opposition. This is also the first time a current or ex-army chief has been charged with a crime in Pakistan.

    Al Jazeera America readies for launce with bold ‘real news’ formulahttp://rtvote.com/16ZIvlm
    The Qatar based network will launch an American division Tuesday, which will reach 50% of all US cable TV subscribers. The network strives for “less opinion, less yelling and fewer celebrity sightings.” The channel, and its popular online site, is a rare resource that provides live, extensive coverage of events in the Middle East.

    Obama Family Welcomes New Dog Sunnyhttp://rtvote.com/14ggJCy
    Sunny, a Portuguese Water Dog, joins the rest of the Obama clan in the White House. Bo is very excited to have a little sister!

    Colleges Costs Increase While More Students Rely On Federal Aid, http://rtvote.com/1ao4JCH
    With rising costs of college, more and more students are turning to federal aid, while state and institutional aid remains stagnant.


    Kanye West stops by Kris Jenner’s talk show for interview, http://rtvote.com/14gd1st

    *NSYNC Reunion May Be Planned For MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards, http://rtvote.com/16ZN8f4

    Britney Spears’ Countdown Clock Promises ‘All Eyes On Me’ On Sept. 17, http://rtvote.com/16ZNylD

    Prince George Photos Released! See Prince William and Kate Middleton With Their Son in New Family Pics, http://rtvote.com/1ao6HDc

    Bio: My name is Ally Filler and I am a Field Intern at RTV this summer! I recently graduated from McGill University where I studied Linguistics. In addition to marveling at the linguistic hotspot that is Montreal and eating many croissants, I assisted hundreds of American students in their quest to vote from abroad. I'm excited to be a part of such an amazing team here at Rock the Vote!

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Monday, December 19, 2011

    Monday, December 19th, 2011

    North Koreans begin a national mourning period for the death of Kim Jong-il; Kim’s son, Kim Jong-un, will take over for his father despite rumored turmoil; Ron Paul currently leads in Iowa; Romney continues to receive income from Bain Capital; and Apple is planning its TV takeover. Meanwhile, MTV announces its “Power 12″ election campaign, and the third engagement is a charm for Britney Spears.


    North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies ‘of heart attack,’ http://goo.gl/m8ssu
    North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il died Saturday of a heart attack. Kim, who suffered the heart attack while riding a train, had been in power for 17 years. The news was made public on Monday when a woman wearing black announced it on Korean state television. When the news broke, people began crying in the streets of Pyongyang. Kim’s funeral will be held December 28, and the period of national mourning will end December 29. His body will be in a mausoleum where his father Kim Il-sung’s corpse is on public display. Kim’s official North Korean obituary paints a different picture than those of other publications, making statements like “He turned the DPRK into an invincible political and ideological power in which single-minded unity has been achieved.”

    Kim Jong-il, North Korean Dictator, Dies, Kim Jong-un Takes Over, http://goo.gl/xc7Qi
    Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il’s third son, will take over for his late father as leader of North Korea. Not much is known about about Kim, including his age; although, it’s rumored that he is in his 20s. Kim was briefly educated in Sweden, and his father began grooming him for a take-over last year. According to the New York Times, some intelligence believes he planned two attacks on South Korea last year in order to prove himself as a leader. Korean state television is now proclaiming him “the great successor” and is telling the Korean people to “faithfully revere respectable comrade Kim Jong-un.” Considering the two days between Kim Jong-il’s death and its announcement, some believe Kim will just serve as a figurehead of the party due to leadership struggles behind the scenes.

    Pa. voter ID bill undergoes changes, http://goo.gl/9xyRC
    In response to complaints that Pennsylvania’s new voter ID bill disenfranchises young people and the elderly, the PA State Senate Government Committee has added an addendum that allows identification issued by colleges and nursing homes to be valid at the polls. Also, voters without proper ID will be able to cast a provisional ballot that will be valid if they send in a copy of their ID via fax, mail or in person within six days of casting the ballot.

    Paul Leads in Iowa, http://goo.gl/iPk9o
    According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, Ron Paul is leading in Iowa with 23%. Mitt Romney trails behind him with 20%, and Newt Gingrich is in third with 14%. In fact, Newt Gingrich has dropped 13% in two weeks. Iowa voters say they favor Ron Paul because he has campaigned the hardest in the state. He even leads Romney 26-5 percent with voters who say it’s “very important” that a candidate spends a great deal of time in the state.

    Buyout Profits Keep Flowing to Romney, http://goo.gl/NoEsf
    Even though Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in 1999, he is still receiving millions of dollars a year from the company. Apparently before he left, Romney negotiated a very lucrative retirement package that enables him to receive profits from all of Bain’s deals. Romney’s opponents may attack the candidate for profitting from layoffs, such as the massive firings Bain made after acquiring KB Toys. His retirement package has also been taxed at 15% instead of the 35% for ordinary income.

    Apple Plots Its TV Assault, http://goo.gl/iNu50
    Apple executives have been meeting with media executives to discuss the future of television at Apple’s hand. Potential technology includes an Apple TV set that provides shows and movies through wireless streaming. Viewers may also be able to pause their shows and movies and resume watching them on their iPhones or iPads, which would also serve as remote controls. One person from the meetings says a Siri component may also be possible as discussions have included voice and gesture commands for controlling the TV.

    Exclusive: Secret U.S., Taliban talks reach turning point, http://goo.gl/12JH9
    Reuters is reporting that secret discussions between the U.S. and Taliban “have reached a critical juncture.” The U.S. is considering transferring Guantanamo Bay inmates into Afghan custody in exchange for the Taliban’s denouncement of international terrorism and their entering of peace talks with Afghanistan. Reuters is still reporting that a diplomatic breakthrough “is a longshot.”


    For Election Year, MTV Drops ‘Choose or Lose’ Slogan, http://goo.gl/3KS39

    “Dancing With The Stars” winner J.R. Martinez to be a dad, http://goo.gl/qyNx5

    Will Britney Spears’ Third Marriage Be Her Best Yet?! Source: “You Can’t Even Compare the Chances!,”http://goo.gl/yomJZ

    Daniel Craig is offered deal to play James Bond five more times, http://goo.gl/xNEPi

    Paul McCartney to release album of covers, two new songs, http://goo.gl/Kykkj

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com


    Thursday, October 20th, 2011

    In today’s news, Colonel Gaddafi and one of his sons have been killed; a sheriff in Ohio says all of the freed exotic animals have been accounted for; and the bad feelings between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry started long before their race for the GOP nomination. In entertainment news, Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are dating, and Rihanna comes out with an edgy new video.

    Coral + Caitlin


    Gaddafi killed as Libya’s revolt claims hometown, http://reut.rs/qs4QcH
    In his hometown of Sirte, former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi died of wounds inflicted by fighters of an eight-month-old uprising against his rule. According to National Transitional Council official Abdel Majid Mlegta, Gaddafi’s death came quickly after his capture. Tripoli reportedly erupted in celebration upon hearing the reports, as people cheered “God is great, God is great, Gaddafi has been captured.”

    (via Reuters) One Gaddafi son dead, another being surrounded-NTC, http://bit.ly/qschKb: One of Muammar Gaddafi’s sons, Mo’tassim, has been killed by fighters from Libya’s NTC while another, Saif al-Islam, is trying to flee the fallen city of Sirte but is being surrounded, a senior NTC military official said on Thursday. “Mo’tassim was killed by the fighters. He was trying to fight back and he was resisting them,” National Transitional Council official Abdel Majid Mlegta. “Saif al-Islam is trying to flee Sirte in a small convoy. Our fighters are encircling them,” he added.

    FDA cites sanitation issues in listeria outbreak, http://bit.ly/pqWjeF
    The Food and Drug Administration has attributed the latest and most deadly Listeria outbreak to unsanitary conditions at a Colorado cantaloupe farm’s packing facility. Also, the Center for Disease Control has said it is too early to declare the outbreak over. An FDA letter to Jensen Farms of Granada, Colorado, cited violations in sanitary conditions that must be addressed. It said tests showed “widespread contamination throughout your facility and indicates poor sanitary practices in the facility.” So far, the Listeria outbreak has taken 25 lives and caused many more to fall ill.

    All escaped animals accounted for, Ohio sheriff says, http://bit.ly/p1h9gO
    A sheriff in Ohio believes that all of the exotic animals that were let loose have been accounted for. His deputies killed 49 lions, bears, tigers, and other wild animals. Of the 56 animals released Tuesday night, only a grizzly bear, two monkeys and three leopards were taken alive.

    Clinton: Pakistan must boost anti-terror fight, http://yhoo.it/oMCoxH
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has demanded that Pakistan step up the fight against terrorists within its borders, delivering a blunt message that Pakistanis “must be part of the solution” to the ongoing conflict in neighboring Afghanistan.

    James Murdoch knew phone hacking was widespread, MPs told, http://tgr.ph/pU3VBM
    Julian Pike, a partner at the British law firm that represents the Queen, told Parliament Wednesday that James Murdoch knew of the phone hacking at News of the World in May 2008. Murdoch is facing further questioning about the scandal after evidence has emerged showing that he had been told the hacking scandal was executed by more than one rogue reporter.

    Philadelphia suspects may have held 7 others, police say, http://bit.ly/nUeDpy
    The suspects charged with imprisoning four mentally disabled people in a Philadelphia boiler room may have been holding seven other people, including the accused ringleader’s 19-year-old niece and six children, police said Wednesday. The niece, Beatrice Weston, had been kept in a closet in an upstairs apartment in the same building where the first four victims were found Saturday afternoon. She was being treated for “horrific” injuries after being found beaten, malnourished and covered with scars Tuesday afternoon.

    Bad Blood Between Perry and Romney Is Longstanding, http://nyti.ms/riWBIs
    The tension between presidential hopefuls Rick Perry and Mitt Romney has been growing and may signal a new, more combative phase of the Republican presidential campaign. Apparently, the two men’s bad blood may go back further than expected. The feud started when they were governors. Romney, as chairman of the Republican Governors Association in 2006, made the decision to hire a consultant who was working for one of Perry’s political opponents. This left the Texas governor angry, aides say.


    Arthur Davis believes he, “Should have supported voter ID law,” http://bit.ly/qbB6p4

    Doyle McManus describes “Obama in the Occupy Wall Street camp,” http://lat.ms/nKjqx8

    Steve Chapman says American is, “Dazed and confused no more,” http://trib.in/plTUpi

    Scarlett Johansson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Make Out in NYC!, http://bit.ly/mY6Lks

    For Cate Edwards, After Loss and Turmoil, a Day for ‘I Do’, http://nyti.ms/nayggK

    Rihanna: “We Found Love”, http://p4k.in/r9Y1In

    MTV Announces Dates For 2012 VMAs, Movie Awards, http://on.mtv.com/pql2Wc

    Bio: Coral is the Marketing Intern at Rock the Vote

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Thursday, August 18th, 2011

    President Obama calls on Syrian President Bashar Assad to resign; a series of terror attacks strikes Israel; the Department of Justice is investigating Standard & Poor; Rick Perry calls climate change data “manipulated;” multiple reports surface of Michele Bachmann’s staff pushing and shoving reporters; a Russian company aims to have a space resort set up by 2016; only seen in US zoos, a capybara has been spotted in California; Christine O’Donnell walks out of Piers Morgan’s show; and a Jihadist calls for US Muslims to cut out David Letterman’s tongue.



    Obama Calls on Assad to Resign, http://apne.ws/nHbBY1
    President Obama will publicly demand that Syrian President Bashar Assad resign due to the persistent violence the Syrian government has enacted on protestors. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will also outline a U.S. Policy for the Syrian violence. At least 1,800 Syrian protestors have been killed by its government.

    At Least 6 Dead, 25 Hurt in Terror Attacks Near Eilat, http://bit.ly/oL9npR
    A series of terror attacks in Israel has left six people dead and twenty-five hurt. The attacks included the shooting of a bus driving off-duty soldiers; when IDF forces came to the scene, a bomb went off causing a shoot-out with the terrorists. In addition, there was a shootout on a passenger bus, mortar fired into Israel, and a bomb detonated near IDF forces on the Egyptian border.

    U.S. Inquiry Said to Focus on S.&P. Ratings, http://nyti.ms/q0YR00
    The Department of Justice is conducting an investigation of dozens of Standard & Poor’s mortgage security ratings. The ratings were made before the financial crisis, and the investigation began prior to S.&P.’s downgrade of the US credit rating.

    A Gnawing Question Answered: It’s a Capybara Roaming Paso Robles, http://lat.ms/ojMzE3
    A capybara, the world’s largest rodent, has been photographed near a water treatment plant in California. Capybaras are from South America and “usually [aren't] found in the United States except in zoos.” California game wardens were notified of a capybara siting three years ago, but ignored it thinking it a mistake. Unless hunters or trappers go after it, wardens will let the harmless rodent stay in the wild.

    Rick Perry Calls Global Warming an Unproven, Costly Theory, http://lat.ms/p9F5dW
    Republican Governor Rick Perry told a New Hampshire audience that researchers have “manipulated data” surrounding climate change “so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects.” Perry had said prior that environmental programs had been costing the country “billions, if not trillions” of dollars. He continued, “I don’t think, from my perspective, that I want America to be engaged in spending that much money on what is still a scientific theory that hasn’t been proven, and from my perspective is more and more being put into question.”

    Michele Bachmann’s Bouncers: Unnecessary Roughness,
    POLITICO is reporting at least five incidents of Michele Bachmann’s campaign staff “pushing [and] shoving” journalists and in one case, even threatening violence. ABC’s Brian Ross was pushed by Bachmann staffers; Bachmann’s husband pushed CNN’s Don Lemon into a cart; FOX’s Steve Brown was caught on camera yelling at a Bachmann bodyguard to “not put your hands on me. Do not do it ever again;” and a foreign reporter says that a Bachmann aide threatened to break his arm.

    (via POLITICO Morning Tech) THE AGE OF SPACE TOURISM: Mashable reports that a Russian company plans to have ready by 2016 an orbiting hotel that comes equipped with gourmet foods, specially designed sealed showers and a choice of a vertical or horizontal bed. http://on.mash.to/otJkKw


    Jihadist Calls on US Muslims to Cut Off Letterman’s Tongue, http://nyp.st/q28O5I

    Christine O’Donnell Walks Out on CNN’s Piers Morgan, http://usat.ly/nMR4b1

    MTV to Abercrombie: ‘Jersey Shore’ Diss ‘A Clever PR Stunt,’ http://bit.ly/nEZEiu

    The Kardashians Launch Their Sears Collection in Hollywood, http://bit.ly/pFNcd6

    Sean Avery to Have Police Battery Charges Dropped, http://bit.ly/nrS4Dc

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com