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    News Round-Up: Friday, January 31, 2014

    Friday, January 31st, 2014

    Amanda Knox is convicted of murder in an Italian court…again; U.S. is seeking the death penalty against the Boston Marathon Bombings suspect; and Ukraine’s president signs an amnesty agreement after protests become extremely violent and deadly. Meanwhile, one of the NYC Real Housewives gets a divorce; The Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer is released; and Miley gives some advice to Bieber on getting in trouble.

    - Maura 


    Amanda Knox: ‘I Will Never Willingly Go Back’, http://rtvote.com/1dSsHCb
    After 11 hours of deliberation, Italian jurors came down with a guilty verdict for American Amanda Knox (26 years old) and Italian born Raffaele Sollecito (29 years old), for the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007. This is the fourth ruling in the case and the second time that the court has decided to convict them of murder. In an emotional interview Friday, Knox said that she did not expect the verdict and vowed that she would never “willingly go back” to Italy.

    U.S. Is Seeking Death Penalty in Boston Case, http://rtvote.com/1hXDNdD
    On Thursday The Justice Department announced that it would seek the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tzarnaev, the man accused of killing and maiming participants and spectators at the Boston Marathon last April. Citing that Tsarnaev showed no remorse for the attacks and that the youngest victim was 8 years-old, prosecutors argued that the death penalty was warranted.

    Dow Tumbles: Stock Roller Coaster in Dive Mode, http://rtvote.com/1iTViPx
    New worries about the economy emerge as stocks fall sharply on Wall Street wrapping up the month of January. For the first time since 2010 the S&P 500’s might close in the negatives—a poor start that history says could be a bad omen for the rest of the year. When the first month of the year is negative the chances of finishing the full year in the plus column drop to 50-50 according to the Stock Trader’s Almanac. I guess only time will tell!

    Ukraine Activist Says He was Abducted and Tortured, http://rtvote.com/LhRbhj
    After Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovych abandoned a trade deal in November with the EU in favor of closer economic ties with Russia, protests against the president spilled into the streets. But, since January 22, protests have turned violent with at least 3 protesters and 3 police officers dead and a leading Ukraine activist who says he was abducted, tortured, and left to die in the cold. Today, President Yanukovych has signed an amnesty for protestors and the repeal of harsh anti-protest-laws.


    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Super Bowl Teaser Trailer, http://rtvote.com/1bdTVqc

    Zac Efron Was on a Six-Week Liquid Food Diet After Breaking His Jaw, http://rtvote.com/1edNlTp

    Ramona Singer Slams Jill Zarin: She’s Using My Divorce to “Try to Make Herself Relevant”, http://rtvote.com/1aMSkKi

    Miley Cyrus Gives Justin Bieber Advice: “Pay People to Make Sure You Don’t Get In Trouble”, http://rtvote.com/1kkXtd5

    Bio: Maura graduated from the University of Dayton in 2011 with a BA in International Studies and French. During the course of her studies she was elected Student Body Vice President where she worked to make student activity funding more affordable & fair to the campus community. Following graduation, Maura joined the 2012 Obama Campaign as grassroots Field Organizer in Ohio (the battleground of all battleground states). She now continues her passion of engaging and building political power for young people with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Thursday, January 30, 2014

    Thursday, January 30th, 2014
    A 3-year-old boy falls victim to a Mafia hit in Italy; another congressman is set to retire; Amanda Knox is back on trial and awaiting a verdict; and the 8-year-old boy who saved six of his family members in a fire was laid to rest yesterday. Meanwhile, the Academy Awards committee revokes a nomination; Jerry Seinfeld might have hinted at a Seinfeld reunion; the men of Full House sing Jimmy Fallon a classic lullaby; and Justin Bieber is back in the news.

    Veronica + Maura


    Boy, 3, executed in alleged mob hit: http://rtvote.com/1loaari
    A 3-year-old boy was shot along with his grandfather and another person in an apparent Mafia hit. The grandfather, Giuseppe Innaicelli, was believed to be the intended target. One of the most powerful Mafia syndicates in the world – ‘Ndrangheta – is believed to be responsible for the crime. The killing shocked Italy and even drew the attention of the Pope, who asked people Sunday to pray for the boy (known as Coco) and call on the members responsible to ask forgiveness.

    Democratic Representative Henry Waxman to retire at end of term: http://rtvote.com/1eiWR69
    Representative Henry Waxman of California announced today that he will not seek reelection for a 21st Congressional term this election year. He is now one of the 7 House Democrats who have announced their refusal to run for reelection; 10 Republican House members have also announced their retirement. Although Waxman has vehemently chastised Tea Party Republicans in Congress, he has denied this as the reason for his departure. “After 40 years in Congress, it’s time for someone else to have the chance to make his or her mark…” Waxman said. 

    Verdict due in third murder trial of Amanda Knox: http://rtvote.com/1hRPcM7
    A verdict is due in the ongoing trial of Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. The two were charged in the gruesome 2007 murder of student Meredith Kercher. Knox and Sollecito have been to court twice and were found guilty in one trial and innocent in the other. The Italian Supreme Court revoked the ‘innocent’ ruling, saying that key evidence had been left out of the trial. Prosecutors want Knox and Sollecito to serve 26 years in prison. 

    Doctors try to wake Schumacher from coma: http://rtvote.com/1n1mR6R
    Michael Schumacher, the German former Formula One champion, has been in a coma since December 29th, when he sustained serious head injuries at a ski resort in France. His condition has stabilized enough that doctors are trying to wake him out of his induced coma. The family has requested privacy throughout his ordeal, but Schumacher’s manager has spoken out to clear media leaks.

    Boy who saved 6 declared honorary firefighter at funeral: http://rtvote.com/Lt29RZ
    Tyler Doohan, the 8-year-old boy who saved six of his family members in a house fire before perishing, was buried yesterday. To honor his bravery, Penfield Fire Chief Chris Ebemeyer presented a fire helmet at the funeral and made Tyler an honorary firefighter. People from all over the country came to Fariport, New York to be at Tyler’s funeral to honor his heroism. 


    Oscar nomination for Best Original Song revoked: http://rtvote.com/1batGxU

    Full House cast sings a lullaby to Jimmy Fallon: http://rtvote.com/1aKtMl3

    Did Jerry Seinfeld kind of confirm a Seinfeld reunion? http://rtvote.com/1a467vr

    Justin Bieber’s horrendous 2014 start: http://rtvote.com/1hSakBN

    Veronica Barger
    Bio: Veronica is currently studying communications, law, economics, and government at American University in Washington, DC. Originally from New Jersey, she has held an interest in politics since the 2008 presidential election. Being a newly registered voter, she understands how important it is for young people to register to vote and have their voices heard. She looks to spread that message with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com


    Monday, October 3rd, 2011

    In today’s news, the Koch brothers made illegal sales to Iran; Amanda Knox insists she is innocent; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have changed his mine about running for president; and ABC and Yahoo are teaming up to try to boost traffic to their news’ sites. In other news, Arrested Development announces new television episodes, and Seth Rogen ties the knot.

    Coral + Caitlin


    Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales, http://bloom.bg/pbcrFy
    An investigation reported in Bloomberg Markets Magazine says the billionaire Koch brothers allegedly made a great deal of money from sales of petrochemical equipment to Iran. Koch Industries avoided the U.S. trade ban using foreign subsidiaries. The company allegedly engaged in illicit payments in Africa, India, and the Middle East; and, from 1999 to 2003, it had to pay more than $400 million in fines. An employee of Koch Industries says that managers taught them how to steal and cheat and called the methods of doing this the “Koch Method.”

    TransCanada Pipeline Foes Allege Bias in U.S. E-Mails, http://nyti.ms/nR65s8
    The Obama administration is about to decide whether or not to build a pipeline to take crude oil from Canada’s oil sands to the United States Gulf Coast. Emails were released that reveal an overly friendly relationship between lobbyists for the company that is building the billion-dollar pipeline and officials in the State Department, the agency that has final say over the pipeline. Some emails even show members of the States Department inviting officials of the lobbyist group to holiday parties.

    Amanda Knox: “I am innocent,” http://bit.ly/pkSxQR
    After spending four years behind bars, Amanda Knox pleads with the Italian appeals court, saying she did not kill her British roommate. Knox and co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito were convicted in 2009 of sexually assaulting and murdering Meredith Kercher, who was stabbed to death in her bedroom. “I did not kill. I did not rape. I did not steal. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there at the crime,” Knox said.

    Americans Raid Byways of Haqqani Insurgents in Afghanistan, http://nyti.ms/qq2sfu
    The Haqqani network is saying it had nothing to do with the the assassination of Afghan peace-talks leader Burhanuddin Rabbani, but the U.S. does not believe it. Since Osama bin Laden was killed, the U.S. military’s mission in Afghanistan is to shut down the byways that allow Haqqani insurgents to pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan. With U.S. troops set to be mostly out of the country by 2014, that doesn’t leave a lot of time. The goal is to take on Haqqani fighters while boosting the ranks of Afghan troops and police in the most contested areas. The Haqqani network also worked with al Qaeda and the Taliban to murder U.S. informants.

    Megrahi says his Lockerbie role exaggerated, http://reut.rs/n9ggoq
    Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people, said his role in the attack had been exaggerated, and the truth about what really happened would emerge soon. Lockerbie was convicted of bombing a plane going from London to New York. No one on the plane survived, and 11 on the ground were killed from falling wreckage. However, Lockerbie vaguely stated his role was strictly administrative and that hopefully in the next few months the truth will come out.

    (via Reuters) Nobel prizewinner dies before announcement, http://reut.rs/nB5bQf, After using his discoveries to prolong his own life Ralph Steinman, a scientist who won the Nobel prize for medicine on Monday for work on fighting cancer, died of the disease himself just three days before he could be told of his prize.

    House Sets Up Battle on Funding Social Programs, http://nyti.ms/qUGqHd
    House Republicans are starting another battle with President Obama over spending and domestic policy with a bill that would cut some of his favorite health and education programs, tie the hands of the National Labor Relations Board and eliminate federal grants for Planned Parenthood clinics. The bill, which finances the Departments of Labor and Education and Health and Human Services, would prohibit President Obama from spending more money to carry out the new health care law until all legal challenges to the law were resolved.

    New State Rules Raising Hurdles at Voting Booth, http://nyti.ms/qX30Uz
    Everyone has heard about the new voting laws that will affect students and minorities through requiring photo ID and decreasing the number of early voting days. The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law has tried to tally just how many voters stand to be affected. They said the laws, “could make it significantly harder for more than five million eligible voters to cast ballots in 2012.” Michael Waldman, the executive director of the Brennan Center said, “It is the most significant rollback in voting rights in decades.”

    Christie Decision Expected “Within Days,” http://slate.me/mZGp9x
    Sources told ABC News that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will make a decision in a few days about whether or not he’s entering the 2012 GOP primary race. It would be difficult for Christie to jump into the race this late. He would have very little time to launch a national campaign and to raise the tens of millions of dollars that other candidates have.

    ABC News and Yahoo News Announce Deal to Share Content, http://nyti.ms/qQ5smm
    On Monday, “Good Morning America” announced that ABC News will partner with Yahoo News to share videos and stories. ABC News has been ranking fairly low on the list of most visited news sites, but the new partnership with Yahoo may have the ability to change that. Each Web site will have editorial independence, but the news organizations will share content, co-produce coverage of some news events and have “integrated bureaus” in New York, Washington and Los Angeles.


    Howard Kurtz goes, “Inside Obama’s Populist Makeover” http://bit.ly/r1Z67G

    Gary Rivlin wants, “The Starbucks Stimulus” http://bit.ly/nohiNU

    Leonard Pitts gives us, “Some thoughts on a half-baked idea” http://trib.in/oePjs5

    New show, movie for ‘Arrested Development’ fans, http://bit.ly/nqRNsk

    Rooney signs off on “60 Minutes” but “not retiring,” http://reut.rs/qNed89

    Seth Rogen Weds Writer Lauren Miller, http://on.mtv.com/os2LIK

    Mike Myers Welcomes Son Spike, http://bit.ly/qA3PDh

    Taylor Swift Surprises Atlanta Crowd with Rap Duet, http://bit.ly/nSlmAB

    Bio: Coral is the Marketing Intern at Rock the Vote

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com