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    News Round-Up: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

    Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
    David Cameron says he will let the British people decide whether or not to remain in the EU; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before congress on Benghazi; a student opens fire at Lone Star College; Gen. John Allen is cleared of any misconduct; and President Obama says he will not oppose suspending the debt limit until May. Meanwhile, Kelly Osborne is engaged; lip readers weigh in on what caused Michelle Obama’s eye roll; and “Mad Men” will return in April.
    David Cameron: I will settle the Europe question with EU referendum, http://rtvote.com/SBIekY
    British Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday that he will let the British people decide whether or not Britain should remain in the European Union. “It is time to settle this European question in British politics,” Cameron said. “I say to the British people: this is your decision.” While Cameron would personally prefer that the country stay in the EU, he has decided it’s best to bring the decision to a referendum. He also called on Britain to improve its relationship with Brussels. EU members are unhappy with his decision, saying Britain cannot “cherry-pick” EU membership.Suspect charged in Lone Star College shooting, http://rtvote.com/SBJAMO
    Lone Star College student Carlton Berry, 22, has been charged with aggravated assault after opening fire on his Houston campus. Berry injured a student with whom he had an altercation as well as a janitor. He is also being treated for injuries after mishandling the gun and shooting himself.

    Clinton testifies on Benghazi attack, http://rtvote.com/SBKw3O
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before Congress on the Benghazi attack Wednesday. Clinton took responsibility for the attack and choked up while saying, “For me, this is not just a matter of policy, this is personal.” Clinton said that when she was told of the attack she, “instructed our senior department officials and diplomatic security to consider every option—to break down the doors to the Libyan officials to get as much security support as we could.” She has since recommended that future Secretary of States participate in meetings regarding additional security and also suggested that heightened security has been installed at the Benghazi site.

    Israel coalition talks begin after election deadlock, http://rtvote.com/144ZKSq
    Tuesday’s early results from Israel’s election show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing party losing a quarter of its seats in government. In a surprising twist, Netanyahu will now have to create a coalition government with the new Yesh Atid party, which won 19 seats. There will have to be a great deal of compromise as Yesh Atid, led by former TV presenter Yair Lapid, has called for overturning the law that exempts ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students from serving in the military. Lapid has also demanded that the government commit to a peace plan with Palestine.

    Gen. John Allen cleared in misconduct inquiry, http://rtvote.com/XzNXoO
    General John Allen, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, has been cleared of wrongdoing regarding an allegedly inappropriate e-mail exchange with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. Kelley, who was blackmailed by General Petraeus’ mistress, has recently publicly denied any inappropriate contact with Allen.

    Obama ‘will not oppose’ House GOP plan to suspend debt limit until May, http://rtvote.com/1451ATk
    The House GOP has proposed suspending the implementation of the federal debt limit until May 19. The measure would help delay or avoid another confrontation between President Obama and congress regarding the debt limit. President Obama has responded that he will not oppose the proposal, which would cause the government’s legal borrowing limit of $16.4 trillion to remain the same until May.

    The Mystery of Michelle Obama’s Eye Roll Has (Possibly) Been Solved, http://rtvote.com/SBPcXt
    Shakira Gives Birth to Baby Boy Milan, http://rtvote.com/XzOWFl“Mad Men” to return in April with a two-hour premiere, http://rtvote.com/WLnNQI

    Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez defend Beyonce in lip sync scandal, http://rtvote.com/WLnTI4

    Kelly Osbourne Engaged to Marry Matthew Mosshart, http://rtvote.com/1455xqX

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com


    Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

    The man responsible for the shootings in Toulouse is dead;
    more people are criticizing the handling of Trayvon Martin’s death;
    unemployment numbers are going down; soldiers have seized power in Mali; and
    Romney is suffering after a gaffe by one of his aides. Elsewhere, Kris
    Humphries claims he doesn’t do things for money, Tim Tebow is headed to New
    York, and Rock the Vote’s “History of Voting” video featuring Perez Hilton,
    Darren Criss, and John Legend is released just in time for Democracy Day.


    French Slaying Suspect Dead After Police Raid Hideout http://nyti.ms/GM56rW
    A Frenchman responsible for the recent shootings in Toulouse is dead after a
    30 hour stand off with police. More than 200 rounds of ammunition were
    unloaded during the firefight, with two police officers suffering minor
    injuries. The shooter’s name was Mohammed Merah. Merah died after jumping
    out of a window with a gun in his hand while firing. The French government
    would have preferred to take Merah alive.

    City Criticizes Police Chief After Shooting http://nyti.ms/GMIxyL
    The City Council of Sanford, Florida, the town where Trayvon Martin was
    killed, voted a show of no-confidence in their police chief after he has
    failed to arrest George Zimmerman, the man who killed Martin. Zimmerman
    claimed the shooting was in self defense, but his 911 calls and checkered
    history bring his story into question. In New York City, there was a protest
    in which demonstrators all wore hoodies, similar to what Martin was wearing
    when Zimmerman killed him.

    Emirates Says ‘Whole Load of Airlines’ Will Fail in Fuel
    Squeeze http://bloom.bg/GDXrZG
    Emirates, a Dubai-based airline that leads the world in international
    travel, is predicting that many other airlines will collapse as petrol
    prices increase. Regardless of how many companies will fold, the
    profitability will certain decrease as petrol prices rise. Advisors at
    Emirates are predicting that the industry will be devastated if there is
    another 10-15% rise in the cost of fuel.

    Weekly unemployment aid applications hit four-year low http://usat.ly/GLSHip
    New data shows that the economic turnaround is continuing. Under 350,000
    people applied for unemployment last week, the lowest total since 2008. The
    last several months have shown job growth, and predictors make it seem like
    the growth is continuing through March. Additionally, home sales have
    started to pick up and housing values might slowly return to their pre-bust

    Soldiers loot Mali presidential palace after ousting
    leader http://usat.ly/GOtIwQ
    In one of the few democracies operating in Africa, soldiers overthrew Mali
    President Amadou Toumani Toure. Toure was set to end his term in a few
    weeks, but soldiers felt it necessary to take over the government now. Their
    major grievance is the belief that Toure’s government was mishandling an
    ethnic insurgency in the nation’s north. Toure’s current location is not
    known. His former palace is being occupied by military leaders who have
    suspended the nation’s constitution, but claim they intend on transferring
    power back to the people after they quell the rebellion.

    Komen foundation continues to see fallout from Planned Parenthood
    controversy http://wapo.st/GFziSG
    Susan G Komen For The Cure is still reeling from a controversial decision to
    defund Planned Parenthood. Despite their about face, the Komen brand has
    severely suffered. The two locations which fought the decision hardest,
    Oregon and New York, are both losing executives who have decided to step
    down. The New York affiliate has also canceled several events because of
    lack funds.

    Lining up at Center City DMV – some to get voter IDs, others to protest the
    new law http://bit.ly/GGfORV
    Many people showed up to the Philadelphia DMV on a day designated for free
    photo IDs. These free IDs are being given out because Pennsylvania has
    changed its state law and now requires voters to show the correct photo ID
    at the polls. The proponents of this bill claim they want to prevent fraud.
    Many others showed up to the DMV to protest the new bill. They equate this
    to a poll tax, for while the ID is free, it costs money to gain access to
    some of the documents one needs to get an ID.


    Rock the Vote’s “History of Voting” Video with Perez Hilton, Darren Criss,
    John Legend, & Bridget Kelly, http://bit.ly/GFrWQt

    Fox Tinkers With 24 Movie’s Budget And Pushes Back The Start Date
    Again, http://bit.ly/GQ5mnZ

    How groovy will ‘Mad Men’ get? ’60s experts make
    predictions, http://lat.ms/GN3HBw

    Kris Humphries doesn’t ‘do things just for money,’ http://usat.ly/GQnDjo

    Kiss and Motley Crue Announce Summer Tour, http://bit.ly/GM8Hak

    Tim Tebow traded to Jets, http://es.pn/GJB42F

    Aaron Ghitelman

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News-Round Up: Friday, May 27, 2011

    Friday, May 27th, 2011

    Secretary Clinton makes a secret trip to Pakistan, the Patriot Act extension passes, badminton is sexy, and Gaddafi’s new disguise is a hospital gown as he continues to hide out in Tripoli.

    In entertainment news, Jon Hamm is directing the season premiere of ‘Mad Men’ and also making us wet our pants in ‘Bridesmaids’ outtakes. Check them out and then pick up a book, as it’s time to boost your hometown in the well-read city rankings.

    Maegan + Caitlin


    Tension Marks Clinton’s Visit to Pakistan, http://nyti.ms/iZoAxc

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Admiral Mike Mullen visited with President Asif Ali Zadari in Pakistan today. The trip was kept secret and was meant to relieve tensions between the two countries after the US capture of Osama bin Laden. The meeting was said to be tension filled with little to no press allowed.

    Obama, in Europe, Signs Patriot Act Extension, http://yhoo.it/iKvSWP

    President Obama signed a four-year extension of the Patriot Act from Europe yesterday. The extension allows for law enforcement to search personal records and conduct wire taps.

    Badminton’s New Dress Code Is Being Criticized as Sexist, http://nyti.ms/lrlEOI

    The Badminton World Federation is now mandating that all female players wear skirts or dresses on the court. The rule is meant to make badminton a more “attractive” and popular sport; however, some are deeming the decree as sexist and unfair to Muslim women who play.

    Gaddafi Said to Seek Night Refuge in Hospitals, http://bloom.bg/k5IpgO

    An anonymous source in David Cameron’s camp is reporting that Qaddafi is hiding out in hospitals to protect himself from NATO air raids. He and his cabinet have also abandoned any communication through cell phones.

    Coalition of Youth Organizations Wants Apology from Gingrich, Rockefeller, http://bit.ly/liqhnL

    Seven different organizations representing youth are demanding apologies for derogatory comments 2012 hopeful Newt Gingrich and Senator Jay Rockefeller made towards young people. Rockefeller noted that youth “really don’t have any social values,” and Gingrich stated that young people should pass something similar to an immigration test before voting in an election.

    Ebay and Paypal Sue Google, http://reut.rs/jNvTGr

    Ebay and Paypal are suing Google. They are claiming that the executive working on the “Google Wallet” idea at Paypal left the company for Google, taking the plans for the idea with him.

    Romney to Formally Announce Run for President in NH on June 2, http://bit.ly/mMkbMh

    Mitt Romney will announce his candidacy for the 2012 presidency June 2 at the home of former New Hampshire house members, Doug and Stella Scamman.


    Amy Winehouse Checks Into Treatment Program, http://on.wsj.com/lxtEcm

    Jon Hamm to Direct ‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere, http://nyti.ms/lXjruq

    The 20 Best-Read Cities in America, http://bit.ly/jta0qZ

    ‘Bridesmaids’ Outtakes Hit the Web, http://bit.ly/kwMH4f

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com