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    News Round-Up: Friday, March 22, 2013

    Friday, March 22nd, 2013

    Three die at a Marine base shooting; Obama travels to Jordan on his last stop in the Middle East; Myanmar riots increase fears of widening sectarian violence; and Colorado legalizes same-sex civil unions. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling takes an acting break, and John Mayer announces his first tour in three years.

    Caitlin + Liza


    Marine base shooting an apparent double murder-suicide, http://cbsn.ws/YJCEui
    Three were killed at Virginia’s Quantico Marine Corps Base Thursday night when a Marine shot a male and female colleague before shooting himself. Authorities have yet to uncover a motive behind the incident, but base commander David Maxwell said a “very lengthy” investigation will ensue. Victims’ names have not been released, but all three were staff members at the base’s Officer Candidates School.

    Obama to shore up ally Jordan on last stop in Mideast, http://reut.rs/WEZEOx
    President Obama will fly to Jordan on Friday after wrapping up the final day of his first official visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. In Jordan, a key American ally in the Middle East, Obama and King Abdullah are expected to discuss civil war in Syria and prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Obama hopes to reassure Jordan of America’s support as the nation deals with an influx of neighboring Syria’s refugees and handles the “Arab Spring” fallout. Jordan is also one of just two Arab states, the other being Egypt, that has signed peace treaties with Israel, and could be a potential American partner in leading Israeli-Palestinean peace talks.

    Colorado Law Allows Same-Sex Civil Unions in ‘Hate State’, http://bloom.bg/10q70Xr
    Colorado passed legislation on Thursday legalizing same-sex civil unions, becoming the 15th state to recognize either same-sex marriage or civil unions. The law marks a dramatic departure for Colorado from its reputation as the “hate state,” a label it gained in 1992 when voters passed a constitutional amendment banning local ordinances to protect gay rights. “The gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual community is part of all of us,” Colorado Governor and Democrat John Hickenlooper said. “There’s no excuse that people shouldn’t have the same rights.” Advocates are expected to continue pushing for legalizing gay marriage in the state.

    Saturday Postal Pullback in Limbo, http://on.wsj.com/Z8WmQg
    The U.S Postal Service says it wants to stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting this summer in an effort to offset its financial struggles, sparking disagreement in Congress over a mandate requiring the postal service to deliver mail six days a week. A bill on government spending for the remainder of the 2013 year includes the same six-day mandate that has stood for thirty years, and is expected to pass in Congress. But some Senate Republicans are pushing to change the bill and drop the mandate, allowing the postal service, which dealt with almost $16 billion in losses last year, to stop delivering six days. The postal service is prepared for a showdown if Congress does not drop the mandate.

    Obama in Israel: ‘The Holocaust will never happen again’, http://politi.co/10sqdHS
    President Obama visited Israel’s Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem, on Friday, the last day of his visit to the country, along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. The president visited the museum’s memorial site dedicated to the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust and delivered a speech at a service held by the museum. “Here on your ancient land, let it be said for all the world to hear,” the president remarked. “The state of Israel does not exist because of the Holocaust, but in the survival of a strong Jewish state of Israel the Holocaust will never happen again.”

    Myanmar riots stroke fears of widening sectarian violence, http://reut.rs/ZQvJSJ
    Myanmar has declared a state of emergency and martial law in four central townships in response to riots between Buddhists and Muslims that broke out on Wednesday. Twenty have been killed and dozens wounded amidst the riots, and two camps have been set up to hold over 2,000 displaced by fighting. Asia’s newest Democratic country, Myanmar became free from 49 years of military rule in 2011, but ethnic conflicts have plagued the nation ever since. Last year, 110 were killed and 110,00 left homeless after conflict between Buddhists and Muslims broke out in western Myanmar.


    Ryan Gosling On Taking a Break, http://huff.to/14cejFs

    Lindsay Vonn: Tiger Wood’s Past Doesn’t Freak Me Out, http://bit.ly/ZO8p8b

    John Mayer Announces First Tour in 3 Years, http://bit.ly/16MgRtp

    Lil Wayne: I’m More Than Good After Hospitalization for Seizure, http://eonli.ne/ZZNs8L

    Liza Dee

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    News Round-Up: Monday, February 11, 2013

    Monday, February 11th, 2013

    Pope Benedict XVI becomes the first pope to resign since 1415, the search for an ex-cop at the center of an LAPD revenge plot widens, and sources predict an aggressive State of the Union address from Obama. Meanwhile, Grammy winners celebrate their awards, Justin Timberlake makes his musical return with a retro Grammy performance, and Tiger Woods may be dating Lindsay Vonn.


    Pope Benedict XVI To Resign, http://huff.to/VPiqiC
    Pope Benedict XVI announced today that he will resign the papacy on February 28, citing health concerns and old age. The pope, who is 85, will the be the first pope to resign since 1415. “After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to a certainty that my strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry,” said Pope Benedict. Benedict had already been the oldest pope elected in nearly 300 years when he was elected in 2005 at age 78. Since there will be no need for the mourning period that traditionally follows the death of a pope, the Vatican will hold a conclave to elect a new pope by mid-March.

    Search for ex-cop at center of LAPD revenge plot widens, http://bit.ly/Y4Icz7
    Authorities are entering the second week of a manhunt for former LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, who released an online manifesto targeting police officers and their families. Dorner says he is seeking revenge for being fired from the police department and is so far accused of killing three, including the daughter of a former LAPD police chief and another former cop. The search for Dorner has widened to become one of the largest in the history of Southern California. Los Angeles announced a $1 million reward on Sunday for help in catching Dorner.

    Obama’s State of the Union 2013: Aggressive, http://politi.co/WEATlU
    Democrats close to Obama hint that the president plans to use his State of the Union speech on Tuesday to challenge the Republican Party and put his opposition on the defensive. West Wing leaks suggest viewers should expect an address much more aggressive than his 2009 SOTU, in which he called for peaceful, bipartisan collaboration. The address is likely to build upon Obama’s progressive Inauguration speech and supposedly will center on jobs creation, the middle class, and infrastructure projects, all key areas for partisan debate. The speech will also mark the debut of Cody Keenan, who wrote for Ted Kennedy, as Obama’s new chief speechwriter. Florida Senator and rising Republican star Marco Rubio will likely generate buzz when he delivers the GOP’s rebuttal speech.

    Graham on Brennan, Hagel: ‘No confirmation without information,’ http://bit.ly/12mIT9R
    Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that he would hold up Obama’s nominees to head the CIA and Defense department until he gets more information about the administration’s response to September’s Benghazi attack. “No confirmation without information,” Graham said, addressing whether he would allow the nominations of John Brennan and Chuck Hagel to go forward. Graham specifically asked whether Obama had called Libyan officials and asked them to allow a rescue team to go to the consulate that night, saying he believes American lives could have been saved had the president called the government. ” I don’t think we should allow Brennan to go forward for the CIA directorship, Hagel to be confirmed secretary of defense until the White House gives us an accounting,” he said.

    Tornado tears through southern Mississippi, http://bit.ly/Wc6ZDM
    At least 12 were injured when a tornado touched down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on Sunday, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency in four counties. The University of Mississippi, located in Hattiesburg, received significant damage to several buildings as a result of the storm, though none were injured there. No one has been killed so far, authorities reported, though many town structures were impacted. “If there is a good thing about this, it happened on a Sunday when most of these structures were vacant,” mayor of Hattiesburg John DuPree said.

    Local Students Want “Traditional Prom”, Gays Banned, http://bit.ly/Y4iRHc
    A group of students, parents, and at least one teacher at a high school in Sullivan, Indiana are advocating for a “traditional” prom that would ban gay students. Sullivan High School insisted that they cannot legally allow such a prom, inspiring the group to organize at a church on Sunday and discuss options for holding a separate prom. “We want to make the public see that we love the homosexuals, but we don’t think it’s right nor should it be accepted,” one high school student said. Though the movement has garnered support from several local pastors, not all in the community agree with it. “The feeling of being loved and belonging is universal,” said local Jim Davis.


    Grammy Awards 2013: Mumford & Sons’ ‘Babel’ Wins Album of the Year, http://lat.ms/YktKnp

    Justin Timberlake Makes Musical Return With Retro Performance, http://bit.ly/Z4kdGS

    Grammy Dresses: The Bold and the Beautiful, http://bit.ly/14MGQ21

    Tiger Woods Dating Lindsay Vonn; Source Says Relationship is New, http://bit.ly/151O43b

    Liza Dee

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com