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    News Round-Up: Wednesday, February 10, 2014

    Monday, February 10th, 2014

    Iranian warships head towards the United States; a top NFL prospect comes out; a Danish zoo kills a healthy giraffe and sparks internet outrage; Julia Mancuso wins another medal; and a young girl is rescued from Lake Michigan. Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick talks about Pitch Perfect 2; Kristen Stewart defends her past; Matt Damon starts a conga line; and…wait…are these stars actually related?

    - Veronica + Maura 


    Iranian warships headed close to US borders: http://rtvote.com/1bFgPUz
    Iran is sending warships to US maritime borders in response to the ongoing American presence near Iranian borders. The vessels are equipped with navy cadets and a regular crew and include a destroyer and supply ship carrying helicopters. They are intent upon carrying out a three-month mission following a push from the Iranian government to “project its power”.

    Top NFL prospect says he’s gay: http://rtvote.com/1fZ7cVf
    Former college football star Michael Sam, one of the top NFL draft picks this year, came out to ESPN’s Chris Connelly Sunday night. Sam will be the first openly gay draft pick and, subsequently, since most high draft picks enter the NFL, the first openly gay football player in NFL history. The 2014 NFL Draft will be a test to see if the NFL is truly open to players of differing sexualities.

    Danish zoo kills healthy giraffe, feeds body to lions: http://rtvote.com/1h4c3Yn
    The online petition, dubbed “Save Marius”, garnered 27,000 signatures but made no difference. The Copenhagen Zoo euthanized a 2-year-old male giraffe, named Marius, to prevent inbreeding. After the giraffe’s death, an autopsy was performed outside in front of a crowd of people (including children). Marius’s body was then fed to the zoo’s lions, tigers, and leopards. Other zoos and the online petition encouraged the Copenhagen Zoo to find Marius a different hope, but to no avail.

    Mancuso wins her fourth Olympic medal: http://rtvote.com/1dCfTQq
    Julia Mancuso won her fourth Olympic medal on Monday in the super combined event, becoming the record-holder for most Olympic medals won by an American female skier. Only four other women skiers in history have won more Olympic medals than Mancuso. The super combined event begins with a downhill run and concludes with a slalom run. Despite not training for slaloms as heavily, Mancuso still managed to walk away with the bronze. 

    Firefighters rescue autistic girl from Lake Michigan ice: http://rtvote.com/1h4hRRQ
    A 13-year-old girl was rescued from Lake Michigan after jumping over a fence and walking onto the ice. She was not wearing shoes, and tried to fight off firefighters during her rescue. She was suffering from hypothermia at the time of her rescue and was transported to Saint Joseph Hospital in stable condition.


    Anna Kendrick talks Pitch Perfect 2: http://rtvote.com/1aO3u1a

    Kristen Stewart has no regrets: http://rtvote.com/1bO5Wmu

    Are these celebrities really related to each other? You be the judge! http://rtvote.com/1f9RRgX

    Celebrity conga line starring Matt Damon: http://rtvote.com/1eNUZmj

    Veronica Barger
    Bio: Veronica is currently studying communications, law, economics, and government at American University in Washington, DC. Originally from New Jersey, she has held an interest in politics since the 2008 presidential election. Being a newly registered voter, she understands how important it is for young people to register to vote and have their voices heard. She looks to spread that message with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

    Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

    President Obama appears with Bush at Tanzania terrorist attack memorial ceremony; Edward Snowden allegedly seeks asylum from 21 countries; Egyptian President Morsi says he was not told of army’s 48-hour ultimatum; 19 firefighters die fighting Yarnell Hill fire; FW de Klerk will undergo surgery to install a pacemaker today; study shows that refined carbohydrates can have similar cravings as drugs; 19 die in a helicopter crash in Siberia; and Prop. 8 supporters ask Supreme Court to stop gay marriages. Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart makes her first appearance since breaking up with Robert Pattinson, and Pierce Brosnan’s daughter dies of cancer.

    Maura + Alexis


    Obama Appears With Bush at Site of Tanzania Terror Blast, http://rtvote.com/11XfDun
    Seeing two presidents of opposing parties standing together is a rare sight, but President Bush and President Obama stood side by sideTuesday morning at a ceremony in Tanzania to commemorate those who were killed in a terrorist attack 15 years ago. President Bush was in Tanzania accompanying his wife, Laura, who is holding a summit for African first ladies, and Presdient Obama was in Tanzania for the last leg of his trip to Africa.

    Edward Snowden ‘broadens asylum requests’ – Wikileaks, http://rtvote.com/11XgtqN
    According to Wikileaks, Edward Snowden has sent requests for asylum to 21 countries. These countries include China, France, Ireland, and Venezuela. Eight European countries have stated that the requests were invalid.

    Egypt President Morsi warns of army ultimatum ‘confusion’, http://rtvote.com/14KWmL3
    Due to rioting and protests, the Egyptian army declared that it would give people 48-hours to calm down before its troops intervened. According to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, the army did not consult with him before declaring this ultimatum. He vows to stick to his “national reconciliation” plan despite accusations that he is putting the Muslim Brotherhood’s interests before the nation’s as a whole.

    Yarnell Hill Fire: Seeking answers in wake of tragedy, http://rtvote.com/11XiDXv
    Nineteen Prescott hotshot firefighters were killed Sunday in Arizona while tyring to protect homes from the Yarnell Hill Fire. As of Monday morning, the fire was not at all contained and spanned 8,400 acres. Around 500 firefighters have been fighting the blaze, and even more are expected to be called to help out today. This is the worst firefighter tragedy to ever occur in Arizona and one of the deadliest the nation has ever seen.

    South Africa’s De Klerk in hospital for heart procedure, http://rtvote.com/11XkMm0
    FW de Klerk, South Africa’s last white president, will undergo surgery today to install a pacemaker. The 77-year-old was a joint receiver of the Nobel Peace Prize with successor Nelson Mandela in 1993 for overseeing South Africa’s transition away from white-minority apartheid rule.

    Refined carbohydrates can trigger food cravings, study says, http://rtvote.com/11XlIXB
    Scientists have discovered through research that refined carbohydrates cause cravings not dissimilar from cravings drug addicts experience. The spike and crash that follows eating highly processed carbs activates reward and addiction centers of the brain similar to after taking drugs.

    Russia: 19 die in helicopter crash in Siberia, http://rtvote.com/14L0U48
    Russian authorities claim that 19 people have died in a helicopter crash Tuesday  in a remote region of Yakutia in Siberia. The helicopter was carrying 28 people, 11 of them children. The cause of the crash has not yet been disclosed.

    Proposition 8 Proponents Ask Supreme Court To Halt California Gay Marriages, http://rtvote.com/18tcZAt
    Not even 24 hours after California started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, lawyers against same-sex marriage filed an emergency motion Saturday requesting that the U.S. Supreme Court shut down all weddings in the San Francisco area.


    Pierce Brosnan’s Daughter Dies of Cancer at 41, http://rtvote.com/14L4uex

    Kristen Stewart Makes First Public Appearance Since Split With Robert Pattinson at Paris Chanel Show, http://rtvote.com/18tfrHa

    Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltzfus Gets Sexy Makeover for Maxim: See Her Skin-Baring Pics!, http://rtvote.com/14L4MC8

    Ruth Wilson On ‘The Lone Ranger’ & Why She Owes Director Gore Verbinski Part Of Her Career, http://rtvote.com/14L538l

    ‘The Lone Ranger’: The Oddest Movie Of The Year?, http://rtvote.com/14L55NB

    Bio: My name is Alexis Macdermott and I will be starting my third year at Duke University this fall. I am currently pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in economics. I am a native of Southwest Florida and am an avid runner and film enthusiast. I look forward to joining the Marketing and Communications team for the summer here at RTV!

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Thursday, March 28th, 2013

    Thursday, March 28th, 2013

    Search warrants reveal more about Newtown shooter Adam Lanza; the U.S. begins stealth bombing runs over South Korea; Cyrpus’ banks reopen; Nelson Mandela is readmitted to the hospital; scientists find new signposts for pre-determining cancer risks in patients; a judge returns Oscar Pistorius’ passport; and shifting bacteria in the gut may help with weight loss. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat’s winning streak comes to an end; Sean Penn’s son yells racial slurs at a paparazzo; Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart become new BFFs; Malala Yousafzai signs a $3 million book deal; and “Friday Night Lights” author Buzz Bissinger enters shopping rehab.



    Newtown gunman Adam Lanza fired 155 bullets in less than five minutes, prosecutor says, http://rtvote.com/170lGzx
    Publicized search warrants reveal that Adam Lanza killed 26 children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in five minutes. The warrants also show Lanza as having huge amounts of ammunition in a gun safe allegedly in his bedroom, as well as samurai swords and a bulletproof vest. There was also a loaded shotgun in the passenger compartment of the car Lanza drove to Sandy Hook. According to the reports, books about asbergers were found in Lanza’s home as well as an NRA certification and a check Lanza’s mother wrote him for the purchase of a gun.

    U.S. Begins Stealth Bombing Runs Over South Korea, http://rtvote.com/10kLIrU
    In its first admission of a B-2 mission over the Korean peninsula, the U.S has announced that it has run two B-2 steal bombers with nuclear capability over South Korea as a “practice bombing sortie.” The mission is meant to prove to North Korea, who has issued nuclear threats towards the U.S. and South Korea, that the U.S. can protect the Asia-Pacific region and “conduct long range precision strikes quickly and at will.”

    Patient Cypriots line up as banks reopen, http://rtvote.com/14ym8pe
    Banks in Cyprus re-opened Thursday after they were shutdown for two weeks while the Cypriot government negotiated a bailout deal with the EU. Bank customers will still face restrictions including withdrawal limits.

    Mandela Back in Hospital With Lung Infection, http://rtvote.com/102QsUg
    Former South African president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela, 94, was re-admitted to the hospital Wednesday night with a lung infection. A statement from South African President Jacob Zuma tells the country to pray for Mandela and notes that “Doctors are attending to him, ensuring that he has the best possible expert medical treatment and comfort.” Mandela has been in the hospital two other times in the past fourth months.

    South Africa judge lifts travel ban on Oscar Pistorius, http://rtvote.com/102TU15
    A judge has ordered that Oscar Pistorius have his passport returned so that he can travel abroad. The double amputee Olympic runner has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, and has since been prohibited from leaving the country, going near an airport, or imbibing alcohol. Pistorius’ lawyers argued that he is not a flight risk and that the judge’s previous restrictions had basically put him under “house arrest.”

    Scientists Find New Gene Markers for Cancer Risk, http://rtvote.com/102OH9L
    Scientists have finished a long process of working to pre-determine if patients are at high risk for breast, ovarian, or prostate cancer. The international effort was funded by the non-profit Cancer Research, U.K. Officials from the groups have said that the alert methods scientists have discovered are important for finding out exactly how genetics plays into cancer. Scientists have previously discovered signs that alert patients to being at risk for the disease, but this new effort doubles the amount of signposts.

    Bacteria in the Intestines May Help Tip the Bathroom Scale, Studies Show, http://rtvote.com/10kOeyB
    Two new studies released Thursday show that the bacteria in an individual’s intestines can determine how the individual loses or gains weight. The research points to gastric bypass surgery as a successful method of weight loss because the rearranging of intestines “shifts the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract.” The studies also show that in the future, treatments that adjust “microbe levels” in the gut will be able to help people lose weight without surgery.


    Heat’s 27-game winning streak comes to an end in Chicago, http://rtvote.com/170oKLW

    LiLo and KStew’s issues in common, http://rtvote.com/170plNP

    Malala Yousafzai sells life story for a reported $3 million, http://rtvote.com/10kOMV5

    Buzz Bissinger in shopping rehab, http://rtvote.com/10kOSfk

    Sean Penn’s son cusses out paparazzo, hurls ugly slurs, http://rtvote.com/1030lRZ

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Monday, July 30, 2012

    Monday, July 30th, 2012

    James Holmes is in court to hear charges; 300 million are left without power in India; Syrian rebels close in on Aleppo; European stocks rise; Uganda reports Ebola outbreaks; Mitt Romney describes his spiritual trip to Israel; and Bill Clinton will play a major part in the Democratic National Convention. Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart may have been cheating on Robert Pattinson for months; Olympic organizers give away tickets after complaints of empty seats; and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ notoriously bickering couple separates.



    Colorado Theater Shooting: James Holmes in Court to Hear Charges, http://abcn.ws/Mufggu
    James Holmes, the 24-year-old accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 while opening fire in an Aurora, CO movie theater, will appear in court today to hear the charges against him. “There’s probably charges that can be brought [on behalf] of anybody who was present. The state will need to decide how they approach all of those charges,” the former head of the Colorado public defender’s office has said. While in court, Holmes’ lawyers will argue that an incriminating package the suspect sent to his psychiatrist was taken illegally by officials and leaked to the media by the government.

    India power outage plunges 300 million into sweltering darkness, http://cbsn.ws/NQN35g
    Droughts in India have contributed to its rising temperatures, which in turn, caused a blackout for 300 million in the country’s northern grid Monday. The power outages have left people to deal with the sweltering heat and have also affected hundreds of trains, New Delhi’s metro system, and traffic lights. Sushil Kumar Sinde, India’s power minister, has said that the eight states affected have since had 60% of their power restored. This was the first time since 2001 that India’s northern grid has experienced power outages.

    Syrian rebels seize military base outside Aleppo, http://bit.ly/OtSJo6
    Syrian rebels fought off President Bashar al Assad’s troops to seize a military base outside of Aleppo Monday. Assad’s troops and rebels have continued to fight for control of Aleppo, Syria’s biggest city, driving close to 200,000 people out of the city and its surrounding areas. In response to the rebels’ gains, France’s foreign minister has said “As France is taking over the presidency of the U.N. Security Council on August 1, we are going to ask—before the end of the week—for a meeting of the Security Council, probably at a ministerial level … to try and stop the massacres and prepare for the political transition.”

    (via The Wall Street Journal) European Stocks Rise, http://on.wsj.com/OdfcEQ
    European stocks clung to solid gains Monday, buoyed by hopes for additional stimulus measures from the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank and despite a contraction in Spain’s economic growth, dire U.K. lending data and a fall in euro-zone confidence surveys. Government bond yields from Italy and Spain also remained well off recent highs after an Italian bond auction which sold close to the top end of its targeted range. Although bid-to-cover ratios were on the weak side, borrowing costs came in lower than at previous sales.

    Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni warns of Ebola threat, http://bbc.in/Q5FQ2B
    Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announced in a special broadcast that fourteen people have died from an Ebola outbreak that started in the western part of the country three weeks ago. Museveni warned of physical contact as that’s how the disease is spread. He also said that friends and families of victims should call health workers before burying their loved ones. This will be the third time that Ebola, which has a mortality rate of 90%, has had a break out in Uganda in the last twelve years.

    Mitt Romney, at fundraiser in Israel, describes spiritual impact of visit, http://wapo.st/Q5jEq2
    At a breakfast fundraiser in Jerusalem Monday, Mitt Romney described how spiritual his 36-hour trip to Israel had been: ““I come to this place, therefore, with a sense of profound humility, as I look around here at the great people who’ve accomplished a great thing, and also a sense of spiritual connection, acknowledging the hand of providence in establishing this place and making it a holy city.” The breakfast was comprised of 40 donors, Sheldon Adelson being one of them, who paid $25,000-$50,000 in order to attend. Romney is expecting to raise $1,000,000 from the fundraiser. Earlier in his trip, the former Massachusetts governor defied U.S. policy and referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital instead of Tel Aviv. He also said Iran’s nuclear progress was the U.S.’s “highest national security priority.”

    Bill Clinton to Have Leading Role at Party’s Convention, http://nyti.ms/OfuO8b
    Bill Clinton will give the marquee speech at the Democratic National Convention on September 5th. The former president will officially place President Obama’s name for the nomination and will speak about voting the president into a second term. The Obama campaign has asked Clinton to play a major role in the convention in hopes that he will excite Democrats and Independents. “There isn’t anybody on the planet who has a greater perspective on not just the last four years, but the last two decades, than Bill Clinton,” said senior Obama strategist David Axelrod.


    At London Olympics, empty seats have organizers scrambling, giving away tickets to children and soldiers, http://wapo.st/Mugvw5

    French get revenge for 2008 relay loss to US, http://bit.ly/N6YxPO

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof and Husband Paul Nassif Separating, http://eonli.ne/PcQVuY

    Kristen Stewart Cheated on Rob for 6 Months, Says Rupert Sanders’ Brother-in-Law, http://bit.ly/OCZSRM

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Friday, July 27, 2012

    Friday, July 27th, 2012

    The Obama administration moves to help Syrian rebels; five suspects are arrested for terrorizing a Jewish camp; and the Obama administration joins insurers to fight healthcare fraud. Meanwhile, tonight is the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and Twilight’s “biggest fan” reacts to Kristen Stewarts’s cheating scandal.

    Maureen + Caitlin


    Insight: Cautious on Syria, Obama moves to help rebels, http://reut.rs/P65z6S
    In his three and a half years in office, President Obama has sent two different messages to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: during his first year in office, Obama sent a letter seeking a fresh start for a damaged relationship between the two countries; in his third year, Obama demanded Assad to step down. A third message may be coming out of the Oval Office soon: the White House has drafted a presidential directive that would authorize greater covert assistance for the Syrian rebels, though the U.S. would not arm them. Reuters does not yet know whether Obama has signed the document, but the administration has publicly shown its intent to help the rebels.

    Five arrested, accused of terrorizing Jewish camp in Pennsylvania, http://bit.ly/OqdbEW
    Five suspects­—three adults and two juveniles—have been arrested after allegedly terrorizing a Jewish camp in Pennsylvania on three occasions over two days. One suspect allegedly drove a white Ford pickup truck through camp, nearly missing campers and staff while damaging fields, yards, buildings, and fences. The group allegedly used paintball guns to shoot the campers, hitting one. The police report also accuses the group of shouting threats and anti-Semitic slurs.

    Government signs on insurers to fight healthcare fraud, http://trib.in/OSOuxk
    President Obama’s administration has teamed up with private insurance companies, state officials, and other stakeholders to better the administration’s efforts to decrease healthcare fraud. The partnership will increase data sharing between public and private health insurers, using new technology that helps track medical claims in real time. Humana Inc, UnitedHealth Group, and WellPoint Inc have already signed on to the program. These partnerships will add to last years’ anti-fraud initiatives, which recovered $4.1 billion in cases involving federal health care programs.


    London offers Olympics unlike any other, http://usat.ly/LUNFUc

    After Bella Cheats on Edward, Twilight’s Self-Confessed Biggest Fan Reacts, http://ti.me/NygXOo

    ‘Gangster Squad’ release date pushed back to January after film draws comparisons to ‘Dark Knight Rises’ shooting in Aurora, http://nydn.us/MPmwq0

    Michelle Obama Tells Team USA to Have Fun – ‘But Also Win!’ http://bit.ly/PRbLUW

    Maureen Dolan
    Bio: Maureen is the Marketing & Communications intern for Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com