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    News Round-Up: Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

    Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

    Four are killed in an attack on a Syrian university; Senator Jay Rockefeller wants to know if Rupert Murdoch broke any American laws; Chen Guangcheng asks Hillary to take him to the U.S.; arrests are made in the Florida A&M hazing case; Michele Bachmann will endorse Romney; and Rock the Vote announces its 2012 campaign. Meanwhile, ‘The Scream’ sets the record for most expensive piece of art sold at auction; Ashton Kutcher’s Popchip ad is pulled after being called racist; and Bruce Springsteen honors Levon Helm.



    University protest in Syria ‘turns deadly’, http://aje.me/IYxsMw
    Four people were killed after pro-government Syrian officials raided a university in Aleppo. Students were protesting Bashar al-Assad’s presidency which prompted security officials to fire tear gas and ammunition. Officials then ransacked the school’s dormitories. The attack came hours before the Syrian government was scheduled to meet with Kofi Annan to try and negotiate a cease-fire.

    Senator Jay Rockefeller: Investigate Rupert Murdoch, http://bit.ly/JFeAW2
    Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller, who is chairman of the powerful Senate committee on commerce, science, and transportation, has asked the British parliament members investigating Rupert Murdoch to see if he has broken any American laws. The British committee has already declared Murdoch “unfit” to run his British entities. If it is found that Murdoch has broken American laws, then there could be implications for his U.S. companies, such as Fox News. In response to the British parliament findings, News Corp’s board stated that it still has confidence in Murdoch.

    Activist Chen Guangcheng: Let Me Leave China on Hillary Clinton’s Plane, http://bit.ly/IYAssm
    Blind Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng said yesterday that he wants to leave China with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is currently visiting China on unrelated matters. Chinese officials and Chen had previously agreed that he would remain in China and teach at a university; however, he is now claiming that he only agreed to these terms after his wife and family were threatened. Chen is still at a medical facility in Beijing.

    Third person arrested in FAMU hazing death investigation, http://bit.ly/Ixcp75
    A 23-year-old man has turned himself in in connection with the hazing death of a drum major at Florida A&M University. The man is one of 13 people charged with beating the student to death on a bus after the Florida Classic in Orlando. Two others were also arrested on Wednesday. The beating has shed light on Florida A&M’s hazing problem, which the school has said it is implementing policies to change.

    Rock the vote Launches Largest Non-partisan Voter Registration Drive Of 2012 General Election, http://bit.ly/IWdKTd
    Yesterday Rock the Vote, the country’s largest non-partisan voter registration organization, launched a multi-tiered campaign featuring new registration technologies, research, and education initiatives to encourage millions of young Americans to vote in the 2012 elections. At a time when new state voting restrictions threaten the ability of young and first-time voters to cast a ballot this November, Rock the Vote will partner with national and community organizations, technology companies, college campuses and artists to register 1.5 million voters and strive to fuel increased youth turnout for the third presidential election in a row.

    Bachmann to endorse Romney, http://cbsn.ws/Iuj7vP
    Former presidential Republican candidate Michele Bachmann will endorse Mitt Romney today. The two will appear in Virginia, a state that went to President Obama in 2008. Bachmann heavily criticized Romney’s Massachusetts health-care plan while on the campaign-trail, calling it “socialized medicine.” Yesterday, Romney had an “off-the-record” meeting with conservative media outlets.

    Target, Unhappy With Being an Amazon Showroom, Will Stop Selling Kindles, http://nyti.ms/IMeIyV
    Target will stop selling Amazon kindles, marking a new development in the ongoing feud between the two giants. Target became upset with Amazon after they offered a promotion where customers could receive 5% off products scanned at Target but bought on Amazon. Target has said that selling Kindles in their stores is like “Starbucks offering Dunkin’ Donuts gift certificates.”


    Last Look at Munch’s ‘The Scream’ as Painting Is Auctioned for $119M, http://bit.ly/IIOXCR

    Ashton Kutcher’s Popchip ads pulled after called racist, http://cbsn.ws/IHYoo3

    Bruce Springsteen Sings ‘The Weight’ in Levon Helm’s Honor, http://bit.ly/IxfMLi

    Junior Seau Death: His Mother Grieves ‘Take Me,’ http://bit.ly/IHYE6A

    Actor J.R. Martinez welcomes a daughter, http://cbsn.ws/IxfW5l

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Friday, March 9, 2012

    Friday, March 9th, 2012

    Syrian opposition rejects talks with President Bashar al Assad; the Taliban has threatened attacks if Pakistan does not release Osama bin Laden’s widows; and the Obama administration comes out in support of Invisible Children’s Kony bill. Meanwhile, Rock the Vote will debut its “Scan to Vote” QR t-shirts at SXSW. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @Rockthevote and at Facebook.com/rockthevote for updates from the festival.



    Syria opposition chief rejects talks, http://bit.ly/wgryD4
    Burhan Ghalioun, the head of the rebel Syrian National Council, has refused Kofi Annan’s suggestion that the opposition hold talks with Syrian president Bashar al Assad. In an interview with the Associated Press, Ghalioun said the request was unrealistic and that Annan had failed the Syrian people. Annan will meet with Assad this weekend.

    (via POLITICO Breaking News) The economy added 227,000 jobs in February and the unemployment rate held steady at 8.3 percent, the Labor Department reported Friday.

    Pakistan Taliban demand release of bin Laden’s widows, threaten attacks, http://reut.rs/wHwQjm
    The Taliban has vowed to carry out suicide attacks if the Pakistani government, police, and military do not release Osama bin Laden’s three widows from their custody. On Thursday, Pakistan’s government charged the women with entering the country illegally. Pakistan has been interviewing them to find out how bin Laden managed to stay in the country without being discovered. The Tehrik-e-Taliban, the branch of the Taliban that has promised attacks, has executed major assaults against an American consulate and an American naval base.

    U.S. and Afghanistan Agree on Handover of Prisoners, http://nyti.ms/A3rlSB
    The United States has agreed to hand over 3,200 Afghan prisoners, most of them Taliban insurgents, to the Afghan government far sooner than expected. In what some think is an effort to make up for the NATO burning of Q’rans, the United States will allow for a six-month transition period for the prisoners as opposed to releasing them in 2014 as originally planned.

    Kony 2012 campaign gets support of Obama, others, http://wapo.st/A6LKRb
    The Obama administration has come out in support of an online film aimed at drawing attention to Joseph Kony, the Ugandan leader of the Lord Resistance’s Army, a violent and child-kidnapping militaristic group. The film, released by charity Invisible Children, has gone viral, garnering 48 million views on YouTube and Vimeo. Invisible Children has also created a bill to bring aid and peace to Uganda, and The White House has confirmed its support of the bill. Despite this, Invisible Children has been criticized for oversimplifying the situation in Uganda and for also being factually incorrect.

    (via POLITICO) At SXSW, register to vote QR codes, http://politi.co/x6EIp9
    At this year’s South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, Warby Parker, a hip eyeglass company based out of New York, and Rock the Vote are teaming up on “Scan to Vote” QR code t-shirts that will allow users to register to vote directly from whatever smartphone they use to scan the QR code…. The shirts can be found from March 12 to March 14 at Warby Parker’s Citizen Circus at SXSW, an annual conference that focuses on music, technology, and film.


    Facebook Co-Founder Buys The New Republic, http://bit.ly/AvNqyu

    Smacketology: a tournament to determine The Wire’s greatest character, http://es.pn/xghfsJ

    Jessica Biel Finally Shows Off Her Massive Engagement Ring With Justin Timberlake, http://eonli.ne/yxCb9v

    South by Southwest: Five Things to Know About the Texan Film Festival, http://eonli.ne/yVupNU

    ‘Disco Inferno’ singer Jimmy Ellis dies at age 74, http://bit.ly/x55Fxx

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com