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    News Round-Up: December 3, 2013

    Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

    A former medical technician is sentenced to 39 years for causing a multistate outbreak of hepatitis C; an American, who has been imprisoned in Cuba for the past four years, pleads for rescue; and Seattle Seahawks fans cause (another) earthquake. Meanwhile, Paul Walker’s private vigil was a beautiful show of love and support, and Dylan Sprouse makes some pretty awesome (and wise) statements to counter Joe Jonas’ whining over Disney and fame.

    -Sandy + Maura



    Ex-hospital worker gets 39 years for causing hepatitis C outbreak,http://rtvote.com/1c9aGiI
    A former New Hampshire medical technician was convicted for causing a multistate outbreak of hepatitis C last year. David Kwiatkowski began working at the Exeter Hospital ten months after he was diagnosed with hepatitis C. He injected himself with stolen syringes of the painkiller fentanyl from patients scheduled for surgery, tainting them with his blood, and then he filled them with saline and replaced the syringes for use in medical procedures. Thirty people were diagnosed with the potentially fatal virus because of Kwiatkowski.

    Obama to launch new health care law campaignhttp://rtvote.com/1jh0cVh
    The Affordable Care Act has come under a lot of political pressure since its rollout in October. In the coming weeks, the Obama administration will highlight what they call successful aspects of the law. They plan on educating the public on Obamacare by emphasizing a different benefit each day until the December 23rdenrollment deadline for January 1st coverage.

    Prisoner in Cuba appeals to Obamahttp://rtvote.com/1cjmQJj
    Alan Gross, 64, is an American who has been imprisoned in Cuba for the past four years. He was a subcontractor within the U.S. Agency for International Development, who was arrested for trying to set up Internet access, which would have bypassed local restrictions, for Cuba’s small Jewish community. The Associated Press reported that Cuba considers USAID’s programs illegal attempts by the U.S. to undermine their government. Gross, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison, feels like the U.S. government has forgotten and abandoned him.

    Couple fined for negative online reviewhttp://rtvote.com/187UthU
    In 2008, John Palmer bought Christmas gifts for his wife off of a site called KlearGear.com. When the purchases never arrived, his wife, Jen Palmer, posted a negative review of the site on ripoffreport.com. More than three years later, KlearGear.com fined the couple $3,500 for allegedly violating its terms of use contract, which prohibits the customer from taking any negative action against KlearGear.com. The site reported the couple’s unpaid fine to a collections agency, and their credit score took a huge hit. The Palmers are fighting back and seeking justice. Legal experts warn that more companies are using this type of language in the fine print as protection.

    Seattle Seahawks fans caused an ‘earthquake’ on Monday night,http://rtvote.com/18eMxtd
    Fans inside CenturyLink Field got so excited over Michael Bennett’s 22-yard fumble return for a touchdown Monday night that their jumping registered a magnitude 1 or 2 earthquake. And this isn’t the first time. The first seismic outburst caused by fans in CenturyLink Field was in 2011 when Marshawn Lynch made a legendary touchdown run that clinched a playoff win for the Seahawks over the Saints.



    Natalie Portman: Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Elsa Pataky Grabbed a Wig and Stood in for Me in Thor: The Dark World Love Scene, http://rtvote.com/1jhaTac

    Paul Walker’s Private Vigil: Vin Diesel Addresses Fans, Family Members Pay Respects at Crash Site, http://rtvote.com/IJK9lk

    Dylan Sprouse Calls Joe Jonas’ Disney Grievances B.S.: He “Fell for the Allure of Fame,” http://rtvote.com/1cjuT8V

    Elan Gale Hoax: Bachelor Producer Admits He Faked Thanksgiving Airplane Travel Feud, http://rtvote.com/IEwrzo


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Friday, February 10, 2012

    Friday, February 10th, 2012

    In today’s news, the $25 billion housing settlement may harm more homeowners than help them; The White House will announce a compromise on its contraceptive rule; 25 more are dead in Syria after bombings in Aleppo last night; the Muslim Brotherhood wants the Egyptian military government to step down; and $4 billion worth of meth has been seized in western Mexico. Meanwhile, in LA, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and others attended the launch for Rock the Vote’s new apparel line with Original Retrobrand (see the line here: http://bit.ly/w4E4yv); President Obama joins Spotify; Naomi Watts will play Princess Diana in a new biopic; and the 2011 World Press Photo of the Year has been announced.



    Foreclosure Deal to Spur U.S. Home Seizures, http://bloom.bg/zxDDzC
    Bloomberg is reporting that the $25 billion mortgage crisis settlement reached between states and the U.S.’s five biggest banks will actually speed up the rate of home seizures. Although the settlement allows for a long-term housing recovery, homeowners who were fighting banks in court may soon have their houses taken as the settlement brings an end to legal battles. Many Americans owing more than the cost of their homes will be forced to foreclose. Despite this, as many as 2 million Americans will receive money from the settlement, which is the largest civil-action suit against the housing industry in history.

    (via POLITICO) The White House plans to announce a compromise on its new rule requiring employers to provide contraceptives as part of health insurance coverage, aimed at allaying the concerns of religious organizations, a senior administration official confirmed to POLITICO. The announcement is expected as early as Friday.

    ‘Scores killed’ in shelling of Syria’s Homs, http://aje.me/xeDSeh
    Human-rights activists have reported that 110 people were killed from government shelling and snipers in Homs yesterday. In between attacks, civilians used loudspeakers to ask for medical supplies as hospitals have been overcrowded with civilian casualties. Today, 25 were killed in the previously unaffected city of Aleppo after bombs went off near two security compounds. The UN is considering an Arab League proposal that would include a joint monitoring of the Syrian government while the U.S., Turkey, and others are creating “Friends of Democratic Syria” in support of the opposition. Senator John McCain has found these responses to the Syrian government’s shelling of its people inadequate. He has called for foreign countries to arm Syrian rebels instead.

    Muslim Brotherhood Demands Military Cede Power in Egypt, http://nyti.ms/xhYAf7
    Due to the increased violence and protesting in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has demanded that the country’s military government step down and hand over power to a civilian prime minister. The group, a once outlawed Islamist organization that now holds the majority of Egypt’s parliament, had said that it would wait for the planned government transition in June. However, the group has since changed its mind as protests in Egypt have become more frequent and violent, an economic crisis is looming, and the U.S. has threatened to withdraw financial aid after criminal charges were filed against 16 American NGOs working on the country’s government transition.

    Mexican Army Finds 15 Tons of Pure Methamphetamine, http://abcn.ws/xCUjD6
    The Mexican Army found and confiscated 15 tons, or $4 billion worth, of meth in western Mexico yesterday. Many are speculating that the meth is from the infamous Sinaloa cartel as it usually deals with large quantities of drugs. Experts are now saying that Mexico has become a prime meth source worldwide and not just in the United States.

    Santorum, Romney in Dead Heat in Pennsylvania, http://on.wsj.com/xlRnvu
    After winning Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado, Rick Santorum is now in dead heat with Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania according to the The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/WPXI-TV poll. Despite the tight race in the state where Santorum was once Senator, 55% of Pennsylvanians polled believed Romney could beat President Obama while only 9% said Santorum had the makings of a president. In a national Gallup Poll, Santorum is tied with New Gingrich with 20% of the vote while Romney has 36%.

    Steve Jobs’ FBI File Released, http://gaw.kr/zOn7VH
    The FBI has released a 191-page document on Steve Jobs that was compiled when he was considered for an appointment to President George Bush’s Export Council. Those interviewed for the report say that Jobs is the type of person who “will twist the truth” as he’s a “deceptive individual” who will only do well “if he gets his way.” Once source told the FBI that Jobs’ “moral character is questionable,” and several people brought up his past drug use. The document also has information on a 1985 bomb threat made against the now deceased Apple CEO.


    Joe & Kevin Jonas Rock The Vote, http://bit.ly/AolBA6

    What Obama’s Playlist Says About His Re-Election Campaign, http://bit.ly/wPauk1

    Princess Diana biopic to capture final two years of life, http://bit.ly/zmkJeI

    Chelsea Handler Discusses Her Teenage Pregnancy And Decision To Have An Abortion, On ‘The Rosie Show,’ http://huff.to/wxagwH

    The 2011 World Press Photo of the Year, http://ti.me/wWHy4h

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

    In DC politicians are still focused on the country’s budget and our approach to the debt ceiling with President Obama making a speech today at George Washington University. This debate will continue for months, but will the country follow along with it voraciously after a shut down was averted Friday?

    Team Obama, led by ’08 top campaign strategist and former Senior White House Advisor David Axelrod, is bolstering its presence in Chicago in hopes that they’ll be able to stay in touch with the pulse of the nation outside the capital. On the other side, the squabbles and positioning for the presidency continue, but statistician extraordinaire Nate Silver breaks down the GOP field by analyzing the prospects of what he’s calling the Fairifax Five (“legit” contenders) and the Factional Five (uber-conservative primary contenders).

    Meanwhile, after a high-profile launch of the White House’s new program to support military families Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are under fire for excluding gay soldiers from participating until Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is formally obsolete. Commercial rates for Oprah’s last show rival the Super Bowl, Emma Watson feels Princess Kate’s pain as the world awaits the Royal Wedding this wknd, and Ashton + Demi launch the ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ campaign with help from Justin Timberlake, Drake and Bradley Cooper.


    Obama Debt Reduction Plan to Be Outlined in Wednesday Speechhttp://huff.to/i6ygIe

    Obama will jump into the debt-reduction debate today at 1:30 PM EDT today. It is expected to be a call for a balanced approach of shared burdens, and will tackle entitlement programs, defense spending, and taxes. This follows Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to cut more than $5 trillion in spending over the next decade.

    A Mafia Boss Breaks A Code in Telling Allhttp://nyti.ms/hxi83s

    Joseph Massino, 68, has become the only official boss of a NY crime family to ever cooperate with federal authorities by testifying against a former confederate and spilling all the details of his mafia work. For nearly five hours in a Brooklyn Federal District Courthouse, Mr. Massino cataloged his misdeeds of murder and other criminal activity to the courtroom.

    White House Visitor Logs Riddled With Holeshttp://bit.ly/fCgoVI

    The White House website proudly boasts making “1,000,000 records of everyone who’s come through the doors of the White House” available via a searchable database. However, an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity has found that these logs are incomplete for thousands of visitors to the White House, including celebrities, lobbyists, government employees, campaign donors, policy experts, and friends of the first family. The logs routinely omit or cloud key details about the identity of visitors, who they met with, and the nature of the visit. These are critical gaps that raise doubts about their historical accuracy and utility at a time when people are demanding more transparency in the government.

    U.S. Plans New Push on Arab-Israeli Peace: Clintonhttp://reut.rs/eNuDEC

    The United States will begin pushing new plans to promote Arab-Israeli peace according to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which suggests that the US will have a stronger hand in trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Obama is also expected to lay out US policy toward the Middle East and North Africa in the coming weeks.

    Mubarak and Sons Detained in Probe on Wealth, Egypt State Television Sayshttp://wapo.st/i3RcJ8

    Egypt’s state-run media reported today that the country’s top prosecutor has ordered former Egyptian President Mubarak and his sons to be detained for two weeks to question the origin of the family’s wealth and on the government suppression of the protests pushed from Mubarak’s office.

    White House Bars Gay Groups From Military Families Eventhttp://bit.ly/igm9Qa

    Servicemembers United, which respresents gay and lesbian military members, complained that the White House barred representatives from gay and lesbian servicemembers from attending the launch of the “Joining Forces” program.  However, the White House says that while Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed, it is still the law and must be followed until the repeal goes into effect.


    Emma Watson sympathetic for Kate Middleton: http://aol.it/eX6Tsq

    Justin Bieber’s meeting with Israeli PM called off: http://bit.ly/hZOInT

    JT, Drake, Bradley Cooper support ‘Real Men’ campaign: http://on.mtv.com/g2wfbx

    Commercials on Oprah’s final show going for how much?!: http://eonli.ne/hLa8Dr

    Is there a Kardashian movie in the works?: http://aol.it/i8j7Jq

    Chris Brown and Joe Jonas team up on new album: http://bit.ly/eQJ6za

    Kristin Andrews
    Bio: Kristin is Rock the Vote's Communications Intern

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Thursday, March 17th, 2011

    We hope you’ve got your green on; we wouldn’t want you to get pinched! On this Saint Patrick’s Day, the GOP quietly begins rolling back financial reform, Twitter maniac and former CNN-er Rick Sanchez launches his comeback, Hillary Clinton is snubbed by young Egyptian leaders and also tells CNN that she will not seek a second term as Secretary of State (nor will she take another shot at POTUS), the Capitol’s great Styrofoam debate makes its way to the front page of the New York Times; Congress does have other things to do, though, including tackling discussions surrounding NPR’s funding fate and teaching the House to Skype. Meanwhile Michelle Obama is all set to ink a book on the White House garden and healthy eating, and somebody put a ring on it (!) Joe Jonas is single once again.


    GOP Begins Rollback of Wall St. Reforms, http://politi.co/dZ1nj9

    Republicans are making a move to reform banking without heavily favoring Wall St. The bills that were introduced are intended to repeal parts of the Dodd-Frank Law.

    House to Consider Bill to Defund National Public Radiohttp://aol.it/fY2RTh

    A House Rules Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to determine the fate of NPRs government funding. “Lamborn said his bill would cut all federal money to NPR, but NPR affiliate stations could still use federal dollars for administrative expenses associated with day-to-day operations.”

    Hillary Clinton Snubbed by Young Leaders of Egypt Revolt, http://bit.ly/gKYaH8

    The Revolution Youth Coalition refused to meet with Hillary Clinton during her trip to Egypt due to her outspoken alliance with Mubarak with positive statements about the former leader made as late as 2009.

    Fight Waged With Forks is Rejoined in Congress, http://nyti.ms/ex24R0

    Democrats and Republicans remain in a battle over compostable cups and forks in the capitol, with the New York times even running the great styrofoam debate on the front page. Dems continue to argue that the program started by Pelosi to green the capitol is forward moving and cuts down on waste, while Republicans find the program cost inefficient, and have plans to green the capitol in other ways.

    Put to Rest, And Moving Forward: The Redemption of Rick Sanchezhttp://bit.ly/dXYxGc

    After controversial antisemitic comments Sanchez made on CNN his apology has been accepted by Abe Foxman, who said “in my view, this…should put the matter to rest…I hope that you will now be able to move on with your life.”

    Clinton Say ‘No’ to Second Term, http://bit.ly/fYGIiy

    Secretary of State Clinton won’t be serving a second term in her current job, and she has no current intention of running for president in 2012 or ever.

    NBA star Grant Hill reacts to Jalen Rose and the Fab Five in biting NYT oped: http://nyti.ms/i3CNfX

    Michelle Obama writing a book on healthy eating habits: http://aol.it/gxnQIl


    St. Patrick’s Day fact vs. fiction: http://bit.ly/i7LnMy

    Joe Jonas and Ashely Greene split: http://bit.ly/etgngO

    Malaysia edits ‘Born this Way’ for LGBT content: http://huff.to/gFoECO

    Luck of the Irish brings Rihanna together with Colin Farrell: http://bit.ly/i4teGI

    New makeup brand launches first un-retouched ads: http://bit.ly/eAxKgT

    Royal wedding souvenir makes a major gaffe: http://yhoo.it/ihNLSA

    Kristin Andrews
    Bio: Kristin is Rock the Vote's Communications Intern

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com