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    Thursday, December 15th, 2011

    In today’s news, Congress will pass a $662 billion defense bill; Herman Cain says his dream job is Defense Secretary; death sentences are at a record low; and Google will release a Siri rival. In entertainment news, the Golden Globe nominees have been announced, and Howard Stern is America’s Got Talent‘s newest judge.

    Coral + Caitlin


    Defense bill nears passage in Congress, http://bit.ly/t1x0YO
    Congress is close to passing a massive defense spending bill that will authorize $662 billion for the military. The House voted 283-136 Wednesday night in a rare show of bipartisan cooperation. The Senate is expected to pass the bill today and send it to President Obama. The President and senior members of his national security team including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta put the pressure on the House and Senate negotiators that were working on the bill last week. Press Secretary Jay Carney said the new bill “does not challenge the president’s ability to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the American people.”

    Iraq war draws to a quiet close, http://wapo.st/u4B3J5
    The official end of the Iraq war has been marked by a ceremony in Baghdad that U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta attended. All troops will be pulled out out by Dec. 31. “Let me be clear, Iraq will be tested in the days ahead, by terrorism, by those who would seek to divide” Panetta warned, as the symbolic battle flag of the U.S. was lowered Thursday. He also hailed the armed services and the Iraqi people. Nearly 4,500 U.S. soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqis have lost their lives in the war that began nearly nine years ago. Panetta said “your sacrifice has helped the Iraqi people begin a new chapter in history, free from tyranny.”

    French ex-President Jacques Chirac guilty of corruption, http://bbc.in/rVcGit
    Former President of France Jacques Chirac has been found guilty of diverting public funds and abusing public trust. The charges date back to Chirac’s time as the mayor of Paris. Chirac did not appear in court to hear the verdict due to health problems. He received a two-year suspended sentence and denies any wrongdoing. He is accused of paying members of his own Rally for the Republic party for city jobs that did not exist.

    Syrian Army Defectors Ambush Soldiers, http://nyti.ms/uucTTJ
    On Wednesday, eight members of Syria’s security forces were killed in an ambush by military defectors. The move was a retaliation for the deaths of five people earlier in the day. The defectors attacked four military vehicles with rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire on a supply route between the central city of Hama and the northern province near Turkey, where troops have been fighting against military defectors. This was the second attack by army defectors this week.

    Weekly unemployment benefit applications fall to lowest level in more than 3 years, http://wapo.st/v8ar6r
    The number of people filing unemployment benefit applications fell last week to 366,000, the lowest since May of 2008. While it’s a sign that layoffs are falling sharply, millions are still out of work or have given up looking. The last time the rate was this low, unemployment was at 5.4 percent. It’s now at 8.6 percent.

    (via the Telegraph) James Murdoch admission brings him closer to facing charges: ‘James Murdoch’s admission that he received an email in 2008 warning him that hacking was “as bad as we feared” increases the risk he could be pursued under the US’s Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organisations (RICO) Act.’ http://tgr.ph/ugNeVn

    House Republicans to Vote on $1T Spending Bill, http://bloom.bg/u0oN4O
    House Republicans are threatening to vote a one-trillion dollar spending bill through the chamber in an effort to force Democrats to either wrap up Congress’ work for the year, drop the so-called “millionaires tax” in the spending bill, or give ground on how to fund the separate payroll tax holiday and unemployment insurance benefits. If the short-term spending bill passes the vote Thursday, it will mostly likely ensure all three victories for the Republicans, since the House will recess and the Democrats will be forced to accept the GOP measures already proposed before deadlines set in.

    Herman Cain’s Cabinet dream: DOD, http://politi.co/rYJ6ka
    Herman Cain, the same presidential candidate who stated he would never need to know the name of the leader of “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan” and wasn’t sure if China had nuclear weapons, said that he would like to become the head of the Department of Defense. In an interview with Barbara Walters, who chose Herman Cain as one of the “10 Most Fascinating People” of the year, Walters asked Cain what Cabinet position he would like. After his shocking answer, Walters reminded him that he had some difficulties in the past with foreign policy knowledge. Cain responded with, “Yes, but I have been doing my homework ever since that difficulty.”

    Death Sentences Drop To Historic Lows In 2011, http://n.pr/rAJ3W8
    Death sentences are at an all-time low this year. For the first time in more than three decades, judges and juries sent fewer than 100 people to death row in 2011. 78 people were given capital sentences, and 43 inmates were executed; this brings the total to almost half as many as 10 years ago. A few months ago at a Republican presidential debate, the audience applauded when it was announced that Texas had executed 234 people in recent years. This gave the impression that Americans support capital punishment. “When I saw the reaction [at] the debate, I thought, ‘This is not what I’m seeing about the death penalty around the country,’”says Richard Dieter, executive director of the nonpartisan Death Penalty Information Center, which collects statistics on capital punishment.

    Google to create rival to Apple’s Siri voice control – named after voice of Starship Enterprise, http://bit.ly/v3z7WE
    Earlier this year Apple released a voice control technology called Siri as a ‘digital personal assistant.’ Now Google is planning to release a Siri rival called Majel after Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the the voice of the Starship Enterprise in “Star Trek.” It is rumored that a January or February release is probable.


    Andrew Rosenthal talks about “The Attorney General and Voting Rights,” http://nyti.ms/vUdvN8

    Senator Daylin Leach tells “The Real Reason for a Voter’s Photo ID,” http://huff.to/tzOrma

    E.J. Dionne Jr. thinks “Jon Huntsman, trying to thread a political needle,” http://wapo.st/rYPJOX

    The Chicago Tribune says “Stop cheating Social Security with payroll-tax cut,” http://trib.in/soupMO

    Royal wedding tops Google’s Zeitgeist 2011 search list, http://bbc.in/tQhXZG

    The Artist, Game of Thrones, The Descendants: List of Golden Globe Nominations 2012, http://bit.ly/sF0jOa

    Done Deal! Howard Stern Is Newest Judge on America’s Got Talent, http://eonli.ne/uE8PPh

    Live at X Factor: Who’s Laughing at Simon Cowell? Who Wants to Be on Family Guy? http://eonli.ne/v38DUk

    Bio: Coral is the Marketing Intern at Rock the Vote

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com


    Monday, December 5th, 2011

    In today’s news, USPS will not continue first class mail; highly radioactive water has been found at a Fukushima plant; and Herman Cain will most likely endorse GOP candidate Newt Gingrich. In entertainment news, Madonna will perform at the Superbowl halftime show, and Tiger Woods wins the Chevron World Challenge.

    Coral + Caitlin


    Putin’s United Russia party suffers poll setback, http://bbc.in/uKto2j
    Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party did not do well at the polls over the weekend, receiving just 50 percent of the vote.  That’s not enough to oust the party from power in Parliament, but it does eliminate the two-thirds majority that allows it to change the constitution unchallenged. Meanwhile, opposition parties and European observers are alleging widespread fraud, including ballot stuffing and bribing voters. The head of Russia’s Electoral Commission said United Russia should have a slim majority in Parliament, with 238 out of 450 seats.

    Cuts to first-class mail to slow delivery in 2012, http://yhoo.it/vpLEsG
    In a move to cut $3 billion dollars from its budget, the United States Postal Service will eliminate next-day delivery. It will also close nearly half of its 500 processing centers next year, which means that mail will have to travel further from post offices. As a result, first-class mail will no longer be delivered the next day, even within a community; instead, it will take two to three days. Delivery of periodicals will take longer, between two and nine days.

    More Radioactive Water Leaks at Japanese Plant, http://nyti.ms/uuLgz9
    At the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, a pool of water was found to be contaminated, containing 300 times the level of radioactive cesium permitted. Officials say the leak will not disturb the cooling process of the factory, but it increases concerns that radioactive contaminants are entering the Pacific Ocean. A local report estimates that 220 metric tons of water have leaked from the factory into the ocean.

    Critics: ‘Tough’ Sheriff Botched Sex-Crime Cases, http://abcn.ws/rLFt2U
    Maricopa County’s self-described “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio failed to adequately investigate hundreds of child sexual molestation cases from 2004 to 2007. In the town of El Mirage, where Arpaio’s office provided contract police services, officials never followed up on 32 reported cases despite the suspects being known in 26 of them.

    (via Reuters) Italy PM Monti unveils sweeping austerity package: ‘Italy would have collapsed without the government’s tough new austerity package, Prime Minister Mario Monti said on Monday, saying his country ran the risk of a Greek-style emergency. Monti spoke to foreign journalists about the 30 billion euro package of tax rises, pension reforms and growth-boosting incentives before presenting it to parliament later on Monday.’ http://reut.rs/tEfNc7

    Supercars in ‘world’s most expensive crash’ were speeding, police say, http://tgr.ph/uB1OAY
    Nearly $4 million in cars piled up Sunday in Japan when eight Ferraris, three Mercedes, and a Lamborghini crashed on a wet highway. Police blame the crash on the lead speeding Ferrari hitting the median guardrail. The cars behind it were then unable to brake in time. Fourteen cars ended up crashing, including two Toyotas. Ten people sustained minor injuries.

    ’90s Red Sox sexual abuse case rekindled, http://bo.st/vZpoEe
    Two more men have came forward to accuse former Red Sox clubhouse manager Donald Fitzpatrick of sexually abusing them in the Fenway Park clubhouse when they were teenagers in 1991. Because Fitzpatrick died in 2005, the statute of limitations is up for pressing criminal charges. As a result, the men are asking the Red Sox for a $5-million settlement each. Fitzpatrick was also accused of molestation beginning in the 1970s and settled with seven men in 2003.

    Merkel, Sarkozy want new treaty for European nations, http://usat.ly/tLNbuy
    Leaders in Germany and France are calling for the European Union to ensure the debt crisis never happens again. French President Nicolas Sarkozy met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday. The two leaders would prefer a treaty agreed upon by all 27 members of the European Union, but they would also accept a treaty for the 17 countries that use the euro. The treaty would include automatic sanctions for countries that fail to keep their deficits in check.

    Cain to endorse Newt Monday, http://politi.co/rAvjUt
    Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain will endorse current GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich on Monday. While he campaigned in New York this weekend, Gingrich was effusive in his praise of Cain. The endorsement will most likely give Gingrich a boost of a few more points in Iowa, where two polls over the weekend showed him as the clear frontrunner.

    Democrats Gleeful At Prospect Of Running Against Gingrich, http://bit.ly/rpFqIS
    Nancy Pelosi is ecstatic that Newt Gingrich is surging in the polls, promising to reveal some damaging information about him if he clinches the Republican presidential nomination. “I know a lot about him,” the House Minority Leader said. “I served on the investigative committee that investigated him, four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. A thousand pages of his stuff.” Pelosi promised to leak the information “when the time’s right.”

    (via NY Times) WikiLeaks Founder Can Make Final Bid to Avoid Extradition: ‘The High Court gave permission on Monday for Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks antisecrecy organization, to begin a final appeal to Britain’s highest judicial authority against extradition to Sweden on allegations of sexual abuse, the latest step in a yearlong legal battle in which he has been under house arrest at a friend’s country mansion.’ http://nyti.ms/rJGVJh


    The NY Times discusses “Voting Rights and Texas,” http://nyti.ms/twtB6l

    Charles Krauthammer asks “Buckle down: Mitt vs. Newt?,” http://trib.in/rH8lb1

    Fred Hiatt discusses “Obama’s missed opportunity on the debt,” http://wapo.st/u1bGr1

    Dick Markuten thinks “Letters: Term limits would strike heart of problem,” http://usat.ly/t62uK2

    Madonna to perform at halftime of Super Bowl, http://apne.ws/sEsHCz

    Tiger Woods finally gets a win, http://huff.to/w13fU5

    Few teens sexting racy photos, new research says, http://yhoo.it/u9ev1f

    Lady Gaga ‘So Blessed’ By Grammy Nods, http://on.mtv.com/rRN6tA

    Bio: Coral is the Marketing Intern at Rock the Vote

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: December 2, 2011

    Friday, December 2nd, 2011

    The U.S. says Pakistan was consulted before the friendly-fire incident; unemployment slips to 8.6% in November; the Democrats launch a major effort to stop voter ID laws; and Herman Cain will decide the fate of his campaign by Monday. In entertainment news, conservative parents disapprove of the global warming messages in Happy Feet 2; Lady Gaga unveils her new video for ‘Marry the Night;’ and Kris Humphries seeks annulment.

    Coral + Caitlin


    Pakistan Was Consulted Before Fatal Hit, U.S. Say, http://goo.gl/7EHh6
    U.S. officials have revealed that Pakistani officials at the border-control center had given the U.S. permission to fire back at what they thought were Taliban militants, resulting in the inadvertent death of 24 Pakistani troops. The U.S. is now saying that it was actually Pakistani military personnel who fired at the American troops, causing them to return fire. Pakistan denies that any of its military forces were in the area when the U.S. decide to attack.

    Unemployment Slips to 8.6% as Private Sector Adds Jobs, http://goo.gl/ofm1u
    The unemployment rate has decreased from 9% to 8.6%, the lowest its been in two and a half years. In November, the U.S. economy added 120,000 jobs which was in line with what analysts expected. Payrolls for October and September were also revised upwards. The increase in jobs is due entirely to the private sector as the government lost 20,000 jobs this month.

    Democrats Planning Major Effort To Counter Voter ID Laws, http://goo.gl/BFv4S
    Democrats announced yesterday that they are planning major efforts to counter recently implemented voter ID laws. Their initiative includes educating voters about the documents they have to bring to the polls and overturning these laws. “We have a history of challenging these matters in court if need be. We’ll be more than prepared to continue that into the future,” said Will Crossley, the Democratic National Committee’s counsel and director of voter protection.

    For Afghan Woman, Justice Runs Into Unforgiving Wall of Custom, http://goo.gl/Ujdxt
    An Afghan woman named Gulnaz was imprisoned for adultery after being raped by a relative. She received a rare pardon from Afghan President Hamid Karzai after a controversial documentary commissioned by the EU depicted her circumstances. However, her pardon has come with the stipulation that she marry her attacker. Afghan officials deny this, saying that Gulnaz has chosen to marry her rapist.

    Herman Cain sets Monday decision deadline, http://goo.gl/LKjBN
    Herman Cain told Sean Hannity yesterday that he will make an official decision about the fate of his campaign by Monday. “The decision could be, we’re going to continue with this campaign full speed ahead. The decision could be that we’re going to suspend the campaign,” said Cain. Earlier, he had said it was up to his wife to decide. Cain has not seen his wife since Ginger White announced she had a 13-year affair with the candidate. Cain denied the allegations but admitted that he provided financial support to White.

    Senate rejects payroll tax cut extension for now, http://goo.gl/gUcO1
    Yesterday, the Senate voted against two tax plans, conveying a potential divide amongst Senate Republicans. The minority party killed President Obama’s plan for payroll tax cuts through the end of next year and also voted against GOP leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to renew a 2% payroll tax cut. The two defeats indicate that the Senate may be willing to compromise on the Social Security payroll tax cut found in the president’s jobs program. Also, the Senate approved a $662 billion defense spending bill that would require the military to hold suspected terrorists even if they are found in the United States. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, FBI Head Robert Mueller, and the White House all oppose the costly bill, and President Obama has even threatened to veto it.

    West Tightens Iran Sanctions After Embassy Attackhttp://goo.gl/K07dd
    Despite the Obama administration’s objections, the Senate has passed economic sanctions against Iran. These sanctions would prevent organizations that do business with Iran’s central bank from having accounts in the United States. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other officials have warned that such sanctions would raise the price of oil without doing enough to to discourage Iran’s nuclear program. The European Union has banned 180 additional individuals and organizations from traveling to the member states. Britain and France have also ordered an embargo on Iranian purchases. These restrictions are in response to the Iranian mob that invaded the British Embassy and is apparently aligned with a government-controlled militia.


    Hollywood Studios Accused of Pushing Liberal Agenda Through Children’s Films, http://goo.gl/IpJgh

    Lady Gaga’s New Video for ‘Marry the Night’: An Enigma, http://goo.gl/xSJL2

    Mindy McCready’s Baby Daddy Speaks Out: “She’s Pushing Her Luck on This One,” http://goo.gl/5QIBj

    Kris Humphries: I can’t handle divorce, http://goo.gl/BefoP


    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com


    Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

    In today’s news, police raid Occupy protests in L.A. and Philadelphia; a fourth victim may accuse Syracuse coach Fine of sexual molestation; Newt Gingrich denies being a lobbyist; and Ginger White says her relationship with Cain was a casual affair. In entertainment news, Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, and Darren Criss performs during the final stops of the StarShip tour.

    Coral + Caitlin


    Public sector strike to be ‘largest for a generation’ http://bbc.in/sT7Nhd
    Two million public-sector workers in the UK are set to go on a 24-hour strike over the pension system. The strike could be the biggest walkout for a generation. Thousands of schools are closed and hospitals have canceled their operations. Unions are objecting to the government’s plan to make their members pay more and work longer to receive their pensions. Meanwhile, Downing Street has rejected the movement, saying that it will “achieve nothing.”

    Police clear Occupy camps in Los Angeles, Philly, http://bit.ly/rPOPUD
    Two of America’s largest Occupy encampments in L.A. and Philadelphia were dismantled early Wednesday morning. In L.A., police used bomb-sniffing dogs and a cherry picker to get protesters down from trees. L.A. Chief of Police Charlie Beck sent out 1,400 police officers to arrest 200 protestors. In Philadelphia, 40 protesters were arrested and two police officers sustained minor injuries.

    Clinton to review reform in historic trip to Myanmar, http://bit.ly/u5mXv4
    On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton landed in Burma, marking the country’s first visit from a U.S. secretary of state in 50 years. Before the trip, Clinton said she plans to assess recent reforms by the country’s ruling junta, including the release of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and other political protesters. “I will obviously be looking to determine for myself what the intention is of the current government with respect to continued reforms,” said Clinton. She is scheduled to have a private dinner with Suu Kyi.

    Victims’ advocate says fourth alleged victim may emerge in Bernie Fine-Syracuse child sex abuse case, http://nydn.us/vYarr7
    A fourth victim may step forward to accuse former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molestation. Robert Hoaston, the president of victims-support group Road to Recovery, says he’s spoken with a family member of a possible new victim who has reported the alleged abuse to Syracuse police. Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim is still defending himself for standing by Fine when the accusations first surfaced. “I supported a friend,” he said. “I think it’s important what I did. I’m proud I did that. I’ve known him for 46 years.”

    Ho Ho Hmm. Gun Club Offers Photos With Santa, http://n.pr/txnWB6
    A Scottsdale, Arizona gun club is offering members a chance to have their picture taken with Santa and military style guns. One image shows a sitting Santa with snowflakes and a Christmas tree behind him flanked by an $80,000 machine gun and a tripod-mounted rifle. The club’s general manager said the idea came to him last year when a Santa impersonator came in and members were eager to get their pictures taken with him holding their guns. “Our members have been looking for a fun and safe way to express their holiday spirit and passion for firearms,” the manager said.

    UK to expel all Iranian diplomats over embassy attack, http://bbc.in/uqIfve
    On Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that Iranian diplomats in London will be expelled effective immediately. Hague’s announcement came just one day after Iranian students attacked the British Embassy in Tehran as a result of  Britain backing harsher U.S. sanctions against Iran. Hague said relations between Britain and Iran were now at their lowest level, but that Britain will not sever ties with Iran entirely. Iran condemned the attack describing it as a “unacceptable behavior by a small number of protesters.”

    Young teen pepper-sprays classmates at Harlem high school, http://nydn.us/tE3cNV
    A 14 year-old girl from Harlem pepper-sprayed her peers Tuesday, sending eight of them to the hospital with minor injuries. Police have issued a summons to the student, who attends the Academy for Social Action in Harlem. According to the city’s 2011 survey, only 73% of students said they felt safe in schools’ hallways and bathrooms.

    Gingrich says he didn’t lobby because he didn’t need the money, http://bit.ly/utrkXG
    On Tuesday, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said the reason he did not lobby after leaving Congress was because he was charging such a high price to give speeches. “I did no lobbying of any kind, period,” Gingrich said at a campaign stop in South Carolina. “For a practical reason – and I’m going to be really direct, ok? I was charging $60,000 a speech and the number of speeches was going up not down.” Gingrich also referred to himself as a celebrity during his address. However, the Gingrich Group consulting firm and the Center for Health Transformation have netted $55 million in 10 years while helping clients boost sales and gain access to government officials.

    Cain accuser describes ‘very casual affair’ http://bit.ly/v93fHM
    Ginger White, the woman who is claiming to have had a 13 year long affair with GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, said on Wednesday that their relationship was very casual. She said that it was on and off again for years and admits that she has been receiving gifts from Cain for the past two and a half years. White also noted that going public with the affair has caused her to be embarrassed and humiliated, and that there is no way she would have went public if her allegations were untrue.

    Facebook May Be Forced to Go Public Amid Market Gloom, http://nyti.ms/uh6ZXP
    Facebook may not have a choice about going public in this weakened economy. Federal regulations are kicking in because the company has given out so many shares. Laws say companies with more than 500 shareholders must file reports, including financial audits, to the SEC. The social media giant likely passed the 500 limit this year due to longtime employees selling their shares to private investors. The company has also sold $1.5 billion shares to private investors through Goldman Sachs.


    Nick Schulz gives “Three inconvenient truths for Occupy Wall Street,” http://lat.ms/ueRhE5

    Kathleen Parker goes “Behind Romney’s change of heart on abortion,” http://wapo.st/uCbiiG

    Jennifer Rubin says “Once again, voters must reassess Herman Cain’s character,” http://wapo.st/uq46nj

    Kourtney Kardashian: I’m Pregnant! http://bit.ly/v8nu7D

    Darren Criss Proves He’s Still A StarKid! Performs On Final Stops Of The StarShip Tour! http://bit.ly/tUvUtD

    The 2012 Grammy Nominees Revealed … Possibly, http://on.mtv.com/rzewnW

    Justin Bieber baby mama drama twist: Mariah Yeater’s ex-boyfriend Robbie Powell says he’s the father, http://nydn.us/u1nQfu

    Watch Kanye, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj Perform on “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” http://p4k.in/rRwqBb

    Bio: Coral is the Marketing Intern at Rock the Vote

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    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

    In today’s news, Iranian students stormed the British Embassy chanting “Death to England”; American Airlines file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; a Georgia business woman is accusing GOP hopeful Herman Cain of having a 13 year affair; Newt Gingrich says he is a lot more conservative than Mitt Romney; and Facebook plans to file an ISO. In other news, latest Catwoman, Anne Hathaway is engaged to Adam Shulman and Michael Jackson’s doctor is to be sentenced today.

    Coral + Caitlin


    Iranian students storm British Embassy in Tehran, http://bit.ly/rASWkX
    On Tuesday, Dozens of Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran. The students took down the British flag while chanting “death to England” and replaced it with an Iranian one. The incident comes just two days after the Iranian Parliament passed a bill that restricts diplomatic relations with Britain. Iran is unhappy with Britain’s support of the U.S.’s upgraded sanctions on Iran. There was no immediate casualty count, and officials still are not sure how many embassy employees were inside at the time of the assault. However, it occurred after business hours had ended.

    Egypt vote continues after big turnout on day one, http://bbc.in/sDpDY5
    On Tuesday, Egyptians continued a second day of parliamentary voting, after a huge turnout on Monday. The first day of voting was surprisingly peaceful even though there had been fear of violence from protesters who are against the interim military rulers who replaced Mr Mubarak. The protesters have boycotted the vote because they fear the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, which is overseeing the transition to democracy after decades of authoritarian rule, is trying to retain power.

    American Airlines Parent AMR Files for Bankruptcy, http://bloom.bg/u1trHk
    American Airlines’ parent company, AMR Corp., filed on Tuesday for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filing came after the airline failed to secure cost-cutting labor agreements and sat out a round of mergers that dropped it from the world’s largest airline to No. 3 in the U.S. Now, with this recent decision all the major U.S. airlines have sought court protection under Chapter 11. “It’s painful but probably necessary,” John Strickland, an aviation analyst at JLS Consulting in London. “They will have to go through the whole process that their peers have gone through.”

    Coach stays silent, http://bo.st/s5SCht
    Jim Boeheim has been keeping a low profile since the university fired his longtime assistant Bernie Fine on Sunday after he was accused of sexually abusing three boys. Boeheim even ran a closed practice on Monday. Allegations against Fine began on November 17th, and Boeheim attacked the accusers, saying they were probably seeking money. He later came out saying that he regretted what he said for being “insensitive to victims of abuse.” Victims’ groups are now calling for Boeheim’s firing. “I think Jim Boeheim should be fired or resign as well,’’ President of Road to Recovery, a support group for victims of sexual abuse, said yesterday. “These boys were members of the basketball program. Jim Boeheim’s responsibility is to oversee that program, and the children were not safe on his watch.’’

    Stalin’s daughter Lana Peters dies in US of cancer, http://bbc.in/vTvnML
    Only daughter of Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin, Svetlana Alliluyeva, also known as Lana Peters, died of colon cancer at a care home in Wisconsin last week. Peters left the Soviet Union in 1967 and wrote four books, including two bestselling memoirs. After moving to the United States, she burned her passport in defiance of communism and her father. She called her dad “a moral and spiritual monster.” She accused him of exiling her first love to Siberia.

    Iran: explosion in Isfahan reported, http://bit.ly/uJu9Jn
    Widely conflicting press reports are out after an explosion was heard Monday in the Iranian town of Ifsahan, where the country’s nuclear facilities are located. The explosion was originally reported by Iran’s semi-official news agency Fars, but the article was later removed from its website. Also, a source quoted in the original Fars article as having heard the blast later told another semi-official news agency, “I have heard no sound whatsoever in Isfahan.” He also said that he had never spoken to the newspaper. Other residents told the Guardian that they heard an explosion that rattled their windows.

    (via The Guardian) Peter Hain warned computer may have been hacked by private detectives: ‘The former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain has been told by the Metropolitan police that they are investigating evidence that his computer, and those of senior Northern Ireland civil servants and intelligence agents, may have been hacked by private detectives working for News International.’ http://bit.ly/u3tD9C

    Psychiatric evaluation finds Norway killer insane, http://bit.ly/rtbB4R
    Prosecutors said Tuesday that the Norwegian man, Anders Behring Breivik, who confessed to the mass murder of 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage was insane at the time of the massacre and should be sent to a psychiatric ward instead of prison. The report was written by two psychiatrists that spent 36 hours with Breivik must be reviewed by a panel of forensic psychiatrists before the court will make an official ruling.

    Campus Connection: Major efforts afoot to help students navigate voter ID law, http://bit.ly/uXmO11
    Wisconsin’s spring primary is about three weeks away, and the University of Madison is gearing up to educate students on the new voter laws. “While the law is not a positive in terms of helping students vote, I think it has spurred a sense of motivation and determination that will hopefully allow us to spread the word to students across Madison about what they’ll need to do to be able to register and then vote next year,” says Sam Polstein, a UW-Madison junior. Polstein says the Madison Student Vote Coalition is kicked off a voter awareness week on Monday.

    Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cainhttp://bit.ly/uGHEXq
    An Atlanta businesswoman, Ginger White, is claiming she has been involved in a 13-year-long affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. “I’m not proud,” White said. “I didn’t want to come out with this. I did not.” White said that it was not a complicated situation. She knew that he was married, and that she was in an inappropriate relationship. Herman Cain appeared on CNN to shoot down the rumors. Cain acknowledged that he knew her and considered her a friend, but denied any possibility that they had inappropriate relations. Just like another Cain accuser, White has a history of financial trouble. She filled for bankruptcy in the 80′s and received an eviction notice for not paying her rent just two weeks ago.

    Gingrich: I’m ‘a lot more conservative’ than Romney, http://bit.ly/tR9G21
    GOP presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich, told an audience in Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday. “I don’t claim to be the perfect candidate. I just claim to be a lot more conservative than Mitt Romney.” Without saying Romney’s name, Gingrich attacked politicians who take “radically different positions” on issues. “I wouldn’t lie to the American people,” he said. “I wouldn’t switch my position for political reasons.”

    Facebook Targets Huge IPO, http://on.wsj.com/vdlMzA
    Facebook is planning on filing its long-anticipated initial public offering sometime between April and June. The social-media giant hopes this will value the company at more than $100 billion by raising more than $10 billion. Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth would jump to $24 billion. Facebook is allegedly discussing dates with the SEC, though Mark Zuckerberg, has not made any final decisions.

    (via Reuters) Amazon Kindle sales heat up, stock jumps: ‘Amazon.com Inc said on Monday it saw a surge in sales of its Kindle devices, helped by its new Kindle Fire tablet, on the crucial “Black Friday” shopping day after Thanksgiving. Consumers bought four times as many Kindles on Black Friday as they did on the same day last year, when the company sold only e-readers, the largest Internet retailer reported.’ http://reut.rs/rVG5va

    (via Politico) WPP buys Glover Park Group: ‘The Glover Park Group, one of Washington’s fastest growing firms specializing in strategic communications and government relations, announced Tuesday that it has been bought by London-based WPP, the world’s largest communications-services company.’ http://politi.co/vzsiI6


    Dana Milbank says, “Supercommittee death brings Rob Portman new life” http://wapo.st/tS3NoG

    Mark Udell believes, “Defense bill gives military too much responsibility for detainees” http://wapo.st/t0a8ta

    Bill Frist and Cory Booker think, “Obesity fight good for profits” http://politi.co/vZGpPq

    Jeff Greenfield asks, “Which Newt is the good Newt?” http://politi.co/sqmfSJ

    Kate and William shine at sophisticated Palace party ahead of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, http://bit.ly/uwJWB4

    Michael Jackson Doctor To Be Sentenced Today, http://on.mtv.com/sytOmN

    The Sing-Off Winner: Revealed! http://bit.ly/ssdGmF

    R.I.P. Ken Russell, http://p4k.in/uiT9D5

    Anne Hathaway Engaged To Adam Shulman, http://on.mtv.com/tqcPUi

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