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    News Round-Up: November 1, 2013

    Friday, November 1st, 2013

    Food stamp cuts set in; a super-sophisticated secret underground tunnel used for smuggling drugs from Mexico to the U.S. is discovered; and the iPad Air makes its debut. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum officially wins the Most Awesome Celebrity award for her Halloween costume, and Kristin Stewart reunites with Robert Pattinson.

    -Sandy + Maura


    Families brace as billions in food stamp cuts set inhttp://rtvote.com/1ahKIba
    Benefit cuts to food stamp recipients begin today. This comes from Congress’s decision to cut $5 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in exchange for increased education funding and school nutrition programs. An increased number of needy Americans will turn to organizations that already provide meals to hungry citizens, like food pantries and the Campaign Against Hunger.

    US discovers huge hi-tech Mexican drug-smuggling tunnelhttp://rtvote.com/1hzxE8o
    Authorities have discovered one of the most sophisticated drug smuggling passages, running from warehouses in Tijuana to San Diego. The secret underground tunnel is the length of almost six football fields and is equipped with lighting, ventilation, and an electric rail system. Upon discovery, authorities found 8.5 tons of marijuana and 327 pounds of cocaine.

    Trick or treat? Canada seizes three cocaine-filled pumpkins at airporthttp://rtvote.com/1f8kcX6
    Canadian officials seized three pumpkins at the Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport. Cocaine-filled pumpkins, that is. Authorities found them while searching through a female traveler’s luggage. An investigation is currently underway.

    Internal notes show paltry initial enrollment in Obamacarehttp://rtvote.com/16SO7x0
    Notes from a “war room” meeting at the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance revealed that only six Americans successfully enrolled in the federal health care exchange on the first day of the rollout. This number has been gradually increasing, and Joanne Peters, a Health and Human Services spokeswoman, is confident that the pace of enrollment will pick up.

    Best Deals for iPad Airhttp://rtvote.com/HsZRQG
    The new iPad Air debuts today – but before you whip out your wallet, make sure you read through this. Find out where and how to get the best deals on Apple’s latest gimmick.


    Senator Bernie Sanders discusses how our healthcare system could be more cost-effective without sacrificing programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in “Don’t cut the big benefit programs,”http://rtvote.com/1h614NS

    Facebook users and USA Today readers weigh in on HHS Secretary Sebelius’s apology at Wednesday’s congressional hearing in “Should Sebelius step down for Obamacare woes?” http://rtvote.com/17xwg4F


    Heidi Klum goes geriatric for Halloween, http://rtvote.com/1hzs7Pq

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Sue YouTube Cofounder Over Leaked Proposal Footage,http://rtvote.com/1bJBE1x

    Kristen Stewart Spends Time With Robert Pattinson at His House: All the Details and New Photos,http://rtvote.com/17BSr7D

    Pamela Anderson Chops Off Hair, Is Unrecognizable With New Pixie Cut, http://rtvote.com/16SVUuS


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-up: Monday, April 18, 2011

    Monday, April 18th, 2011

    REMINDER: File those taxes today if you procrastinated!

    In today’s news, the wealthiest Americans are paying less income tax than ever before, the GOP is gearing up to take down Dems in 2012 with a new strategy and a new RNC chairman, the drug wars in Mexico may see a bump as a new Attorney General is put into place, and The Hill sneaks a peek and Vice President Biden’s bookself. Meanwhile, it’s not just your exes trolling your profile page: Advertisers may be Facebook stalking you to hit their target audiences, college sports fans lobbying recruits to attend their fave colleges may be breaking NCAA rules, and Princess Kate designs her own wedding dress!


    Super Rich See Federal Taxes Drop Dramatically, http://yhoo.it/g0CUQv

    The richest of America’s taxpayers have seen their tax rates drop significantly over the past several decades, and almost half of US households do not pay income tax at all.  Both Republicans and Democrats are calling for new tax laws to be passed, as President Obama has introduced a plan to raise taxes, generating an additional $1 trillion in revenue in the next 12 years.

    GOP wave reshapes nation’s agenda state by state, http://apne.ws/fEzyHQ

    Since the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans have been moving quickly to enact changes as they take over state legislatures across the country.  Not only are Republicans pushing for fiscal change, they are also moving forward on social issues, leading some to wonder whether they are pushing too far too quickly.

    A Recruit’s Friend, A Team’s Fan, and a Headache for Colleges, http://nyti.ms/evjI3E

    Passionate Duke Fan Chris Grace has a habit of Facebook friending potential athletes to show them just how great their career could be at Duke.  However, the NCAA prohibits using social media to recruit athletes, putting schools in a tough position in having to regulate such use.

    Drug War: Mexico’s weak rule of law, http://lat.ms/goYHfM

    As Mexico’s drug war rages on, President Felipe Calderon has appointed his third Attorney General in four years, Marisela Morales.  Calderon hopes Morales will help to stem the violence, especially as 140 bodies were discovered in one northern Mexican state in the past two weeks.

    Facebook Looks to Cash in on User Datahttp://lat.ms/gdRNSO

    Facebook is using all voluntary user provided data, such as interests, status updates and wall posts to track users and target them with specific advertising. Some users find the advertising invasive, while those advertising have seen a leap in sales after targeting specific demographics on Facebook.

    What’s Donald Trump really after? http://politi.co/hbZQIc

    Even though established Republican figures and the media refuse to take him seriously, Donald Trump remains very serious in taking the first steps toward forming and announcing a presidential campaign. Over the past few weeks, he has interviewed two candidates for a campaign manager position and has been in talks with several well-known media consultants.

    Emily Heil reveals what’s on Vice President Biden’s bookshelf, http://bit.ly/flctqI


    Lady Gaga Reveals Surreal Born This Way Cover: http://on.mtv.com/ijhWxk

    Dog the Bounty Hunter bails Nicolas Cage out of Jail: http://eonli.ne/gDPrDs

    Heidi Klum’s Earth Week tip? Watch your Waste: http://eonli.ne/ehqvlZ

    Say Aloha to Owen Wilson’s Son, Robert Ford!: http://bit.ly/gM1LhI

    Coachella 2011 recap album: http://bit.ly/eB4o9v

    After a trying week, Justin Bieber calls Israel Concert an Amazing Night: http://on.mtv.com/dNBRxg

    Kate Middleton designs her own wedding dress in the style of Lady Diana http://bit.ly/fGoX2K

    Heather Reid
    Bio: Heather is Rock the Vote's Field Intern.
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Monday, April 4, 2011

    Monday, April 4th, 2011

    President Obama announced his reelection campaign via digital media, while perhaps his most charismatic and moderate GOP challenger, Jon Huntsman, scores an amusing profile in Politico that details his years as a keyboardist in a rock band. Politico also outlines the Dem plot to take back the house in 2012, and New York mag considers whether Eric Cantor is positioning himself at the helm of a Tea Party House takeover that could undermine John Boehner. Jeffery Toobin weighs in on Supreme Court rulings over campaign finance laws http://nyr.kr/i27ozB that will shape this election.

    Qaddafi’s sons want to take over in Libya, a large hacking job this weekend left enormous number of customers email addresses exposed, a CBS exec confirmed Katie Couric’s farewell, the Daily Beast has all the details you need about the people’s princess, Kate, and country bumpkin Taylor Swift won entertainer of the year at the ACM Awards last night.


    Obama Launches Reelection Campaign With Videohttp://politi.co/esmMCb

    Obama launched his campaign for 2012 today, and is scheduled to begin fundraising in Chicago on April 14th. Obama is currently focused on using grassroots support to start up his campaign and he launched a video featuring supporters who give their reasons for backing the president. Obama does not appear in the initial video.

    Jon Huntsman, The Rock and Roll Yearshttp://politi.co/geImZv

    Jon Huntsman’s unconventional past consists of dropping out of high school and playing in a band, which makes him a unique potential candidate for either the 2012 or 2016 race. His brother and the Horizon PAC are laying the groundwork for a run while he fulfills his time as Ambassador to China.

    Dems Plot House 2012 Comebackhttp://bit.ly/eaMmFs

    In districts that usually vote Democratic during election years, Democrats are hoping to take back many of the 14 seats currently occupied by Republicans.

    2 Qaddafi Sons Are Said to Offer Plan to Push Father Outhttp://nyti.ms/h0SmV7

    In a plan proposed by two of Qaddafi’s sons, one son Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi, would take over the country and help its transformation to a constitutional democracy. It seems as if Qaddafi may be ready to end the fighting in Libya, and agree to transitioning power to his son, although he has not agreed to step down.

    More Customers Exposed as Big Data Breach Grows,  http://reut.rs/gLHh3Y

    A variety of companies using Epsilon, which is an “online marketing unit of Alliance Data Systems” were hacked, and email addresses of tons of people were exposed. No other information, such as social security numbers or credit card information seems to have been taken.

    Report: Katie Couric Leaving Anchor Chair According to Anonymous CBS Executivehttp://bit.ly/fswdAU

    With many recent hints that Couric might be leaving CBS, an executive has confirmed that Couric plans to move on, although no official word has been given. It is rumored that Couric will be hosting her own talk show.

    James Surowiecki on how to handle internet distractions at work: http://nyr.kr/dPdfb9

    John Heilemann on Boehner’s Tea Party troubles: http://bit.ly/h94ttM


    Behind the scenes of Kate and William’s relationship: http://bit.ly/fRB1Ww

    The Kennedy’s series considered a snooze: http://bit.ly/fkIwbB

    Witherspoon’s wedding photos: http://bit.ly/eWcHL1

    Charlie Sheen gets standing ovation in Chicago post-Detroit flop: http://huff.to/eoAtme

    American Country Music Awards gets a new face this year by incorporating rock and pop: http://on.mtv.com/eoaNBk

    Kids Choice Awards slimes Heidi Klum, Snoop Dogg, Josh Duhamel, Russell Brand, and Johnny Depp: http://bit.ly/gP8aeS

    Most Americans will be rooting for Butler tonight: http://ti.me/gVSYaq

    Kristin Andrews
    Bio: Kristin is Rock the Vote's Communications Intern

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com