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    News Round-Up Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

    The UN will vote on a Syria resolution; Eric Holder faces questioning regarding the seizing of media phone records; the Euro Zone, save Germany, is sinking farther into recession; another serviceman is arrested on charges of sexual assault; Nigerian president declares state of emergency; American begins 15 year sentence in North Korea; and a biometric tracking addition to immigration reform is rejected. On the other hand, Beyonce cancels concert in Belgium and Google Maps is rumored to be coming out with some really advanced updates.

    Caitlin + Alexis


    U.N. General Assembly to vote on Syria resolution; Russia opposed, http://bit.ly/11Dll6J
    Wednesday, the U.N. General Assembly will vote on a draft resolution that condemns Syrian authorities and receives the opposition Syrian National Coalition. Russia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, does not approve of the resolution drafted by Qatar and other Arab nations. The Syrian conflict that has been going on for two years now has just recently turned into a civil war in which, according to the UN, at least 70,000 people have died.

    Holder to face Capitol Hill grilling, http://bit.ly/12aDeoe
    Attorney General Eric Holder will be questioned on Wednesday on Capital Hill regarding accusations that he was involved with seizing media phone records. In the past, Democratic lawmakers have defended him, but this time it appears he and his department will not have much political protection.

    Germany can’t stop euro zone from sinking into longest recession, http://reut.rs/141pIFH
    While Germany has managed to bring it’s economy back to life, France is sliding further into recession. France isn’t the only country in the EU whose economy is experiencing a downward spiral. Finland, Cyprus, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Greece have also fallen victim to failing economies. Germany contributes to about a third of the euro zone’s economy and even it is not growing as quickly as it would like to be.

    Army Sexual Assault Prevention Office Coordinator Accused of ‘Abusive Sexual Contact’, http://huff.to/10MVRBX
    A week after an Air Force officer who headed a sexual assault prevention office was arrested for allegedly groping a woman in a parking lot, another ironic story surfaces. An army soldier chosen to coordinate a sexual assault prevention program in Texas is under investigation for “abusive sexual contact.” He has been suspended from his duties as the investigation continues.

    Nigeria president declares state of emergency, http://aje.me/16c0gBD
    After a number of attacks by Boko Haram on security forces and government were made in Boko Haram’s northeast stronghold this month, President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has declared a “state of emergency” in three states. He claims it to be an attempt to control violent attacks by armed group Boko Haram. The president declared in a televised statement on Tuesday “a state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.”

    NKorea: American starts life at ‘special prison’, http://bit.ly/17t9hpv
    Tuesday, Kenneth Bae began his 15 year sentence in a ‘special prison’ in North Korea. An American citizen, Bae was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for “hostile acts against the state.” The Korean Central News Agency has disclosed little information regarding the situation other than that he has begun his sentence.


    Beyonce cancels concert as pregnancy buzz swirls, http://usat.ly/16aF6ne

    Jaden’s 15 soon and wants to be legally free of us …he’s like, ‘Oooh, I get my own place,’ http://bit.ly/14gFGex

    Melissa Joan Hart’s Kickstarter Campaign Canceled After Project Falls Extremely Short Of Goal, http://huff.to/10WFs88

    Chris Pine In ‘Into The Woods’ With Jake Gyllenhaal? ‘Star Trek’ Star Could Join Musical With Meryl Streep & Johnny Depp, http://huff.to/14njO19

    Booed At Cannes: From ‘Tree Of Life’ To ‘L’Avventura,’ Classic Films Were Heckled By Film Fest Audiences, http://huff.to/10P2aF9

    Bio: My name is Alexis Macdermott and I will be starting my third year at Duke University this fall. I am currently pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in economics. I am a native of Southwest Florida and am an avid runner and film enthusiast. I look forward to joining the Marketing and Communications team for the summer here at RTV!

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

    Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

    Egypt’s Defense Minister warns of a government collapse; the White House will resume its nomination of Gen. John Allen; the U.S. will expand its role in Mali; President Obama will announce his plan for immigration reform; and Google reveals its map of North Korea. Meanwhile, a Miami clinic is busted for supplying drugs to sports stars; Surfer Garrett McNamara rides a world record 100 foot wave; and Frank Ocean may press charges against Chris Brown.

    Egyptians Defy Curfew as Army Warns of ‘Collapse,’ http://rtvote.com/TS5TQ7
    Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi posted on Facebook  that there will be “grave repercussions if the political forces do not act” in Egypt. “The continuing conflict between political forces and their differences concerning the management of the country could lead to a collapse of the state and threaten future generations,” wrote Sisi. His warning comes after five days of clashes  that left 52 people dead and hundreds wounded. President Mohamed Morsi issued a state-sanctioned curfew in response to the protests, causing thousands to demonstrate and chant on Monday, “Down, down with Mohamed Morsi.”

    Obama proceeds with Allen nomination as NATO commander in Europe, http://rtvote.com/Xe0X4p
    The White House will go ahead as planned and nominate Gen. John Allen for Europe’s NATO commander. Officials decided to resubmit the nomination to Congress after the Pentagon cleared Allen of any misconduct with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. In other White House news, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that he will leave his cabinet post.

    Delhi Gang Rape Trial Will Be Held in Delhi, Supreme Court Rules, http://rtvote.com/Xe50Ob
    India’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that it will not move the trial of five men convicted of gang-rape and murder out of Dehli. An advocate for the suspects said that the trial should take place in a new location as the media around the case has created a bias. The case, which has caused public outrage in India, charges five men with the gang-rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman on a bus. The men could face the death penalty. The court made its ruling based on the decision that the advocate who filed the claim, M.L. Sharma, did not have the authority to represent the suspects — not because his claim was invalid.

    U.S. to Expand Role in Africa, http://rtvote.com/Xe6acq
    On Monday, the U.S. signed an agreement with Niger that allows American military to be stationed on its border with Mali. Mali is currently fighting off Islamist rebels with the help of the French military. The U.S. will create an intelligence-gathering hub in Niger, as well as use drones to monitor militants, in an attempt to help France.

    President Obama, John McCain, Marco Rubio begin immigration dance, http://rtvote.com/Xe1ZgI
    President Obama will reveal his plan for immigration reform today in Las Vegas. On Monday, John McCain and Marco Rubio announced their own bipartisan plan for reform. White House officials say that Obama’s plan will address more of the details relating to immigration form rather than the larger principals found in the Senators’ bipartisan plan.
    Father of Newtown victim heckled at hearing, http://rtvote.com/Xe2Y0y
    Neil Heslin, the father of a 6-year-old Newtown shooting victim, was heckled while testifying at the Connecticut State Legislature on Tuesday. Heslin asked during his testimony why Bushmaster assault-style weapons, like the one shooter Adam Lanza used, were legal in Connecticut, prompting pro-gun advocates to shout “the Second Amendment!.”  Close to 1,500 people — both pro and anti-gun advocates — attended the hearings at the Connecticut capitol.
    Google rolls out detailed map of North Korea – with gulags, http://rtvote.com/14s6MAV
    On Monday, Google announced detailed maps of North Korea. Previously, Google was not able to map North Korea due to limited information. Specifically, North Korean officials would not provide the proper information due to the country’s notorious penchant for secrecy and the fact that only hundreds of citizens have access to the Internet. Google’s map of the country shows hospitals, subways, and schools in the capital of Pyongyang. Maps of the countryside are harder to decipher and some parts show gray zones where 200,000 people are imprisoned in reeducation camps.
    A Miami Clinic Supplies Drugs to Sports’ Biggest Names, http://rtvote.com/Xe3OKG
    Surfer Garrett McNamara ‘rides world record 100ft wave’ in Portugal, http://rtvote.com/Xe49x3

    Singer Frank Ocean wants Chris Brown charged over brawl, http://rtvote.com/TSbAO1

    Girl Meets World Casts Its Star, Cory and Topanga’s Daughter, http://rtvote.com/TSbLJg

    Rick Ross Advised To Increase Security After Escaping Drive-By Shooting, http://rtvote.com/Xe9wwf

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

    Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

    Twin blasts kill 34 in Syria; Obama will embark on campaign-style events to promote his “fiscal cliff” plan; NYC’s “killer nanny” pleads not guilty; Mitt Romney will meet President Obama at the White House tomorrow; and China re-considers it’s one-child-per-family rule. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again; Angus T. Jones apologizes for his “Two and a Half Men” rant; and Kim Kardashian was the most-searched person on Bing in 2012.



    Deadly blasts rock Syrian capital, http://aje.me/Y42n6S
    At least 34 people were killed and dozens more injured in two blasts that hit a Druze and Christian area of Damascus, Syria. “When people gathered to try to rescue those injured in the first explosion, another explosion took place,” said Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin, reporting from Damascus. Syrian state television blamed “terrorists” for the explosions, while rebels said the Syrian government orchestrated the attack to turn the Christians and Druzes against each other. The two minority groups have not yet joined the rebel uprising. Also in Syria, government planes allegedly bombed a rebel stronghold in the Damascus suburb of Daraya.

    Obama public relations effort aims to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’, http://wapo.st/QoPcZw
    The White House announced on Tuesday that President Obama will travel the country on a series of campaign-style events in order to persuade Americans to back his “fiscal cliff” plan. On Tuesday, Democrats said that President Obama’s plan must include a demand that Republicans agree to raise the $16.4 trillion debt limit. If Republicans and Democrats do not agree on a “fiscal cliff” deal, then the start of the new year will see the implementation of severe spending cuts and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts; if these cuts are put into place then the country could go over the “fiscal cliff.”

    Romney to meet with Obama at the White House, http://politi.co/Tt85LG
    Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that Mitt Romney will have lunch with President Obama tomorrow at the White House. In Obama’s victory speech, he invited Mitt Romney “to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.” Carney did not elaborate on what would be discussed at the meeting.

    NYC nanny pleads not guilty in child deaths, http://bit.ly/10Wahh1
    Yoselyn Ortega has pleaded not guilty to her charges of fatally stabbing two children she nannied for in Manhattan. Ortega made the plea through her lawyer, who spoke on her behalf in the hospital room where she is being treated for self-inflicted stab wounds. The nanny had reportedly been having family and financial troubles and resented the Krum family, who employed her, for having her work overtime.

    China considers easing family planning rules, http://reut.rs/YprU9r
    According to a former family-planning official in China, the country may be working to change its one-child-per-family rule. The current policy allows family in urban areas of China only one child, while families in rural parts can have more than one. Demographers have said that the rule, enacted in 1979, creates a rapidly aging population that could cause China to not compete in the global economy. The policy has also been harshly criticized as a reason for forced abortions.

    Bob Dole at Walter Reed, http://politi.co/TnkQnb
    Former Senate Republican Leader and 1996 GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole, 90, has reportedly checked in to Walter Reed Hospital. “He is at Walter Reed not for a checkup,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “He is there because he is infirm. He is sick.” An aide to Dole has responded that he is just at the hospital for a “routine procedure.” Dole has been hospitalized a number of times in the past few years. During WWII, he was seriously injured in Italy, causing him to spend more than three years in the hospital.

    Apple’s Cue Seeks Overhaul of Maps Amid Duel With Google, http://buswk.co/Spg4IJ
    Apple fired the creator of its new Maps application, Robert Williamson, on Tuesday. The application, which is on all iPhone software updates and iPhone 5s, has been widely panned as incomparable to Apple’s previous Google Maps app. Apple Senior vice president Eddie Cue fired Williamson in an effort to re-do the software and has been consulting with map-technology experts and TomTom Navigation. In September, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a rare public apology for Apple Maps.
    Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant Again!, http://usm.ag/TsHZZg
    ‘That 70s Show’ Star Arrested for Assault, http://tmz.me/UpDsGB

    Angus T. Jones Breaks Silence About Controversial ‘Two And A Half Men’ Remarks, http://bit.ly/10RQJdL

    Kim Kardashian beats Justin Bieber as Bing’s most-searched for person of 2012, http://fxn.ws/X0z43B

    Vito Schnabel: Demi Moore’s new boyfriend is almost half her age, http://bit.ly/V6sWAF

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Friday, May 6, 2011

    Friday, May 6th, 2011

    The raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound continues to make news as recovered information proves that he was more than just the face of Al Qaeda and was playing an active role in planning future attacks. Pakistani officials have come forward with their disapproval about the mission, warning the US about further raids. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Clinton has said that the US will continue to take action in Libya until Gadhafi stops the strikes against the rebels, more people now believe that Obama was in fact born in the US, and employment rates go up after an all time low last month.

    Its not all so serious today, and the entertainment industry is abuzz, with MTVs CEO resigning, Lady Gaga debuting the new “Judas” music video and George Clooney turning 50!


    Data Show bin Laden Plots, C.I.A. Hid Near Raided Househttp://nyti.ms/m4BVvW

    Bin Laden was more than just a figure head for Al Qaeda, evidence shows that he was still very involved in planning attacks in a number of countries. One of the first potential plots was an attack on US rail systems on a number of different important days.

    Pakistani Army Chief Warns U.S. on Another Raidhttp://nyti.ms/itoguI

    General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was outraged by US military actions taken in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden, and has threatened that a repeat of these actions would cause serious problems in the relations of the two countries.

    Bombing of Gadhafi Won’t Let Up, Clinton Warnshttp://bit.ly/lY03SR

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that if Gadhafi continues to attack the rebels, we will continue to attack him. According to state department officials, “Congress is being consulted on the possible use of a portion of the $30 billion in assets.”

    Unemployment Rate Rises in April, US Economy Adds 244k Jobshttp://huff.to/kEEvwc

    The unemployment rate rose to 9 percent from 8.8. percent last month, despite the addition of thousands of jobs. The new jobs can ba attributed to the private sector, which “accounted for all of the job gains last month, with payrolls rising 268,000, the largest rise since February 2006.”

    Google Maps Will Soon Let You See Inside Buildingshttp://bit.ly/k3wCqU

    Google has added a feature to Google Maps called Business Photo, where businesses who allow Google to photograph the inside of their building will be able to post it on Google Maps. Places like restaurants and store openings could benefit from the ability to show their interior.

    GOP Rivals Hit Obama on Foreign Policy Despite Bin Laden Killing, Hit Harder on Economyhttp://fxn.ws/kkzdnm

    Despite the small number of people who have declared their candidacy, Fox hosted the first GOP debate last night. The two main points of attack on Obama were foreign policy, including questioning why the photos of bin Laden had not been released, as well as the state of the economy.

    Resignation Alert: There are Some Things MTV CEO’s Won’t Dohttp://bit.ly/mtaGPY

    The CEO of MTV, Judith McGrath, resigned today after a chairman of Viacom, who owns MTV, pushed through a show called Electric Barbarellas, which features ”cross between the Pussycat Dolls and Spice Girls, except raunchier and not as musically gifted,” as described by Peter Lauria of the Daily Beast. McGrath tried to put a stop to the show, but was unsuccessful.


    Happy 50th, George Clooney: http://eonli.ne/jE8zky

    Lady GaGa Officially Debuts Judas Music Video!: http://bit.ly/lANqQI

    Zuckerberg’s New Home: http://bit.ly/mPZ75M

    Italian College Warns Students — Beware of ‘Jersey’: http://bit.ly/jjfcqr

    Bristol Palin’s new face: http://bit.ly/j14xfZ

    New Boyz & Chris Brown release new single ‘Better with the Lights Off’: http://bit.ly/mqZCpG

    Kristin Andrews
    Bio: Kristin is Rock the Vote's Communications Intern

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com