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    News Round-Up: Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Thursday, April 28th, 2011

    Storms tear across the country, tragically leaving almost 200 dead, some early Facebook investors try to get out, President Obama’s decision to confront the birthers head on points to the changes in strategy that social media have brought, and Jessica Simpson claims her wedding dress will beat Kate Middleton’s!


    Severe Storms Continue to Rip Through the South, Causing Multiple Fatalities, http://huff.to/jsq07r

    Storm spanning across the nation left at least 194 people dead in four states, with 128 of those deaths in Alabama which was hit the hardest.

    A New Era of Accusation and Innuendo, http://politi.co/kFtl40
    Obama’s decision to directly confront the birthers by releasing his birth certificate and speaking to the American public contrasts with previous presidents decisions to keep quiet and let the rumors swirl. With the rapid rise of social media leading to increased speed of news, Obama’s advisers said it was necessary to address the rumors head on.

    Syria Crackdown: Hundreds Resign From Ba’ath Party, http://bit.ly/kHOkGM
    With more than 500 democracy supporters killed, many members of the Syrian president’s party have resigned. The UN security council remains divided on how to handle the violence in Syria, and not international intervention has been made. 
    As Facebook Values Soar, Early Investors Seek to Cash Out, http://bit.ly/ks9jm8

    Investors have grown wary that the value of Facebook cannot continue to rise at its current rate, with one group trying to drop $90 billion worth of shares. Its worth in 2011 was said to be about $50 billion dollars.

    For Students, What is the “Facebook Effect” on Grades?, http://on.mash.to/mseBdF

    Social media has many positive and negative effects on the lives of students, ranging from feeling more connected to students and peers, to lower grades. Mashable outlines these pros and cons in a chart, finding the results to be inconclusive.

    Obama on Oprah: Birth Certificate Issue Raised During Interview, http://huff.to/kapdu0

    President Obama explains to Oprah that he asked the state of Hawaii to allow the disclosure of his birth certificate in hopes that the birther controversies would stop. The episode will air on May 2nd.

    Jessica Simpson: My Wedding Dress Will ‘Out-Do’ Kate Middleton’s: http://yhoo.it/kF9i2e
    MTV launches ‘Geordie Shore,’ Britain’s version of ‘Jersey Shore’: http://bit.ly/l3sPSy
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Trailer Is Here: http://eonli.ne/kvyDSi
    Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg Eying Basketball Movie: http://aol.it/krUKl5
    Summer Movie Sneak Preview: http://bit.ly/hCDvKu
    Taylor Swift’s $3.5 Million Beverly Hills Digs: http://bit.ly/es4Vsm

    Kristin Andrews
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