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    News Round-Up: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

    The biggest snowstorm of the winter season covers the Northeast; two shootings occur on two college campuses; countries receive Olympic terror threats; and President Obama’s Commission on Election Administration releases a report offering solutions to shorten voter lines & modernize the registration process. Meanwhile, TV is taking over the entertainment headlines today as a Seattle Seahawks player goes on a postgame rant and The Bachelor’s ratings remain steady regardless of Juan Pablo’s controversial remarks.

    - Veronica + Maura


    Northeast buried under heavy snow: http://rtvote.com/1msuR0A
    The heaviest snowfall of the season pummeled the Northeastern United States and was accompanied by plunging temperatures. Cities like Philadelphia, Washington, and New York will see temperatures in the single digits and have wind chill numbers in the negatives. Meanwhile, states like New Jersey, Delaware, and New York are declaring states of emergency based on weather conditions. Thousands of flights have been canceled as travelers try to change their travel plans. The kicker? It’s currently warmer in Alaska!

    Two universities rocked by shootings: http://rtvote.com/1ezw7gN
    Two colleges were affected by shootings this weekend. At Purdue University, a student shot and killed another student before surrendering to police on Tuesday. The shooter has been identified as 23-year-old Cody Cousins. The victim, 21-year-old Andrew Boldt, was a teaching assistant at the school. This shooting followed up reports of another school shooting at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania (a city outside of Philadelphia) where the victim is in critical condition, and the shooter is still at large.

    Countries receive terrorist threats for Olympics: http://rtvote.com/1hLAaYS
    Hungary is the latest country to receive terroristic threats towards their Olympic athletes. The message, formatted as an email, is threatening the Hungarian athletes with violence if they attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia next month. The nation’s security forces have been informed, as have Sochi organizers. However, officials believe that the message is random and contains no threat, something that is common before every Olympics.

    N.Y. 8-year-old saved 6 in fire, died trying to save 7th: http://rtvote.com/1ins77l
    An 8-year-old boy saved six of his family members after the trailer they were sleeping in caught on fire. The boy, identified as 8-year-old Tyler Doohan, then ran back into the home to rescue a disabled relative. The two of them were found dead in a back bedroom, and a third relative was found in a front room. Doohan warned his family about the fire and died trying to help everyone else escape.

    Cuccinelli: Chris Christie should step down from RGA post: http://rtvote.com/1in6vrP
    Virginia Republican Ken Cuccinelli said Tuesday that New Jersey governor Chris Christie should step down from chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Cuccinelli believes that the investigations and scandals surrounding Christie are preventing the Republican Party from focusing on their election year goals. The scandals include the now-infamous “Bridgegate” incident and the latest from Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who claims Christie’s administration threatened to not provide Hurricane Sandy relief money to Hoboken unless she agreed to a real estate deal.

    Presidential Commission Offers Ways to Shorten Voting Lines: http://rtvote.com/19NYHMK
    After long lines continued at the polls during the 2012 election, President Obama announced the launch of a bi-partsian panel of election and management experts following his State of the Union speech last year. The Presidential Commission on Election Administration released their report & findings to President Obama and Vice President Biden today with recommendations on how to shorten voting lines and modernize the voter registration system. Rock the Vote is proud to announce their support of the Commission’s recommendations & their role in providing testimony and technology highlighted in the report. This is a big win for American voters!


    Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman loses his cool in a pre-Super Bowl interview: http://rtvote.com/1kXQb2q

    Juan Pablo Galavis’s remarks don’t dent The Bachelor‘s ratings: http://rtvote.com/1kXQDh6

    Murder, She Wrote reboot scrapped by NBC: http://rtvote.com/19NNCeB

    Jersey Shore‘s former cast member Jenni “JWoww” Farley is having a girl: http://rtvote.com/1msKDIW

    Veronica Barger
    Bio: Veronica is currently studying communications, law, economics, and government at American University in Washington, DC. Originally from New Jersey, she has held an interest in politics since the 2008 presidential election. Being a newly registered voter, she understands how important it is for young people to register to vote and have their voices heard. She looks to spread that message with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Monday, June 17, 2013

    Monday, June 17th, 2013

    The DNI denies claim that NSA analysts were able to listen to domestic phone calls without warrants; Turkey threatens to send army out to stop protesters; IRS supervisor in D.C. admits to targeting conservatives; many residents have returned home after being evacuated due to fires in Colorado; a Chinese dissident claims that China pressured NYU to ask him to leave; Miss Connecticut was crowned Miss USA; and the Supreme Court decision regarding DOMA could greatly impact immigration reform. Meanwhile, Jeff Garlin is arrested for beating in a car window, and Rihanna’s song ‘Stay’ enters AC Top 10.

    Maura + Alexis


    DNI denies NSA analysts can tap calls without a warrant, http://bit.ly/14EJPL5
    The U.S. intelligence community shot down claims that NSA analysts were able to listen to domestic phone conversations without warrants. According to a statement released by the office of the Director of National Intelligence, “Members have been briefed on the implementation of Section 702, that it targets foreigners located overseas for a valid foreign intelligence purpose, and that it cannot be used to target Americans anywhere in the world.”

    Turkey threatens to deploy army to end unrest, http://aje.me/18Q0hN0
    The Turkish deputy prime minister has informed the public that the army may be asked to intervene to stop ongoing protests if the police fail to restore order. The threat arose in response to a one-day strike held by two union federations over the forced evictions of protesters – a group of about 800,000 workers.

    AP: IRS official in D.C. reviewed tea party applications, http://cbsn.ws/12CEQvc
    An IRS supervisor admits to being personally involved in the agency’s targeting of tea party groups. She says that some of the requests for tax-exempt statuses were held for more than a year without action. Holly Paz, a supervisor in Washington, D.C., contradicts the original claims by the agency that only small groups of agents working out of Cincinnati were responsible for the so-called “targeting” of applications based on party affiliation. Paz has given no evidence, however, to support the suspicion that senior IRS officials ordered agents to target these groups.

    Residents return home after destructive Colorado blaze, http://usat.ly/11RoEEu
    While the cause of the fire is still unkown, Colorado officials stated Sunday that the fire has burned about 21,000 acres of the state, and firefighters are working hard to contain the fire that is now approaching Colorado Springs. The fire is currently 65 percent contained. Many residents were able to return to their homes Sunday. Two people have been found dead, but all people have been accounted for.

    China pressured U.S. university to make him leave, dissident says, http://reut.rs/10oSfqK
    A Chinese dissident who fled China to become a visiting scholar at NYU accused the institution Sunday of pressuring him to leave. He attributes the school’s interest in asking him to leave to “unrelenting pressure” from China. NYU has denied the claim, and has explained that Chen Guangcheng’s fellowship was only meant to last a year and was expected to end this summer.

    Miss USA Crown Goes to Connecticut Contestant, http://abcn.ws/17gh9Mc
    Miss Connecticut has been crowned Miss USA. Erin Brady will leave her job as an accountant behind as she pursues the duties associated with her new title. One of Brady’s goals moving forward is to dispel negative attitudes some hold about pageants.

    Supreme Court DOMA Ruling Looms Over Immigration Overhaul, http://abcn.ws/ZXzM22
    While a comprehensive immigration overhaul bill would address same-sex couples, the Supreme Court just might beat them to it. The Supreme Court is currently ruling on the DOMA case. If DOMA is struck down, the question of whether the immigration law can apply to same-sex couples will no longer be a question. If DOMA is upheld on the other hand, legal uncertainty will continue for gay couples.


    Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ Enters Adult Contemporary Top 10, A First For The Singer, http://huff.to/14dmqhQ

    ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Trailer: Martin Scorsese Likes ‘Yeezus’ Too? (Or At Least Paramount’s Marketing Team Does), http://huff.to/19Jc5zV

    No Loki In ‘Avengers 2′? Joss Whedon Says Tom Hiddleston Won’t Return For Sequel, http://huff.to/10qq5LT

    Girl Meets World Officially Picked Up by Disney Channel: Find Out What Cory and Topanga Are Up To!, http://eonli.ne/1640WFh

    ‘Curb’ Star Jeff Garlin Arrested For Alleged Window Rage, http://tmz.me/ZTYsbK

    Bio: My name is Alexis Macdermott and I will be starting my third year at Duke University this fall. I am currently pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in economics. I am a native of Southwest Florida and am an avid runner and film enthusiast. I look forward to joining the Marketing and Communications team for the summer here at RTV!

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

    Fires scorch Colorado; Ariel Castro pleads not guilty to all 329 charges; Snowden is seeking legal help in Hong Kong; riots in Turkey finally come to an end; Jiroemon Kimura dies as the oldest man in the world at 116; riot police arrest 57 as a result of anti-G8 protests in London; bipartisan legislation on immigration reform keeps moving; and major tech companies are sharing their opinions on NSA scandal. Meanwhile, 2 Chainz was arrested for drug possession at LAX, and Carey Mulligan turns down role to play Hillary Clinton.

    Maura + Alexis


    Colorado fires scorch state; thousands evacuated, http://bit.ly/ZISA4T
    Wildfires in Colorado have forced thousands out of their homes and have scorched around 12,000 acres of brush and timber. The most worrisome fire out of the five burning was the Black Forest Fire. At least 7,500 acres were burnt by Tuesday evening. Firefighters along with members of the National Guard have been battling these fires with water and flame retardant dropped from the air.

    Ariel Castro pleads not guilty to charges of kidnapping, rape and murder, http://bit.ly/12m04xw
    Ariel Castro, the man accused of kidnapping and raping three women in his West Side home in Cleveland, Ohio, pleads not guilty. He pleaded not guilty on all 329 crimes he has been accused of, two of which are aggravated murder charges. Castro is currently being held in isolation at the Cuyahoga County Jail on $8 million bond.

    Snowden Seeking Legal Help in Hong Kong, Oriental Daily Reports, http://bloom.bg/16c9dri
    Edward Snowden, the U.S. contractor who allegedly leaked details of the NSA’s surveillance program is suspected of seeking legal help in Hong Kong. The Oriental Daily News reported today that Snowden is indeed contacting Hong Kong-based human rights organizations and lawyers for help.

    Turkish police force protesters out of square, http://aje.me/19nGsvJ
    After a night of violent riots between protestors and policemen, and eerie calm has washed over Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Just hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s demands that the two-week long dissent end immediately, water cannons and tear gas were used to control the public. The square is now reopened for traffic and the city is attempting to settle back into its normal routine.

    Oldest man in the world, Jiroemon Kimura, dies aged 116, http://bit.ly/171VSWx
    The world’s oldest man, Jiroemon Kimura died this morning at the age of 116. He leaves behind seven children, fourteen grandchildren, twenty-five great-grandchildren, and fourteen great-great grandchildren. His life motto was “to eat light and live long.”

    G8 summit protest: riot police arrest 57 in raid of London HQ, http://bit.ly/169pai6
    Riot police responded Tuesday to a group protesting next week’s G8 summit. Tuesday was the Stop G8 group’s Carnival against Capitalism campaign in which they were preparing to target banks, hedge funds, mining, and oil firms in central London in addition to Claridge’s hotel and Boodle’s private club. Oxford Circus and PIcaadilly Circus housed the majority of the protests. Fifty-seven arrests have been made so far as a result of the protests.

    Senate votes to begin historic immigration reform debate, http://nbcnews.to/169Si8S
    The Senate voted yesterday 82-15 in favor of bipartisan legislation for immigration reform. This vote shows strong initial support for the legislation as it moves forward. A vote on the motion to proceed also passed with a strong majority of 84-15. A final vote on the legislation is not expected until around July 4.

    Tech titans go on NSA offensive, http://politi.co/14TQ8XU,
    Tech titans, with Google leading the way, went on the offensive Tuesday in response to criticism about the government’s surveillance programs. Google has written the government asking to make federal requests for national security information more transparent in the future. Soon after, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter became active in expressing their opinions on the issue as well.


    Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere Recap: [Spoiler] Dies and Trunk Mystery Revealed!, http://eonli.ne/1a2A63G

    American Horror Story: Will Zachary Quinto Return?, http://eonli.ne/15UWFEb

    Eric Clapton Sidelined With “Severe” Back Pain, Cancels Shows, http://eonli.ne/1a3OSXR

    2 Chainz Arrested for Drug Possession at LAX, http://eonli.ne/15WDqtT

    Carey Mulligan & Hillary Clinton: Actress Turns Down ‘Rodham’ Role, http://huff.to/194ruba

    Bio: My name is Alexis Macdermott and I will be starting my third year at Duke University this fall. I am currently pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in economics. I am a native of Southwest Florida and am an avid runner and film enthusiast. I look forward to joining the Marketing and Communications team for the summer here at RTV!

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

    Chinese hackers hack into U.S. weapons systems; fire burns 1,000 acres in Santa Barbara; three Lebanese soldiers are killed at an army checkpoint; News Corp claims no record of subpoena from the U.S. government; Royal Caribbean cruise cancels trip due to fire onboard; a baby is rescued from a sewer pipe in China; South Korea suspends two nuclear reactors due to unauthorized parts; a gay activist in New York is punched in the face; and BuzzFeed collaborates with CNN and YouTube. Meanwhile, police crack down on Justin Bieber’s reckless driving, and Daniel Radcliffe talks about returning to film as Harry’s dad.

    Maura + Alexis


    Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies, http://wapo.st/ZaMji4
    Chinese hackers have compromised more than two dozen advanced weapons systems, programs critical to U.S. missile defenses and combat aircraft and ships. Experts on the subject of espionage warn that this access to our defense plans provides China with all that it needs to advance its own weapons system and weaken the U.S. military advantage that we once had.

    Campers, residents flee fire near Santa Barbara, http://lat.ms/11toN2k
    A fire in Santa Barbara has burned about 1,000 acres and sent thousands of residents and campers running. Over 5,000 people were ordered to evacuate, but it looked like most were able to return home Monday night. The white fire started at a campsite and soon covered over 1,000 acres.

    Lebanese soldiers killed at checkpoint, http://aje.me/ZbdjxX
    Three Lebanese soldiers were killed at an army checkpoint in the Bekaa Valley Tuesday. The armed men who shot the three soldiers fled towards the Syrian border. In February, four Lebanese soldiers and two fighters were also killed in the same region near Arsal. Lebanon continues its effort to keep sectarian tensions at bay.

    News Corp says has no record of Fox News subpoena, http://reut.rs/14ZwHj1
    News Corp claims Monday it is still investigating whether or not it has received any form of notification from the U.S. government regarding a subpoena for a Fox News reporter’s phone records. The Justice Department maintains that it informed News Corp of the seizure of phone records for Fox News reporter James Rosen in August of 2010. News Corp spokesman Nathaniel Brown claims, “While we don’t take issue with the DOJ’s account that they sent a notice to News Corp, we do not have a record of ever having received it.” Fox News, owned by News Corp, also says it has not received a notification of a subpoena either.

    Cruise passengers expected back in US after fire on Royal Caribbean ship cancels trip, http://wapo.st/ZaSym0
    Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas was headed for CocoCay, Bahamas for a seven-night cruise when it had to stop in Freeport due to a fire that broke out onboard the ship Monday afternoon. The fire was completely extinguished within two hours of when it began, and all 2,224 passengers will received a full refund in addition to a certificate for a future cruise.

    Baby in China saved from sewer pipe, http://bit.ly/12KD3QZ
    A newborn baby boy was rescued from a sewer pipe in eastern China on Saturday afternoon after allegedly being flushed down a toilet. A resident in an apartment building in the wealthy province of Zhejiang reported the sound of a baby crying to which firefighters responded by checking all around the building until finding the baby in a sewage pipe directly underneath a toilet. Reports of abandoned babies in China are far too common. Due to the one-child rule as well as poor health care for new mothers, many women cannot legally keep their children and some of them are not even aware they are pregnant until right before giving birth.

    South Korea suspends more nuclear reactors over unapproved parts, http://bbc.in/14158mm
    South Korea, a country whose 23 nuclear reactors supply close to a third of its electric energy needs, has decided to suspend operations at two more nuclear reactors due to unauthorized parts. Knowledge Economy MInister Hong Suk-woo has shared that the two reactors will not continue to operate until the unauthorized parts are replaced. Six nuclear power engineers and suppliers were sentenced to jail time for supplying components with forged safety certificates to nuclear plants.

    Gay Activist Punched in Latest Homophobic Attack in Midtown, http://bit.ly/12JF1RE
    Eugene Lovendusky, a gay activist who has spent the past few weeks talking to the public about the recent slew of homophobic attacks in New York, became a target Saturday morning. Lovendusky was punched in the face early Saturday by a group of boys shouting anti-gay comments at him and his boyfriend. The couple was leaving a nightclub around 42nd Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues around 3 a.m.when the slurs grew clearer and then the group became visible. Police have arrested 19-year Manuel Riquelme and have charged him with felony assault as a hate crime and misdemeanor aggravated harassment. Lovendusky has declined medical treatment.

    BuzzFeed, CNN and YouTube Plan Online-Video Channel, http://on.wsj.com/140Kpz2
    BuzzFeed announced Tuesday that it will join with CNN and YouTube to create a new online-video channel, “CNN BuzzFeed.” Jon Steinberg, COO of BuzzFeed says he intends to create three videos a week for the channel. The plan is a part of a larger initiative to establish the company as a news source targeted at 18-34 year olds. Kenneth Estenson, senior vice president for CNN Digital explains that the new alliance “will enable both organizations to engage new audiences.”


    Justin Bieber: Police Visit Singer’s Home Following Complaints of Reckless Driving, http://eonli.ne/19iRYH0

    Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Go Jet-Skiing With Golfer’s Kids—See the Pic, http://eonli.ne/19jf28C

    Amanda Bynes Backtracks (Kinda) on Rihanna Diss, Claims She’s Completely Sober and a “Model Citizen”, http://eonli.ne/19j6vT4

    Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Harry Potter’ Return As Harry’s Dad Could Work, http://huff.to/10EIKhR

    Jesse Eisenberg On ‘Now You See Me’ Role: ‘This Allowed Me To Feel Not Only Good, But Arrogant’, http://huff.to/115IdWh

    Bio: My name is Alexis Macdermott and I will be starting my third year at Duke University this fall. I am currently pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in economics. I am a native of Southwest Florida and am an avid runner and film enthusiast. I look forward to joining the Marketing and Communications team for the summer here at RTV!

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Monday, January 28, 2013

    Monday, January 28th, 2013

    Senators reach a bipartisan agreement on immigration reform; a nightclub fire in Brazil takes the lives of over 230 people; and Obama praises Hillary Clinton in a “60 Minutes” interview marking her departure as Secretary of State. Meanwhile, SAG Awards winners celebrate; Jennifer Lawrence gets over a major wardrobe malfunction; and Barbara Walters comes down with chicken pox.

    Caitlin + Liza


    Senators reach agreement on immigration reform, http://bit.ly/UwahSS
    A bipartisan group of senators has reached an agreement on the structure for an overhaul of America’s immigration system. The deal includes a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants in the nation and also addresses border security, non-citizen “guest” workers, and employee verification. The plan may have trouble receiving backing from the Republican-controlled House, but nonetheless marks the start of the the largest effort in years to seriously reform America’s immigration system. President Obama will offer his own vision for immigration reform in a speech on Tuesday, which officials expect to overlap significantly with the Senate plan. “What’s changed, honestly, is that there is a new appreciation on both sides of the aisle- including maybe more importantly on the Republican side of the aisle- that we have to enact a comprehensive immigration reform bill,” said Senator John McCain, who played a central role in shaping the agreement.

    Missteps hiked Brazil night club blaze death toll, http://cbsn.ws/VhQF21
    Over 230 Brazilians were killed on Sunday in a Santa Maria nightclub fire that officials believe started when a band’s pyrotechnic show ignited soundproofing in the ceiling. Many young victims were among the dead, including 101 students of the Federal University of Santa Maria. Bouncers initially assumed partygoers were skipping on paying their bar tabs and tried to prevent them from leaving. There was also only one exit through which people could leave. Police have arrested the nightclub owner, a band member, and a person in charge of stage safety in connection with the fire so far.

    Egypt’s leader declares emergency after clashes, http://reut.rs/X1hrgg
    Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi issued a 30-day state of emergency and curfew for three Suez Canal provinces where violent protests have killed 49 since Thursday. Hundreds more were injured in Port Said on Sunday during the funerals for 33 Egyptian protesters killed when locals lashed out in response to an unpopular court decision. Anti-government protestors claim that Morsi has failed to defend the revolution that toppled Mubarek and is not representing all Egyptians. Morsi warned of further punishment if protests continue.

    Obama praises Hillary Clinton in joint interview on ’60 minutes’, http://lat.ms/X5qpZQ
    In a ’60 Minutes’ interview to mark Hillary Clinton’s departure as Secretary of State, Clinton and the president recounted their joint foreign policy accomplishments and expressed gratitude for being able to transform their 2008 political rivalry into friendship. “You know, if the roles had been reversed, I would have desperately have wanted him to be in my cabinet,” said Clinton, who was initially reluctant to accept the high-ranking post offered to her by the president. “By the time Hillary joined the administration, I felt very confident in our working relationship. What did evolve was a friendship,” Obama added. In the interview, the two cited winding down the war in Afghanistan, ousting Qaddafi in Libya, and getting rid of core Al Qaeda leaders as a few of their greatest successes.

    Gun control advocates march as nation reels from school shootings, http://bit.ly/TMIpMh
    Thousands demonstrated in Washington on Saturday as part of a “March on Washington for Gun Control,” calling for tougher gun laws. The marchers rallied for a reinstatement of the federal ban on the sale of military-style semi-automatic rifles, like that used in the Newtown shooting, as well as universal background checks and a ban on sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines. Many demonstrators held up the names of victims killed at Newtown and in other school shootings as they took part in the first major demonstration since the Newtown shooting in December. “Only an outraged public can end the gun violence that has enveloped our country,” said U.S. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-District of Columbia). “We the people who did not act before, we the people this time will step forward.”

    Iranian state TV says country has successfully sent monkey into space, http://bit.ly/X3oWSk
    Iran announced today that it successfully launched a monkey into space, bringing the nation one step closer toward its ultimate goal of sending an astronaut into space. According to Iran state TV, the monkey was sent on a rocket 72 miles into space and returned safely. Iran has long hoped to send a man into space as part of its ambitious aerospace program, which also includes plans for a new space center. The U.S. remains skeptical of Iran’s intentions, worrying that space program technology could also be used to develop long-range missiles armed with nuclear warheads.


    SAG Awards 2013: Complete List of Winners, http://bit.ly/WjmIlg

    Jennifer Lawrence dress rips at SAG Awards 2013, http://bit.ly/110frpq

    Best Dressed at the SAG Awards, http://bit.ly/111ySUH

    Barbara Walters- I’ve Got CHICKEN POX!, http://tmz.me/WsGRWc

    Hugh Hefner’s Long-time Secretary Mary O’Connor Dies, http://bit.ly/T0stV1


    Liza Dee

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com