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    News Round-Up: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

    Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
    David Cameron says he will let the British people decide whether or not to remain in the EU; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before congress on Benghazi; a student opens fire at Lone Star College; Gen. John Allen is cleared of any misconduct; and President Obama says he will not oppose suspending the debt limit until May. Meanwhile, Kelly Osborne is engaged; lip readers weigh in on what caused Michelle Obama’s eye roll; and “Mad Men” will return in April.
    David Cameron: I will settle the Europe question with EU referendum, http://rtvote.com/SBIekY
    British Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday that he will let the British people decide whether or not Britain should remain in the European Union. “It is time to settle this European question in British politics,” Cameron said. “I say to the British people: this is your decision.” While Cameron would personally prefer that the country stay in the EU, he has decided it’s best to bring the decision to a referendum. He also called on Britain to improve its relationship with Brussels. EU members are unhappy with his decision, saying Britain cannot “cherry-pick” EU membership.Suspect charged in Lone Star College shooting, http://rtvote.com/SBJAMO
    Lone Star College student Carlton Berry, 22, has been charged with aggravated assault after opening fire on his Houston campus. Berry injured a student with whom he had an altercation as well as a janitor. He is also being treated for injuries after mishandling the gun and shooting himself.

    Clinton testifies on Benghazi attack, http://rtvote.com/SBKw3O
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before Congress on the Benghazi attack Wednesday. Clinton took responsibility for the attack and choked up while saying, “For me, this is not just a matter of policy, this is personal.” Clinton said that when she was told of the attack she, “instructed our senior department officials and diplomatic security to consider every option—to break down the doors to the Libyan officials to get as much security support as we could.” She has since recommended that future Secretary of States participate in meetings regarding additional security and also suggested that heightened security has been installed at the Benghazi site.

    Israel coalition talks begin after election deadlock, http://rtvote.com/144ZKSq
    Tuesday’s early results from Israel’s election show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing party losing a quarter of its seats in government. In a surprising twist, Netanyahu will now have to create a coalition government with the new Yesh Atid party, which won 19 seats. There will have to be a great deal of compromise as Yesh Atid, led by former TV presenter Yair Lapid, has called for overturning the law that exempts ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students from serving in the military. Lapid has also demanded that the government commit to a peace plan with Palestine.

    Gen. John Allen cleared in misconduct inquiry, http://rtvote.com/XzNXoO
    General John Allen, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, has been cleared of wrongdoing regarding an allegedly inappropriate e-mail exchange with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. Kelley, who was blackmailed by General Petraeus’ mistress, has recently publicly denied any inappropriate contact with Allen.

    Obama ‘will not oppose’ House GOP plan to suspend debt limit until May, http://rtvote.com/1451ATk
    The House GOP has proposed suspending the implementation of the federal debt limit until May 19. The measure would help delay or avoid another confrontation between President Obama and congress regarding the debt limit. President Obama has responded that he will not oppose the proposal, which would cause the government’s legal borrowing limit of $16.4 trillion to remain the same until May.

    The Mystery of Michelle Obama’s Eye Roll Has (Possibly) Been Solved, http://rtvote.com/SBPcXt
    Shakira Gives Birth to Baby Boy Milan, http://rtvote.com/XzOWFl“Mad Men” to return in April with a two-hour premiere, http://rtvote.com/WLnNQI

    Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez defend Beyonce in lip sync scandal, http://rtvote.com/WLnTI4

    Kelly Osbourne Engaged to Marry Matthew Mosshart, http://rtvote.com/1455xqX

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Thursday, August 11th, 2011

    British PM David Cameron means business with London rioters; Rupert Murdoch names his successor; the Palin bus tour is back; Tavis Smiley says Obama is the first president not to invite him to the White House; and a cure for leukemia may have been found. In entertainment news, @CondeElevator reveals what’s overhead in the Conde Nast elevators; Rebecca Black has been bullied out of school; and George Lopez’s ‘Lopez Tonight’ has been cancelled.



    British PM Cameron Vows Crackdown on Rioters, http://reut.rs/ppvNSe
    British Prime Minister David Cameron means business when it comes to England’s rioters. In what is perhaps an effort to make up for his massive cuts to police spending, Cameron has vowed to punish any violent rioters. The Prime Minister has ordered 16,000 policemen to be on the ground in London this weekend, and has also said he will consider military intervention if necessary. Cameron has promised to compensate businesses and anyone else who has lost money due to the riots and has told cops that they are allowed to order suspects to take off their face masks.

    Rupert Murdoch Endorses Carey as Next in Line, http://reut.rs/ngWJhp
    Rupert Murdoch has named News Corp’s COO, Chase Carey as his successor. Many believed Murdoch would have Deputy COO and his son, James Murdoch, proceed him. However, James has been in the spotlight after the recent phone hacking scandal, making Carey’s nomination not surprising.

    Palin Bus Tour to Roll into Iowa, http://bit.ly/nlYTST
    Sarah Palin’s randomly scheduled bus tour is now back on and heading to Iowa. Palin will also make stops in Missouri and Indiana.

    Tavis Smiley: Obama Is First President in My Career Not to Invite Me to the White House, http://bit.ly/pv56mx
    Tavis Smiley, the left-wing PBS radio host, has stated that President Obama has never invited him to the White House. Smiley attributes the snub to a critique he made when Obama was elected. He is now teaming up with another liberal Obama critic, Cornel West, for a bus tour.

    ‘Huge’ Results Raise Hope for Cancer Breakthrough, http://lat.ms/pAorQC
    Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have successfully cured leukemia in two of three test patients. The researchers injected the patients with a virus that infects T cells, which then destroy the leukemia cells. Scientists hope to use the cure for other types of cancer, such as colon and breast.

    (via POLITICO Morning Tech) ANONYMOUS BACKS OFF FACEBOOK PLOT: Members of the so-called hacktivist group threw cold water on a plot to launch a cyberattack against the social media giant, the L.A. Times reports. http://lat.ms/pZFsmI


    Rebecca Black Forced Out of School by Bullies, http://bit.ly/nYjzk0

    The Spy in the Conde Nast Elevator, http://bit.ly/rcZaXr

    George Lopez: I Was Fired ‘Because I’m Brown,’ http://bit.ly/qoT4JU

    “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas:” First Look, http://bit.ly/qsxeCT

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

    The House has passed a conservative deficit reduction plan, Cameron tells Parliament he would have never hired Andy Coulson, Obama endorses the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, a great white shark is released after jumping onto a boat, Republican candidates will debate on Facebook, and Apple launches Mac OS X Lion.

    Caitlin, Katie, + Perry


    (via POLITICO Breaking News)
    On a largely party line vote, the House has passed a conservative deficit reduction plan known as “Cut, Cap and Balance” on a 234-190 vote. The bill includes caps on spending and a balanced budget amendment, but it has little chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate and faces a veto threat from President Barack Obama.

    Phone hacking: Cameron’s ‘regret’ over hiring Coulson,
    Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs that in hindsight, “I would not have offered [Andy Coulson] the [Head of Communications] job and I expect that he wouldn’t have taken it.” Cameron added that “If it turns out I have been lied to that would be a moment for a profound apology, and in that event I can tell you I will not fall short.”

    Obama Endorses Feinstein’s Bill To Repeal The Defense Of Marriage Act,
    President Obama still has not come out in support of same-sex marriage; however, his administration continues to fight anti-gay legislation, most recently DOMA. Specifically, Obama has endorsed a bill that would give federal protections and benefits, like joint-income tax filing and spousal Social Security benefits, to same-sex couples.

    Young Democrats will register voters despite strict new rules by Republicans,
    The Florida legislature has tightened the rules of third party voter registration drives, but young Democrats say they will not be discouraged. The state has a new requirement that volunteers turn voter registrations into elections offices within 48 hours, or else they will face fines. The law also shortens early voting from 14 days to eight, and voters who have moved from one county to another since registering to vote can no longer cast a regular ballot.

    NAACP opposes new voter ID law,
    The NAACP says that the new voter ID law in South Carolina, signed into law by Gov. Nikki Haley, discriminates against voter turnout. Reverend Nelson Rivers stated that “In America, we should be trying to include people in the voting process. This law excludes people.”

    Reporter Accosted After Bachmann Comments on Migraines,
    ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross ran into some trouble at a Bachmann rally in South Carolina. When Bachmann left without taking questions, Ross ran after her, asking if she had ever missed a vote due to a migraine. Bachmann’s bodyguards “pounced on him, grabbing and pushing him multiple times.”

    Facebook and Republican party team for debates. Do you ‘like’ this?
    The Republican Party announced that it will be holding its first-ever Facebook debate sometime next year before the New Hampshire primary. It will be moderated by Meet the Press’ David Gregory and streamed live on Facebook so that users will be able to give instant feedback.

    Apple launches Mac OS X Lion in Mac App Store,
    It’s been a good week for Apple. Yesterday the company announced a record $7.31 billion in profit (a 183% increase in profit from last year). And today the company unleashes Lion, the newest version of its OS X operating system with over 250 new features.


    Comic-Con kicks off with fans, flicks, costumes, http://bit.ly/oN0oLL

    Kim K Suing Old Navy — You Can’t COPY Me!!!!! http://bit.ly/ovKF7G

    It’s A Boy For Maya Rudolph, http://bit.ly/rtskpQ

    ‘Harry Potter’ Author Scores Multi-Million $$ Thank You, http://bit.ly/qypzQO

    Katie Scholick
    Bio: Duke University, Class of 2013 Majoring in Psychology, Certificate in Markets and Management.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Monday, July 18, 2011

    Monday, July 18th, 2011

    The Deputy Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police resigns, the former Chief Executive of News International is arrested, a $1.5 trillion debt deal is being considered, former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray will run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Japan is set to ban Fukushima cattle shipments, and Giuliani tells the GOP to “stay out of” gay marriage. Also, groups urge feds to throw out Florida’s election laws, and nearly 180,000 South Carolina voters are affected by the state’s new voter ID law.

    Caitlin, Katie, + Perry


    Another Top Police Official Resigns in British Scandal,
    Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered a special parliamentary session after the resignation of Deputy Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, John Yates. Yates resigned a day after the former Chief Executive of News International, Rebekah Brooks was arrested and kept in custody for 12 hours.

    Congress tees up crucial votes on debt limit,
    We’re now just two weeks away from a government default, and a few possible deals to raise the debt ceiling are starting to take shape. A $1.5 trillion deal is being pushed by Senators Reid and McConnell. The deal would include cuts to domestic programs only. President Obama is still hoping for a bigger deal with $3 trillion in cuts and $1 trillion in taxes.

    (via National Journal N2K) CLOSE A DOOR, OPEN A WINDOW. Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren won’t get to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after President Obama announced he was giving the job to former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray. But Democrats may have something else in mind for Warren: She has shown increasing interest in a Senate bid in her home state, where Sen. Scott Brown so far faces a lackluster field. Warren would have faced a tough confirmation fight, but losing a nomination bid only to serve in the Senate has happened before; just ask Sen. Jeff Sessions.

    Japan set to ban Fukushima cattle shipments after radioactive meat scare,
    The effects from Japan’s nuclear crisis continue. Potentially harmful levels of radiation have been found in the country’s food supply. Specifically, cows were fed rice straw that was harvested after the March 11 tsunami-triggered meltdown. The beef, some of which has already been processed and consumed, has high levels of radioactive cesium.

    Woman Who Groped TSA Agent’s Breast Let Out of Jail,
    61-year-old Yukari Mihamae admitted that she grabbed the left breast of a female TSA agent at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. According to police, she “squeezed and twisted the agent’s breast with both hands” after refusing to be screened. She was charged with a felony count of sexual abuse.

    Giuliani to GOP on gay marriage: ‘Stay out of it,’
    Rudy Giuliani, who may run for the GOP presidential nomination, thinks that marriage should be between a man and woman; however, he has recently advocated that the states should decide about marriage equality laws. Giuliani believes that the Republican party should avoid “getting involved in people’s sexual lives.”

    Groups urge feds to throw out Florida’s election law for violating Voting Rights Act,
    Voting rights advocates in Florida are urging the U.S. Department of Justice to use its authority under the Voting Rights Act. Specifically, the groups are asking that the DOJ kill the Florida legislation that limits early voting and imposes new restrictions on voter registration.

    Nearly 180,000 SC voters affected by new voter ID law, http://bit.ly/o8L145
    Legislation passed in May leaves 7% of registered South Carolina voters without the proper ID they will need to vote. The Justice Department still needs to approve the ID law. If they do, thousands of would-be-voters “will have to take some action before their next election.”

    Tweets-per-second mark set during final,
    According to Twitter’s @Twitter account, Women’s World Cup fans set a new record yesterday, tweeting 7,196 times per second during the dramatic penalty kick shootout between the US and Japan. The previous record was set last New Year’s.


    Box Office Report: ‘Harry Potter’ Nabs a Record-Breaking $476 Mil in Worldwide Debut, http://bit.ly/nZe4KW

    Ivanka Trump Gives Birth to Baby Girl! http://bit.ly/oH3A6i

    50 Cent Sets Goal To Feed Billions of Africans, http://bit.ly/mPupZW

    Lopez, Anthony announce split, http://usat.ly/pNnIqK

    The Obamas watch the World Cup, http://bit.ly/oUkYmU

    Katie Scholick
    Bio: Duke University, Class of 2013 Majoring in Psychology, Certificate in Markets and Management.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

    A British tabloid has hacked a missing girl’s phone, seven Americans are missing after a boating accident in Mexico, charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be dropped, China is building a huge network of surveillance cameras, and Joey Chestnut wins Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest once again. Meanwhile, Obama has honored the 40th anniversary of the 26th amendment, the Secret Service is looking into the Fox News Twitter hack, and VP Biden joins Twitter.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer editorializes on voting rights (and Rock the Vote’s work) as we celebrate Independence Day : http://bit.ly/mTaapL.

    Caitlin, Katie, + Perry


    British Tabloid Hacked Missing Girl’s Phone, Lawyer Says, http://nyti.ms/jINrtz

    After British student, Milly Dowler went missing in 2002, the News of the World tabloid covertly hacked her phone in an effort to reveal details about her life. The tabloid listened to messages and also deleted messages so that her voice mailbox would not become full. The activity on the phone gave Dowler’s family false hope that she was still alive. The British prime minister David Cameron has said, “if [the allegations] are true, this is a truly dreadful act and a truly dreadful situation.”

    Mexico searches for 7 missing in boating accident, http://yhoo.it/mup2Q8

    The Mexican Navy is expanding efforts to find seven Americans whose fishing boat capsized two days ago in the Gulf of California. The accident left one man dead and dozens of others floating in the gulf. 19 tourists and 16 crew members were rescued after 16 hours in the water. Authorities think the warm, calm weather could help the missing seven to still be alive.

    DA set to drop charges vs. DSK, http://nyp.st/mvDmeD

    We may never know what happened between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the 32 year old Guinean hotel maid. A top investigator in the case is calling the eventual dismissal of the maid’s charges “a certainty.” Recent evidence has caused her not to be credible enough to continue her case.

    Joey Chestnut wins another hot dog title, http://es.pn/igGiGL

    Joey Chestnut ate 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes to claim his fifth straight Mustard Belt at the Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest. Chestnut still needs one more victory to tie rival Takeru Kobayashi, who was absent due to contract negotiations with Major League Eating. Chestnut responded to his rival’s absence, saying “It’s sad that he thinks he’s Kobe Bryant. This is competitive eating. It’s supposed to be fun.”

    Cisco Poised to Help China Keep an Eye on Its Citizens,

    China is paying Cisco to build a network of 500,000 surveillance cameras covering 400 square miles. Some western officials have criticized the company and others like it for contributing to the government’s political oppression. China claims the cameras are to help stop crime, but foreign officials worry the cameras will be used to observe and halt political dissent.

    Obama honors anniversary of 18-year-old vote, http://usat.ly/lREslH

    Young voters helped President Obama win the presidency in 2008. If he had ran 40 years ago when 18 year olds were not allowed to vote, the outcome could have been different. On Friday, the president issued a proclamation to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the constitutional amendment lowering the voting age from 21 to 18. He reminded us that, “Ideas from young Americans are important to my Administration, and they will help shape the future of our Nation.”

    Secret Service to probe Fox News Twitter hack that falsely reported Obama’s assassination, http://bit.ly/iwwgs4

    The Secret Service promised to “follow up” on a hack to Fox News’ Twitter account. The hackers posted six tweets, claiming that President Obama had been assassinated. The cyberattack was allegedly carried out by a group that calls itself the “Script Kiddies.” The Fox News account has over 34,000 followers.

    U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (@VP) Joins Twitter,

    Vice President Joe Biden is now on Twitter. Biden used his @VP account to thank military families on the 4th of July. At the White House tomorrow, President Obama will take questions from Twitter with the tag #AskObama.


    Chord Overstreet Gets Cut From Glee, Everyone Else Gets Divorced, http://eonli.ne/l7TbXq

    Kobayashi INHALES 69 Hot Dogs — The VIDEO! http://bit.ly/jfOn6W

    Daniel Radcliffe Reveals His Alcohol Problem, http://bit.ly/jbv4vc

    ‘Transformers’ Sequel Sets Box-Office Record, http://on.mtv.com/j6bl6m

    Netflix to launch in Latin America later this year, http://lat.ms/mlbJ2U

    Katie Scholick
    Bio: Duke University, Class of 2013 Majoring in Psychology, Certificate in Markets and Management.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com