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    Last Minute Regstration in FL

    Monday, October 4th, 2010

    With it being the last day to register to vote in Florida, our state coordinator Blaire has been working hard at registering University of Florida students all day on campus. And, it seems that the weather was best for doing so – with highs in the lower 80s and sunshine everywhere (now, if only we could have this kind of weather at our DC headquarters).

    Besides their love of voter registration – which takes only a few minutes – the staff of Rock the Vote and UF students also love to play with dogs. And, why not? Who says you can’t register and have fun at the same time? But, the fun can’t last forever. Today is the LAST day to register to vote for 19 states. Even if yours is not one of them, register today on our website by clicking here before your state’s deadline approaches.

    Remember that October is National Voter Registration Month. Register and get your voice heard! And then you can play with a dog too – if you feel like it.


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    RTV on CBS Unplugged

    Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

    Major elections were held in Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, Oklahoma and Florida yesterday. The results are pretty remarkable. Vermont has what may be a four-way tie in the Democratic Gubernatorial primary, former Vice President Dan Quayle’s son Ben Quayle who called President Obama the “worst President in history” won his GOP primary for Congress, it looks like Tea Party candidate Joe Miller may have knocked out Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska GOP senate primary and in Florida another far-right candidate took the GOP’s nomination for governor of that state.

    What does it mean for young voters? Well, CBS’s Washington Unplugged asked Rock the Vote’s own Florida State Coordinator Blaire Yancy about the impact on young voters in the Sunshine State.

    Check out a clip of Blaire on the show via her webcam.


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    Florida Community College Rocks

    Thursday, July 15th, 2010

    Young people around Florida face serious obstacles to obtain a higher education degree these days. The state university Board of Governors put into effect a 15% tuition increase at all public universities—the largest hike allowed under the law. The wounded economy caused sparse lending, capped scholarships, and tighter requirements for public funding like the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

    With the state’s tough job market and steep unemployment stats, the future may seem grim for young people in Florida. Luckily, a glimmer of hope exists in Florida’s vast infrastructure of community colleges. As featured in the Miami Herald, many of Florida’s community colleges have amped up their catalogs by adding four-year degree programs to suit new high-demand careers. Community colleges are now providing opportunities to students unable to take on the major cost of a university education.

    Kristen Bell, who is 22, spent two years at Sante Fe Community College (now Sante Fe College) prior to attending University of Tampa, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in May. Kristen is by the highest standards a dedicated leader and activist on campus and in her community. She spoke to Rock the Vote about the promise of community colleges and the opportunities they offer to young people in Florida:

    “It is becoming increasingly difficult to afford school and people are simply dropping out to pay the bills. For someone who wants to receive a degree from a major university like I did, a community college is a great way cut the cost significantly.”

    Kristen really likes the quality of education she received at her community college.  ”Community colleges are teaching institutions as opposed to research institutions, like major universities.  It is a professor’s job, first and foremost, to teach.”

    Financially and academically, and socially, Florida community colleges are competing strongly with state universities. Kristen says they’re not all that different:

    “At Santa Fe, there were plenty of student activities, just like a four-year university. We have athletic teams, a newspaper and literary journal, student government, young Democrats and Republicans, theater, and volunteer groups. There are so many other ways to get involved, meet people, and make like-minded friends.”  

    Kristen says she would recommend community college to any Floridian. As young people like her continue to show just how resourceful the millennial generation can be, Rock the Vote wants to make sure you have the resources to participate in your political process. Remember that your vote can make a difference on every issue – from tuition hikes to the oil spill. So if you haven’t already, register to vote here, sign up to volunteer here, and get out to vote this November 2nd.


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    Rocking the Sunshine State

    Thursday, May 27th, 2010

    Hey everybody! My name is Blaire Yancy and I am the State Coordinator in Florida with Rock the Vote. I grew up in beautiful Tampa Bay, spent my college years in Southwest Florida, and have family scattered up and down the state’s east coast. As a Floridian, I know there are few places as perfect as Key West or natural beauties as awe-inspiring as the Everglades. I love every inch of Florida and I am thrilled to be a part of the surging youth movement here.

    I am currently on the ground in Orlando and will make my way to the ultimate swamp, Gainesville, in August. Florida is a very big state and we need Rock the Vote volunteers to join us in every city and town throughout it. Millions upon millions of young people have registered and voted in growing numbers since 2000, but that does not mean our work has ended.

    This year in Florida Rock the Vote will attend concerts, sports games, festivals, farmer’s markets, and other fun events across the state to register young people to vote. Over a third of the young voters who cast a ballot in 2008 have moved since that election and might move again in August. We need to reach those movers to update their registration and register the hundreds of thousands newly eligible young people across Florida.

    I hope you join us. For information on upcoming events or to apply for a Florida internship, contact me at blaire@rockthevote.com.


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com