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    News Round-Up: November 15, 2013

    Friday, November 15th, 2013

    San Francisco turns into Gotham City for a day; Toronto’s city council strips notorious mayor, Rob Ford, of some power after another public embarrassment; and one of the largest child pornography schemes has been busted. Meanwhile, Chris Breezy is out of rehab, and RiRi and Drake drop $17,000 at a strip club together.

    -Sandy + Maura



    San Francisco transforms into Gotham to make 5-year-old’s wish to be Batkid come true,http://rtvote.com/HXc0ht
    San Francisco is no more. The City by the Bay is officially Gotham City… at least for today. The city-wide transformation is all for Miles, a five-year-old who has successfully battled leukemia since he was only a year old. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the power of social media, Miles’s dreams will come true as he fights villains alongside Batman as “Batkid”. Thanks for keeping Gotham City safe, Batkid!

    Toronto’s City Council votes to strip embattled mayor of some powerhttp://rtvote.com/1bAbMHq
    Toronto mayor Rob Ford just can’t help himself. After adding to his list of missteps with some very vulgar comments about oral sex on live Canadian television, Toronto’s city council decided Friday to strip Ford of his ability to appoint and dismiss his senior staff. Even though his power on the political stage is shrinking, don’t expect to see any less of him. Mayor Ford and his brother, Doug, will begin their new “Ford Nation” television show on Monday (No, I’m not kidding. I wish I was.).

    Woman sells wedding ring for tickets to Chiefs-Broncos gamehttp://rtvote.com/1dyLTqX
    A woman found a buyer on Craigslist who traded his football game tickets for her wedding ring. Don’t stress – she claims the ring was from a previous marriage. The buyer will be using his new ring to propose to his girlfriend this Sunday. Smart trade, guys. The ex-wife gets to see some men with tight butts play a good game of football, and Mr. Buyer gets a happy fiancée. What could be better?

    Canada Says 386 Kids Rescued in Child Porn Busthttp://rtvote.com/HQpZor
    Canadian police have released the details on one of the largest child porn busts they’ve seen to date. The investigation, dubbed the Project Spade operation, has led to the rescue of 386 children around the world and the arrest of 348 people. 108 of those arrests were made in Canada, and 76 in the United States. The remaining arrests were made in other countries. Amongst the perpetrators were school teachers, doctors, and actors.

    China easing 1-child policy amid elderly bloomhttp://rtvote.com/1j9xH99
    The ruling Communist Party of China has said they will loosen its decades-old one-child policy. Labor camps, which are currently used by local officials to deal with people who challenge their authority on issues including land rights and corruption, will also be abolished.



    R&B singer Chris Brown out of rehab, working on community service requirement,http://rtvote.com/HULoNE

    Adam Levine Plays Coy About People’s Sexiest Man Alive Rumor, Reveals Wedding Details onTodayhttp://rtvote.com/17yAvwH

    Rihanna and Drake Drop More Than $17,000 Together at Strip Club in Houston: Exclusive Details,http://rtvote.com/1aXNHfa

    Pregnant Megan Fox Covers Baby Bump During Lunch Outing With Hubby Brian Austin Green,http://rtvote.com/18ACSdl


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    News Round-Up: Tuesday, July 23, 2013

    Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

    Six people die in ongoing protests in Egypt; the Royal Baby is born; US military officer suggests against intervention in Syria; and crash landing in New York leads to injuries. Meanwhile, Beyonce’s hair gets caught in a fan; Amanda Bynes is accused of trespassing; and J.J. Abrams talks about Star Wars 7 movie.
    -Ally + Maura

    6 Die in Egypt as Morsi Supporters Continue Protests
    Six people were killed Tuesday near a sit-in in Cairo, bringing the 24-hour death toll to 9 and making this the most fatal period since July 8, 2013. The current event was marked by street violence, indicating a shift from July 8 when most civilians were killed by soldiers and police officers.

    Southwest’s LaGuardia Airport Landing Gear Collapse Results in Injuries, http://rtvote.com/15F9kdZ
    The malfunctioned front landing gear of a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to New York led to a crash Monday evening. There were no fatalities, but at least 22 passengers and crew were given medical attention on the scene or at the hospital. The event was given heightened attention following the Asiana crash-landing in San Francisco about 2 weeks ago.

    World awaits first glimpse of Kate and William’s royal baby boy, http://rtvote.com/15Fc4b6
    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William have welcomed a baby boy as the new royal heir, who will be third in line for the British throne. The prince was born at 4:24 PM on Monday, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces. A name has not yet been announced.

    US military intervention in Syria would create ‘unintended consequences,’ http://rtvote.com/131Vd3M
    General Martin Dempsey, a top U.S. military officer, suggested that involving US troops in Syria would likely lead to deeper involvement and “unintended consequences.” He also suggests that without viable opposition to the Syrian regime, we could “inadvertently empower extremists or unleash the very chemical weapons we seeks to control.”

    Due to Global Warming, End Is Virtually Certain for NYC, Boston, Miami, Holland, http://rtvote.com/19fLz1o
    Carbon emission reports predict a rise in sea levels anywhere from 8 inches to 7 feet in the next 100 years. By the end of the century, reports say there will be at least a 4-degree Fahrenheit temperature rise on Earth.

    Beyonce: My Hair is Stuck in the Fan!, http://rtvote.com/15FjmM1

    Amanda Bynes: Accused of Trespassing, Cops Called to Old Folks Home, http://rtvote.com/19fL9YE

    Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Talks Human Castiel, Fatherhood and Playing Batman: “It Would Be a Dream Come True,”http://rtvote.com/15Fl8gc

    Miley Cyrus Calls Justin Bieber ‘Stupid,’ Suggests He Take a Break, http://rtvote.com/15Fv3Cs

    J.J. Abrams NOT Leaving Star Wars 7, Says Lucasfilm, http://rtvote.com/15Fvf4D

    Bio: Maura graduated from the University of Dayton in 2011 with a BA in International Studies and French. During the course of her studies she was elected Student Body Vice President where she worked to make student activity funding more affordable & fair to the campus community. Following graduation, Maura joined the 2012 Obama Campaign as grassroots Field Organizer in Ohio (the battleground of all battleground states). She now continues her passion of engaging and building political power for young people with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

    In today’s news, gun sales are up in Colorado; women’s soccer begins its Olypmic Games; and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is married. Meanwhile, Batman star Christian Bale visits the victims of the Aurora shooting, and Kristen Stewart allegedly cheats on Robert Pattinson.

    Maureen + Caitlin


    Aurora theater shooting: Gun sales up since tragedy, http://bit.ly/MHT3we
    The weekend after the horrific shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation approved background checks for 2,887 people who wanted to buy a firearm. These numbers reflect a 43 percent increase from the previous weekend and a 39 percent increase from the first weekend in July. There were 1,216 sales alone on the Friday following Thursday night’s shooting. These background checks do not necessarily reflect the actual number of guns sold, as purchasers may have bought more than one gun or decided not to purchase any at all.

    U.S. women’s soccer opens Olympic Games today, http://on.freep.com/OZDttK
    Women’s soccer Olympic Games open today in Glasgow, Scotland, nearly 400 miles away from the London center stage and two days before the opening ceremonies. Both soccer and archery are the two events that begin early because extra days are needed to play a sufficient slate of games that won’t wear out the players. The United States will play France today after its own version of an opening ceremony: head coach Pia Sundhage sang “Have a little faith in me,” at the historic Hampden Park. The U.S. team, two-time defending champs, are only guaranteed to play in London if they make the gold-medal game. They will not be attending Friday’s Opening Ceremony because they have an afternoon game against Colombia in Glasgow the next day.

    Kim Jong-un Is A Now Married Man, http://read.bi/Qj8y2Z
    North Korean TV just announced that supreme leader Kim Jong-un has married the mystery woman he has been seen with in public. The woman, a singer, has now been identified as “comrade Ri Sol Ju.” This marriage comes as another sign of Kim’s desire to differentiate his regime from his father. It also coincides with a power struggle amongst top officials.


    ‘Dark Knight’ Star Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Victims, http://bit.ly/M8slAx

    Kristen Stewart Reportedly Cheats on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, http://bit.ly/Mm1HzL

    ‘Modern Family’ Cast WE WANT OUT, http://bit.ly/NuPJbo

    Sherman Hemsley: A tribute to the great George Jefferson, and more, http://bit.ly/NJERDC

    Maureen Dolan
    Bio: Maureen is the Marketing & Communications intern for Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Thursday, July 12th, 2012

    A letter is released where Joe Paterno addresses the Sandusky scandal; another high-level diplomat defects from Assad’s regime; and the FBI releases reports on the Trayvon Martin case. Meanwhile, Kristin Chenoweth is hospitalized after an on-set accident, and the Batman movie is already creating Oscar buzz.

    Maureen + Caitlin


    Paterno defended football, Penn State in letter before his death, http://bit.ly/No291Z
    In a letter he wrote before his death in January, former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno addresses the sex abuse scandal involving his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Paterno wrote, “This is not a football scandal and should not be treated as one.” The letter was intended to be published as a guest editorial, but one of the players who received a copy likely released it.

    Defector lashes Assad, troops raid Damascus suburb, http://reut.rs/NjCQwl
    Nawaf al-Fares, Syria’s ambassador to its friendly neighbor Iraq, has abandoned President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, though Sryia insists he was fired. In this first-confirmed high-level departure, Fares told the Army to “turn your guns on the criminals” that comprise Assad’s government. Fares’ defection comes shortly after the dissent of the Republican Guard’s brigadier general, Manaf Tlas, who was a close friend of Assad’s.

    FBI interviews among evidence to be released in Zimmerman case, http://bit.ly/LRCfSy
    The FBI will release its reports on the Trayvon Martin shooting today. This report could answer the looming question in the second-degree murder case: was shooter George Zimmerman motivated by race? Zimmerman was released on $1 million bond last week, after his initial bail of $150,000 was revoked when the judge discovered that Zimmerman and his wife failed to disclose over $150,000 in donations from the public.


    Kristin Chenoweth Hospitalized After Accident on ‘The Good Wife,’ http://bit.ly/NOAGFn

    ‘Batman’ could be first comic book movie to get an Oscar, http://fxn.ws/MmQP5n

    Magic GM says talks with Nets for Dwight Howard have reached a stalemate, http://bit.ly/NqGEdH

    Tom Cruise’s former Scientology auditor speaks about Cruise/Kidman divorce, http://bit.ly/SbNwAn

    Maureen Dolan
    Bio: Maureen is the Marketing & Communications intern for Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Friday, December 16, 2011

    Friday, December 16th, 2011

    Bradley Manning will appear in court for the first time; the ICC has concerns that Gaddafi’s death is a war crime; a Tea Party co-founder has been arrested at La Guardia airport; Rick Perry aspires to be Tim Tebow; Gov. Nikki Haley endorses Mitt Romney; and Rock the Vote, LOWV FL, and FL PIRGs have filed a federal lawsuit over Florida’s new voter registration laws. Meanwhile, Russell Brand comes to late night TV, Christian Bale is accosted after trying to visit a Chinese activist, and Madonna reveals a stellar Super Bowl setlist.



    Accused Army document leaker faces hearing, http://goo.gl/pAmf8
    Pfc. Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, will appear in court for the first time today (one day before his 24th birthday). His charges include aiding the enemy, which could earn him life in prison. The pre-trial hearings could run through December 23. Supporters of Manning and WikiLeaks are planning to protest against the charges.

    ICC prosecutor: Concerns over Gaddafi’s death, http://goo.gl/aJ0EJ
    Luis Moreno, the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, said yesterday that Muammar Gaddafi’s death may be considered a war crime. Moreno’s comments come after Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha, demanded the ICC investigate her father’s death. The ICC prosecutor has sent a letter to Libya’s new government inquiring about its plans for investigating possible war crimes at the hand of Gaddafi loyalists and rebels.

    Tea Party Leader Mark Meckler Arrested With Handgun At Airport, http://goo.gl/5YXBq
    Tea Party Leader Mark Meckler was arrested after trying to check in his handgun at La Guardia airport today. Meckler’s Glock 27 is registered in California but not New York, causing it to be an illegal weapon. The Tea Party co-founder could face up to 15 years in prison for second-degree possession of an illegal weapon.

    Voter registration groups sue over new Florida election law, http://goo.gl/gcqvm
    The League of Women Voters of Florida, Rock the Vote and Florida Public Interest Research Group Education Fund are filing a lawsuit in a federal Tallahassee court over Florida’s newly implemented laws that restrict community voter registration. Attorneys for the group “argue the law is unconstitutional and violates the ‘motor voter’ law by imposing burdensome regulations on volunteers and steep penalties for mistakes, such as not turning in voter registration applications within 48 hours. The window used to be 10 days.” The League of Women Voters has been registering voters in Florida since 1972 but had to stop its efforts after Gov. Rick Scott signed these registration restrictions into law. See the full press release announcing the lawsuit here: http://goo.gl/ebEzr.

    Young voters, once enthusiastic, disenchanted with Obama, http://goo.gl/hwXMc
    According to a Harvard University poll released yesterday, young voters are disenchanted with Obama with 36% of them believing he will not be re-elected. While less than half of the 18-29 year-olds polled approved of Obama’s job as president, they said they would still support him over any other Republican candidate. “They are not particularly inspired by Romney, Gingrich or anyone else,” Trey Grayson, director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics, said of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich.

    Nikki Haley Endorses Mitt Romney, http://goo.gl/4v5bV
    On Fox and Friends today, Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley endorsed Mitt Romney despite Newt Gingrich’s leading surge in her state. Haley was elected with help from Tea Party constituents, which could help bolster Romney in states where he is trailing Gingrich. “What I wanted was someone who knew what it was like to turn broken companies around,” Haley reasoned.

    Christopher Hitchens Dies: His Best Writing, Photos, and More, http://goo.gl/L8oMX
    Journalist and essayist Christopher Hitchens died last night after an almost two year-long battle with esophageal cancer. Hitchens, best known for his columns in Vanity Fair, had taken on any and every authority figure. In his columns, he denounced Mother Theresa as a fanatic and fraud, Henry Kissinger as a war criminal, and Bill Clinton as corrupt. To most people’s surprise, he also supported the War in Iraq. “He took on Mother Teresa, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, and even God, but always with a rush of wrathful passion for justice and the truth. He was our generation’s George Orwell,” says The Daily Beast.


    ‘Batman’ star Bale punched, stopped from visiting blind Chinese activist, http://goo.gl/OTR6c

    Katy Perry named MTV’s 2011 artist of the year, http://goo.gl/qE6lj

    Russell Brand Lands FX Talk Show, http://goo.gl/CU73o

    The Biebs Set For X Factor Finale, http://goo.gl/5MzWJ

    Madonna’s Super Bowl Setlist!, http://goo.gl/fg4Am

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com