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    News Round-Up: November 18, 2013

    Monday, November 18th, 2013

    Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin awaits his execution; the Cheney sisters bicker over Facebook; and a father stands trial for leaving his gun loaded and unsecured, which led to his 4-year-old killing their next-door-neighbor. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence talks about her social anxiety, and a VS Angel takes back her slam on Taylor Swift.

    -Sandy + Maura



    Top Syrian rebel commander Abdul Qadir al-Saleh dieshttp://rtvote.com/17Eh9AV
    A top Syrian rebel commander has died of wounds sustained in an air strike on a rebel-held air base in Aleppo province on Thursday. Abdul Qadir al-Saleh was the leader of Liwa al-Tawhid, one of the main rebel forces in Aleppo. BBC Reporter James Reynolds says this is a “big symbolic victory” for Mr. Assad’s forces.

    Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin prepares to diehttp://rtvote.com/HVf39c
    Joseph Paul Franklin, the man who murdered 22 people between 1977 to 1980, is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday in Missouri. His victims included Jewish people, African-Americans, and interracial couples. His mission was “to get a race war started.”

    D.C. insurance commissioner fired a day after questioning Obamacare fixhttp://rtvote.com/I1kJ2b
    A day after he questioned President Obama’s decision to dismantle a major part of the Affordable Care Act, D.C. insurance commissioner William P. White was fired. White had expressed his opposition to President Obama’s Thursday announcement that those whose plans would be canceled could keep their policies for another year.

    Dispute Over Gay Marriage Erupts in Cheney Familyhttp://rtvote.com/1amp9ea
    Mary and Liz Cheney are no longer the adorably close sisters who tagged along on their father’s campaigns. A feud has erupted between them, and they’ve taken it to social media. Things started yesterday when Liz appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and said she opposed same-sex marriage. Her sister, who is homosexual, fired back at her on Facebook.

    Father of boy, 4, who killed playmate rejects plea dealhttp://rtvote.com/1aBJn2w
    Anthony Senatore’s 4-year-old son got a hold of his father’s loaded rifle on April 8th and shot and killed his 6-year-old neighbor. The gun was unsecured in Senatore’s bedroom, and he now faces five charges of child endangerment. The parents of the six-year-old victim, Brandon Holt, are also filing a lawsuit against Robert and Melissa Senatore, seeking more than $1 million in damages.



    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Make First Red Carpet Appearance in Six Months, http://rtvote.com/17hemAH

    Ireland Baldwin Defends Alec Baldwin on Twitter: “Let My Dad Be,” http://rtvote.com/HVpUjy

    Jennifer Lawrence Reveals She Suffered From Social Anxiety, Used Acting to Cope, http://rtvote.com/1gYFkCx

    Victoria’s Secret Angel Jessica Hart Backtracks After Taylor Swift Criticism, http://rtvote.com/1amBHCh


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    News Round-Up: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

    Hillary Clinton calls Sinai an operational base for terrorists; Assad may start to use chemical weapons against Syrian rebels; and the FDA approves a pill to prevent HIV. Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen will donate at least $1 million to U.S. troops, and the Obamas attend a Team USA basketball game.

    Maureen + Caitlin


    Clinton warns Sinai could turn into jihadist haven, http://bit.ly/OE5CXi
    In an interview with CNN yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Sinai, the desert that borders Israel and Egypt, could become an “operational base” for jihadists if heightened security does not continue. Since Mubarak’s government fell in Egypt, Israel has had reason to be concerned about the region. The desert also poses a threat to Americans who are there monitoring the Camp David Accord.

    Syria: Assad regime ‘ready to use chemical weapons,’ http://bbc.in/NtD7Qg
    Nawaf Fares, the most senior Syrian politician to defect from the country, has given unconfirmed reports to BBC that the Syrian regime is ready to use chemical weapons on rebels. Fares described Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as “a wounded wolf and cornered.” The violent conflict in Syria started in March of last year when protests against Assad’s government began. Syria is known to have large amounts of chemical weapons.

    FDA approves first pill to help prevent HIV, http://on.today.com/Lot0aT
    Yesterday, the FDA approved the first drug shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Gilead Sciences’ pill, Truvada, has been declared a preventative measure for those at high risk of acquiring HIV, such as those who have HIV-positive partners. The drug comes as a milestone in the 30-year battle against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS and has impacted the lives of 50,000 people each year for the last 15 years. Truvada is already on the market to manage HIV, but now Gilead Sciences may formally market the drug for preventative use.


    Actor Christian Bale reflects on years as ‘Dark Knight,’ http://trib.in/MEgxAR

    Presidential rejection: Obama turned down on Kiss Cam, http://usat.ly/NtBUZd

    Alexa Vega files for divorce, http://bit.ly/SEYfUb

    Charlie Sheen I’m Donating $1 MILLION to U.S. Troops, http://bit.ly/NSi2yn

    Maureen Dolan
    Bio: Maureen is the Marketing & Communications intern for Rock the Vote.

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