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    News Round-Up: Monday, January 27, 2014

    Monday, January 27th, 2014

    Multiple avalanches block a major road in Alaska; the motive behind Saturday’s Maryland mall shooting may be concealed in the shooter’s journal; a Congressman resigns; and a Penn State student is arrested on bomb charges. Meanwhile, the biggest night of music provided surprising wins, awesome fashion, and some awkward dance moves. Find out everything about the 2014 Grammy Awards right here!

    - Veronica + Maura 


    Avalanches cut road travel to Valdez, Alaska: http://rtvote.com/M4WcdS
    Multiple avalanches have covered the only highway into Valdez, Alaska. Officials are urging residents to evacuate because water began to build up behind the debris and snow piles. A shelter has been created at a local high school for those who have chosen to evacuate their homes. The highway is expected to be closed for at least another week.

    Journal may reveal mall shooter’s motive: http://rtvote.com/1gjATmM
    The journal of 19-year-old Darion Marcus Aguilar, the gunman responsible for the Maryland mall shooting on Saturday, may provide details of his motive. The journal was taken from Aguilar’s home after police responded to a missing persons report: before his identity as the shooter had been confirmed. The journal was taken by a police officer who said it contained “enough disturbing information” to cause worry. The contents of the journal have not been released.

    Rep. Trey Radel to resign from Congress After Drug Plea: http://rtvote.com/1gjDnl6
    Representative Trey Radel, a Republican Congressman from Florida convicted of possessing cocaine in November, will resign from Congress. As a freshman congressman, Radel took time off to attend rehab and vowed to stay in office as he sought treatment. The House Ethics Committee, who was looking into Radel’s case to see if he had broken other laws, will lose jurisdiction over his case after his resignation. Many candidates have their eyes on potentially running for his seat, including state Senate Majority Leader Lizbeth Benacquisto and, possibly, former Representative Connie Mack.

    Penn State student arrested for constructing ‘weapons of mass destruction’: http://rtvote.com/1eaJkxA
    Eighteen year-old Vladislav Miftakhov was arrested when police, investigating his room for a marijuana-related claim, found two homemade bombs and bomb-making materials. The Russian college student was charged with “risking catastrophe” and “unlawful possession of weapons of mass destruction.” Miftakhov told authorities he intended to use the explosives at some point.


    The biggest night in music has come to an end: see the complete list of winners here! http://rtvote.com/1fhWCZk

    View photos of the Grammys biggest performances here: http://rtvote.com/1mOt9H7

    Who rocked the red carpet, and who hit a sour note; see the best and worst dressed stars from the 2014 Grammys: http://rtvote.com/LfHrF8

    Macklemore texts Kendrick Lamar after Grammy win: http://rtvote.com/1f2A91r


    Veronica Barger
    Bio: Veronica is currently studying communications, law, economics, and government at American University in Washington, DC. Originally from New Jersey, she has held an interest in politics since the 2008 presidential election. Being a newly registered voter, she understands how important it is for young people to register to vote and have their voices heard. She looks to spread that message with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

    A civil war in Yemen is seeming more and more likely; 55 pounds of Sarah Palin’s e-mails are going straight to the media; Google messed up; and Coachella will bring more music to more ears. Also, if you’re going to the dentist soon, make sure your insurance covers Foreign Accent Syndrome.

    Maegan + Caitlin


    Tribesmen Seize Government Buildings in Sanaa, http://bit.ly/kO6pCj

    Rebellious tribesmen captured a number of Yemeni government buildings yesterday, including the headquarters of the party in power. 41 people died in yesterday’s fighting.

    State Prepares to Release Palin Emails, http://bit.ly/mizbsE

    At the request of several news organizations, Alaska will release 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s e-mails from when she was governor.

    A Curious Case of Foreign Accent Syndrome, http://n.pr/jBCU5w

    A woman, who may have suffered a small stroke after receiving anesthesia at a routine dentist appointment, has developed the incredibly rare “Foreign Accent Syndrome.” The syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes people to involuntarily speak with an accent. The woman likes her new accent, which she says is sort of British, Irish, and Eastern European. Another reported case notes a British woman who developed a Chinese accent after a migraine.

    Google Missed ‘Friend’ Thing, http://on.wsj.com/mfFfOP

    Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt admitted yesterday that it was his fault Google missed the boat on utilizing social media.

    Barack Obama ’12: Not Such a Boys’ Club, http://politi.co/lkuwAk

    President Obama’s 2012 campaign has hired Juliana Smoot and Jen O’Malley Dillon to be its deputy campaign managers. Obama’s 2008 campaign consisted of mostly men, and some are decrying the two women’s hire as a stunt to make up for 2008′s gender gap. Others are saying that Smoot and O’Malley Dillon are merely the best in the campaign and fundraising games.

    Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War, http://nyti.ms/jfxZQy

    The Pentagon will reveal a plan for retaliation for cyberattacks. So far, the plan notes that cyberattacks from foreign countries can be considered “acts of war.” Larger details from the strategy have yet to be revealed.

    Twitter E-mails Congress Safety Tips, http://politi.co/kUhMsx

    Twitter’s Adam Sharp e-mailed congress some tips on how to keep Twitter accounts safe from hackers. Sharp’s e-mails comes four days after Rep. Anthony Weiner claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked, causing what some are now calling “Weinergate.”


    Armstrong’s Lawyers Want Apology from ’60 Minutes,’ http://apne.ws/k4Dj1E

    Steve Martin Caught in $130,000 Art Forgery Flap over “Landscape with Horses” Painting, http://nyp.st/iqsosq

    Mitt Romney Admits that He’s a Twihard, http://bit.ly/iy1KoZ

    Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” Highest Selling Album in 6 Years, http://bit.ly/mJtDmY

    It’s a Boy for Real Housewife Kim Zolciak, http://bit.ly/lxVOJ5

    Coachella Expanding to Two Weekends in 2012, http://bit.ly/lGoyFO

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News round-up: Monday, September 20, 2010

    Monday, September 20th, 2010

    Hey Rockers,

    In today’s news we have more pols hunting for those early voters, Lisa Murkowski is looking to make history, Carter blames Kennedy, Hawaii Governors race is now set and Lindsay Lohan admits via Twitter that she failed her most recent drug test.


    More politicians seeking out early voters: http://bit.ly/9U9Uuf

    An increasing number of voters are casting their ballots early, and politicians are employing various strategies to secure their support.

    Murkowski to run write-in campaign in Alaska Senate race: http://nyti.ms/d9SHOW

    After losing in the primary to Tea Party-favored Joe Miller, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski announced she will run as write-in candidate for Alaska’s Senate race.

    Results from Hawaii’s primary: http://bit.ly/bUCZx2

    Democrat Neil Abercrombie and Republican James Aiona will compete to succeed Hawaii governor Linda Lingle.

    Thousands of felons, dead people still registered to vote in Fla.: http://bit.ly/dDfBpY

    While Florida has reduced the number of currently incarcerated and deceased on its voter rolls since 2008, a number of them still remain.

    Polls show a tough challenge for Ohio’s top Democrats: http://bit.ly/9xskPm

    Although polls vary on the lead of Republican John Kasich over Governor Ted Strickland, most agree that Republican Rob Portman has a substantial lead over Lee Fisher in the Senate contest.

    Jimmy Carter blames Ted Kennedy for blocking healthcare bill during Carter presidency: http://bit.ly/dphPRn

    Carter said in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes that Kennedy prevented comprehensive healthcare reform from passing years ago.


    Lindsay Lohan Confesses: ‘I Did In Fact Fail’ Drug Test: http://bit.ly/9J84q7

    Lohan tweeted: “Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn’t go away over night.”

    Kim Kardashian Splits with Miles Austin: http://bit.ly/bxAJzl

    Kardashian’s friends and family have advised her to stop dating athletes for awhile.

    Russell Brand Arrested – by a Paparazzo: http://bit.ly/aA05qo

    The comedian/actor got into a scuffle with paparazzi in the airport.

    Tom Yarnell
    Bio: Tom is a former Rock the Vote communications team member who now works for an intellectual property law firm in DC. He loves sports and coming back to blog for RTV!
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    Election Day!!

    Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

    If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma or Vermont then you have one thing to do today. VOTE! It’s Election Day and if you aren’t making your voice heard, then you’re making a mistake. Get out there and cast your vote.

    Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma all have tools for finding your polling place. So, you’re registered to vote, you have an opinion and you know where your polling place is. Those three things mean you should vote today.


    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com