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    News Round-Up: November 15, 2013

    Friday, November 15th, 2013

    San Francisco turns into Gotham City for a day; Toronto’s city council strips notorious mayor, Rob Ford, of some power after another public embarrassment; and one of the largest child pornography schemes has been busted. Meanwhile, Chris Breezy is out of rehab, and RiRi and Drake drop $17,000 at a strip club together.

    -Sandy + Maura



    San Francisco transforms into Gotham to make 5-year-old’s wish to be Batkid come true,http://rtvote.com/HXc0ht
    San Francisco is no more. The City by the Bay is officially Gotham City… at least for today. The city-wide transformation is all for Miles, a five-year-old who has successfully battled leukemia since he was only a year old. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the power of social media, Miles’s dreams will come true as he fights villains alongside Batman as “Batkid”. Thanks for keeping Gotham City safe, Batkid!

    Toronto’s City Council votes to strip embattled mayor of some powerhttp://rtvote.com/1bAbMHq
    Toronto mayor Rob Ford just can’t help himself. After adding to his list of missteps with some very vulgar comments about oral sex on live Canadian television, Toronto’s city council decided Friday to strip Ford of his ability to appoint and dismiss his senior staff. Even though his power on the political stage is shrinking, don’t expect to see any less of him. Mayor Ford and his brother, Doug, will begin their new “Ford Nation” television show on Monday (No, I’m not kidding. I wish I was.).

    Woman sells wedding ring for tickets to Chiefs-Broncos gamehttp://rtvote.com/1dyLTqX
    A woman found a buyer on Craigslist who traded his football game tickets for her wedding ring. Don’t stress – she claims the ring was from a previous marriage. The buyer will be using his new ring to propose to his girlfriend this Sunday. Smart trade, guys. The ex-wife gets to see some men with tight butts play a good game of football, and Mr. Buyer gets a happy fiancée. What could be better?

    Canada Says 386 Kids Rescued in Child Porn Busthttp://rtvote.com/HQpZor
    Canadian police have released the details on one of the largest child porn busts they’ve seen to date. The investigation, dubbed the Project Spade operation, has led to the rescue of 386 children around the world and the arrest of 348 people. 108 of those arrests were made in Canada, and 76 in the United States. The remaining arrests were made in other countries. Amongst the perpetrators were school teachers, doctors, and actors.

    China easing 1-child policy amid elderly bloomhttp://rtvote.com/1j9xH99
    The ruling Communist Party of China has said they will loosen its decades-old one-child policy. Labor camps, which are currently used by local officials to deal with people who challenge their authority on issues including land rights and corruption, will also be abolished.



    R&B singer Chris Brown out of rehab, working on community service requirement,http://rtvote.com/HULoNE

    Adam Levine Plays Coy About People’s Sexiest Man Alive Rumor, Reveals Wedding Details onTodayhttp://rtvote.com/17yAvwH

    Rihanna and Drake Drop More Than $17,000 Together at Strip Club in Houston: Exclusive Details,http://rtvote.com/1aXNHfa

    Pregnant Megan Fox Covers Baby Bump During Lunch Outing With Hubby Brian Austin Green,http://rtvote.com/18ACSdl


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    News Round-Up: November 14, 2013

    Thursday, November 14th, 2013

    President Obama is addressing the nation (AGAIN) on Obamacare; Snapchat (a start-up run by millennials!) turns down billions from Facebook; a notorious Boston mobster gets more than 2 life terms for his crimes; and survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan struggle to find necessary resources. Meanwhile, Adam Levine gives a standing-O at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and Alec Baldwin’s crazy stalker is getting jail time.
    -Maura + Veronica


    Source: President Obama’s fix will continue current plans, http://rtvote.com/I0VWu5 Aiming to calm the rippling waters among both the Democratic and Republican parties, the president will announce and administrative fix to Obamacare this morning. This will be an attempt to fix the Affordable Care Act to allow Americans to keep their current plans into next year if they want to. This will be in contrast to some Democratic House leaders who have proposed legislative solutions to the problem. Keep your eyes pealed for more details on this story as it develops!

    Mobster ‘Whitey’ Bulger gets 2 life terms plus 5 years, http://rtvote.com/17VI695 The notorious mobster from Boston, James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, was sentenced to two life terms plus 5 years for his crimes during a reign of terror in South Boston in the 1970s and ‘80s. The convictions included murder, money laundering, racketeering, extortion, narcotics distribution, and obstruction of justice. The 84-year-old mobster had been on the run for 16 years before being arrested by the FBI in 2011.

    How it happened: Tracing Typhoon Haiyan’s havoc in the Philippines, http://rtvote.com/1bH78Wb Just a few days ago a bustling city, now, the city of Tacloban is a place of tragedy and despair as thousands try to restore their lives after Super Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation on Friday morning. To give context, the storm was 3.5 times more ferocious than Hurricane Katrina and big enough to stretch from Spain to Sweden. The current number of deaths is measured close to 1800, but the final death toll remains unknown. Survivors are now facing life-threating barriers such as access to clean water, food and medical services.

    Snapchat turned down more than $3B from Facebook, http://rtvote.com/HVJixn

    There are no limits when it comes to new technology, and Snapchat seems to know what their worth! The company reportedly turned down a $3 billion dollar deal with Facebook recently (up from their previous offer of $1 billion last year), because they are being courted by a series of other investors. Facebook’s bid for the company comes from their acknowledgement that teens are spending less time on the social media platform and more time using photographs to communicate with their peers. Snapchat is only 2 years old and was founded by 23-year old CEO Evan Spiegel.  Yay Millennials!


    Alec Baldwin stalker found guilty: Genevieve Sabourin sentenced to 210 days in jail,  http://rtvote.com/1aVJJnu

    Jennifer Lawrence leaves red carpet to comfort fan in wheelchair, http://rtvote.com/1bH78Wa

    Angelina Jolie shows evil side in ‘Maleficent’ poster, http://rtvote.com/1gO9E2B

    Mark Wahlberg lashes out at actors who compare their jobs to being a soldier, http://rtvote.com/18wp3wm
    Adam Levine Gives Behati Prinsloo a Standing Ovation at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, http://rtvote.com/1e5VtSY

    Veronica Barger
    Bio: Veronica is currently studying communications, law, economics, and government at American University in Washington, DC. Originally from New Jersey, she has held an interest in politics since the 2008 presidential election. Being a newly registered voter, she understands how important it is for young people to register to vote and have their voices heard. She looks to spread that message with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: October 29, 2013

    Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

    Hawaii is up next to legalize gay marriage; an official review on NSA programs is underway; and social media sites criticize tasteless blackface and Trayvon Martin costumes. Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers break up, and Julianne Hough receives some intense criticism for her offensive Halloween costume.

    -Sandy + Maura


    Hawaii governor expects gay marriage bill to pass ‘within week’,http://rtvote.com/1f1FWUw
    Hawaii’s legislature is expected to pass a bill legalizing gay marriage “within a week or so.” The state’s House of Representatives will pass the bill on Thursday if it passes Senate; both chambers have Democratic majorities. Governor Neil Abercrombie stated that he hopes the bill will pass before January, at the very latest.

    White House: Review will address global NSA concernshttp://rtvote.com/1gXYp8Q
    As more nations become enraged by NSA’s spying programs, the White House has assured the public that the collection of data on allies will not continue. A review of these programs is currently in the works, and a report on the review will be due by the end of the year. Spain is the latest country that has joined in on protests against the U.S.’s surveillance tactics; others include Germany, France, Brazil, and Mexico.

    Trick-or-treating takes a tasteless turnhttp://rtvote.com/1g9uU2E
    Halloween is right around the corner, and so are some of the most offensive costumes in Halloween history. Some of the more tasteless trick-or-treaters are donning Ariel Castro costumes, blackface costumes, and even Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman costumes. There has been a backlash on social media sites (rightfully so) against such getups, and the Utah Jazz and Julianne Hough have received such criticism.

    5 killed in Dallas-area shootings; suspect arrestedhttp://rtvote.com/1f1LVZx
    Police have arrested Charles Everett Brownlow, Jr., 36, for killing five people in a shooting spree in the small town of Terrell, Texas. The murders started at 5 PM Monday, and Brownlow was captured and arrested early Tuesday. The victims have not been officially identified.

    Report: White House knew plans would be canceled under ACA,http://rtvote.com/1gY57eY
    About 50%-75% of 14 million consumers who buy health insurance individually will have their plans cancelled in the next year because their current policies fail to meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act. Initially, the White House said that policies in effect as of March 23, 2010, could be kept even if they did not meet the requirements of the new healthcare law. The Department of Health and Human Services later narrowed that provision. NBC News reports that the Obama administration has known for three years that people’s insurance would be canceled. The White House has responded that those whose policies are voided will be automatically shifted to plans with better protections. Additionally, they claim that nothing in the Affordable Care Act forces people out of their plans, but the failure of some plans to meet the new minimum standards should be expected.


    George Clooney and John Prendergast discuss what should be done to stop the chaos in Sudan in “Sudan could become a second Syria,” http://rtvote.com/1f1Puij

    Errol Louis talks about Banksy’s insensitive slam against New Yorkers and Americans in “Banksy’s insult shows he’s clueless about New York,” http://rtvote.com/19PKcV9


    Julianne Hough Goes Blackface as Orange is the New Black Character for Halloween Costume, http://rtvote.com/1gY8ouS

    Jonas Brothers Break Up: “It was a Unanimous Decision,” http://rtvote.com/1gY8H8U

    Dax Shepard Doesn’t Have a Wedding Ring, Says It Cost Him $142 to Marry Kristen Bell,http://rtvote.com/1gY9t63

    Adam Levine Says Fiancée Behati Prinsloo Made Him Believe in Marriage,http://rtvote.com/1gY9R4i


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    News Round-Up: Thursday, July 18, 2013

    Thursday, July 18th, 2013

    Indian police search for principal after 22 children die; dispute between U.S. military and Afghanistan halts custom procedures; Nelson Mandela’s health improves; Tom Perez is the new Labor Secretary. Meanwhile, the 2013 Emmy Award Nominations are announced; Neil Patrick Harris agrees to host the Emmys; Jane Lynch has emotional talk with Ellen; and Adam Levine gets engaged.



    Tom Perez Confirmed as Labor Secretary, http://rtvote.com/12L8eyt
    The Senate confirmed Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez as the next secretary of labor Thursday with a vote of 54-46, making him the only Latino in President Obama’s cabinet.

    Police can’t find Indian principal after school lunches deaths, http://rtvote.com/19548VK
    At an Indian school where 22 children were poisoned to death after eating school lunches and police now say the headmistress of the school is nowhere to be found. Authorities say the students were between the ages of 5 and 12 years old and began vomiting Tuesday soon after their first bite of rice. The Bihar state Education Minister P.K. Shahi said the children were poisoned by an insecticide that was in the food.

    Flow of the U.S. military gear across Afghan borders halts amid dispute, http://rtvote.com/1954Nqb
    An escalating dispute between the Afghan government and the United States over customs procedures has halted the flow of U.S. military equipment across Afghanistan’s borders.

    Mandela ‘steadily improving’ on 95th birthday, http://rtvote.com/15pqWKz
    South Africa celebrated Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday on Thursday, a milestone capped by news that the former president’s health was improving. Zindzi, one of Mandela’s daughters, remarked that he is making “remarkable progress.”

    Senators reach deal on student loan interest rates, http://rtvote.com/1953szN
    A bipartisan group of senators reached a deal Wednesday evening to offer college students better rates on loans this fall but higher rates in future years. The Senate deal would offer students lower interest rates through the 2015 academic year.  In the debate Democrats won a protection for students that rates would never climb higher than 8.2% for undergraduate students.

    2013 Emmy Nominations: 6 Biggest Surprises and Snubs, http://rtvote.com/1951lfm

    Jane Lynch Talks Cory Monteith Death: “We’ve Lost a Really Great Guy”, http://rtvote.com/1951NdA

    Adam Levine’s Fiancée Behati Prinsloo: 5 Things to Know About the Victoria’s Secret Angel, http://rtvote.com/15pkYJK

    Queen Elizabeth II Hopes Royal Baby Arrives Soon, http://rtvote.com/1952l2Y

    Neil Patrick Harris steps in to host for Emmy noms, http://rtvote.com/1bLpszh

    Bio: Maura graduated from the University of Dayton in 2011 with a BA in International Studies and French. During the course of her studies she was elected Student Body Vice President where she worked to make student activity funding more affordable & fair to the campus community. Following graduation, Maura joined the 2012 Obama Campaign as grassroots Field Organizer in Ohio (the battleground of all battleground states). She now continues her passion of engaging and building political power for young people with Rock the Vote.

    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    News Round-Up: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

    The intruder who strapped a fake bomb to an Australian girl has been found in Kentucky; a scandalous letter reveals that phone hacking was as rampant as everyone thought; BART riders in San Francisco protest the agency; and Governor Rick Perry is really really nice to his big donors. In entertainment news, females everywhere rejoice as Prince Harry dumps his girlfriend; Kate Gosselin’s show has been cancelled; and super fans make a pilgrimage to Graceland on the anniversary of Elvis’ death.



    SWAT Captures Australian Fake Bomb Suspect in Ky., http://yhoo.it/pARjkY
    The intruder who broke into the home of an Australian wealthy businessman has been found in Kentucky and arrested for strapping a fake bomb to the businessman’s daughter. The suspect left a note demanding money before fleeing the scene. He is said to be an Australian father of three who has lived in the US most of his life. He has indirect links to the victim’s father.

    Phone Hacking: News of the World Reporter’s Letter Reveals Cover-Up, http://bit.ly/oL9JKw
    Clive Goodman, News of the World’s former royal correspondent, has revealed in a letter that phone hacking was widely acknowledged at the publication. Goodman states that the top editorial staff was aware and condoned his hacking of the royal family’s phones. Goodman also notes that the hackings were “widely discussed” at staff meetings, and that no one blinked an eye until former editor, Andy Coulson told the staff to no longer speak of them. Coulson also told Goodman he would have his job back if he did not implicate the paper in the scandal.

    Cell Service Stays on During BART protest in SF, http://bit.ly/niEmvJ
    There were protests at the four underground BART stations in downtown San Francisco last night. Protestors were outraged that BART wanted to cut underground cell phone service in order to stop riders from organizing a protest. BART spokesman Linton Johnson said riders ““don’t have the right to free speech inside the fare gates,” and also noted that rides were deemed unsafe due to protests over “a BART police officer’s fatal shooting of a knife-wielding man on July 3.”

    Gov. Rick Perry’s Big Donors Fare Well in Texas, http://lat.ms/qaklyx
    Over the past ten years, Governor Rick Perry has received $37 million in donations from 150 individual donors. Almost half of these donors have received “hefty business contracts, tax breaks, or appointments under Perry.” One donor, who gave Perry $400,000, is currently building a Formula One racetrack near Austin. The state will subsidize the racetrack with $25 million a year. Harold Simmons, Perry’s second biggest donor, has received permission from “Perry-appointed state regulators” to build “the first new low-level radioactive waste disposal site in three decades.” The waste disposal site will generate Simmons hundreds of millions of dollars. Simmons would not have been able to build the site had Perry not signed a “controversial law allowing a private company to build such a facility in Texas,” early in his administration.

    Is Google Turning into a Mobile Phone Company? No, It Says, http://nyti.ms/nnVHlu
    Although Google denies the claims, some experts are speculating that Google purchased Motorola in order to start creating its own smart phones and tablets that would run on Google software. Some believe that Google will close Android in two to three years once its mobile plans have taken more shape.

    Deepak Chopra on “Why the Obama Strategy May Work,” http://bit.ly/mB29i

    Col Gaddafi Fires Scud Missile at Rebel Territory as NATO Braces Itself for Final Violent Showdown, http://tgr.ph/nrnRyo
    As rebels start to surround Tripoli, Muammar Gaddafi is fortifying his stronghold for what could be a violent showdown. Gaddafi has already fired a scud missile at the rebels. The missile missed them and landed in the desert. Gaddafi is said to have 200 scud missiles that he is willing to fire.


    Prince Harry Splits from Lingerie Model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, http://bit.ly/quqo1y

    Jim Thome Reaches 600-Homer Milestone at Comerica Park, http://bit.ly/nHUY47

    Kate Gosselin’s Show Canceled: ‘We’ve Had a Great Run,’ http://usat.ly/q76dG4

    Elvis Presley’s Death Anniversary Marked at Graceland, http://bit.ly/oXGo9g

    Adam Levine Says American Idol’s Homophobia ‘Pisses Him Off,’ http://bit.ly/ojoG92

    Caitlin Maguire
    Bio: Caitlin is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Rock the Vote
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com