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    We’d like to give a big ol’ CONGRATS to Montravias King for winning the council race in Elizabeth City, North Carolina!

    Mr. King, an undergraduate senior at Elizabeth City State University, was denied his right to run for a seat on his city council. The county’s Board of Elections claimed that his on-campus address did not meet the residence requirements needed to run for office, even though he has lived there for at least nine months of the year. Since the requirements to run for city council are the same for voting, that would mean that college students in North Carolina would have lost their right to vote (I’m smelling the stanky stench of voter suppression here…).

    Thankfully, the state board overturned the county ruling and reasserted that even though King resides in a university dormitory, his residence in the county as a student still qualifies him to run as a candidate…which means college students can still vote, even if their permanent address is not in the county!

    Even though the state board’s decision was already a victory in itself, the fact that this young, ambitious man has actually now won the council race is definitely cause for celebration. The people have spoken!!! And they’re telling local and state governments to stop messing with their right to an active political voice.

    Congratulations once again, Mr. King! And thank you to everyone else who stood up for him, fought for him, and on behalf of student voting right overall!

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