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    Worst Bill Ever? North Carolina’s Voting Bill Works to Suppress Voters

    Written By: Rock the Vote Intern, Sarah Bok

    Get it together, North Carolina. Let people vote. North Carolina is set on a new voter suppression bill that works to reject the values of our democratic election system. While the State legislature was set to pass an already-strict bill (which would disenfranchise 318,000 registered voters who don’t have state-issued IDs, 155,000 voters who have registered at the polls on Election Day, and an overwhelmingly majority of voters who vote early), 50 pages worth of amendments have been additionally tacked on by the Senate – taking voter suppression to a whole new level!
    A number of controversial amendments are featured on the new bill:

    • deems college IDs (and local government IDs) as unacceptable forms of voter ID (now public assistance identification cards of some of the poorest voters don’t even count!)
    • cuts a full week off the Early Voting period
    • prohibits counties from extending poll hours regardless of “extraordinary circumstances” (people may not get to vote if there are UFO sightings or, God forbid, long lines)
    • eliminates same-day voter registration during Early Voting
    • repeals pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds
    • repeals mandate for election officials to conduct high-school registration drives
    • gives vigilante poll observers (lots of them!) expanded range of interference
    • expands the scope of who may examine registration records and challenge voters
    • repeals out-of-precinct voting
    • makes it more difficult to add satellite polling sites for the elderly or voters with disabilities
    • limits who can assist a voter adjudicated to be incompetent by court

    Finally, the bill also works to loosen a few election-related rules, including those that benefit largely those with money. It includes increasing the maximum campaign contribution per election from 4K to 5K dollars, and repealing disclosure requirements of outside money under Candidate Specific Communications.

    This is trash.  Help us spread the word: http://on.fb.me/14J3Mm3.



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