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    Congratulations! Against all odds and because of our work and the collective power of our generation, we were heard!

    The pundits are talking about the winners and losers. We think that’s a stupid f*cking idea. Let’s talk about this: Last night, we proved that we are engaged, we vote, and that we are a political force that cannot be ignored.

    You see, we had a plan. The work we’ve done over the past year wasn’t just to elect someone, it was to change the direction of our country and impact the future of our communities.

    We know that democracy isn’t something that just happens, no magic and butterflies. So today, November 7th, 2012, we’re marking our calendars as the first day of Rock The Vote’s We Will Challenge.

    Our challenge is simple: until the next election, #WeWill engage deeply. #WeWill point out half-truths and hypocrisy. #WeWill get smart on the issues and #WeWill push elected leaders – and each other – to make the promises of the campaigns a reality. We have just begun.

    If you believe in the power of our generation, then join us in the real work ahead.

    Sign up here
    to join the #wewill challenge.

    Together, #WeWill push our elected leaders, each other, and the country to be better. Today marks the first day of the #WeWill Challenge and our work ahead.

    Congratulations President Obama – you’ll be hearing from us soon.

    Heather, Chrissy, Amanda, Caitlin, David, Kelly, Catherine, Phaedra, Jaynie, Adam, Chris, Aliya, Rynnel, Michelle and everyone at Rock the Vote

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    Rock the Vote
    Bio: Rock the Vote was founded in 1990 to organize artists and fight against censorship of musicians. Since then we've evolved to focus on empowering young people to get involved in the political process. We use pop culture, peer-to-peer organizing, and the latest technology to raise visibility of politics and demystify the process of registering to vote.
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    9 Responses to “#WEDID”

    1. Marta Carlson says:

      I would be happier if Romney would of won. THEN the country would be on the right direction.
      I will respect the majority choice though and pray for the best.
      Maybe this outcome will get even more to vote in the next presidential election.

    2. Greg says:

      “We think that’s a stupid f*cking idea”. – Nice langugae.

      I just unsubscribed from your emails. Not because of the quote above, but because of your “wedid” campaign. No, we didn’t. “We” lost last night, and now we have to prepare for another four more years of increased property taxes, increased insurance premiums, increased unemployment, increased welfare and social programs, increased national debt, increased petrol prices, and above all else, a lower standard of living. This, in large part, due to you, your group, and this insensical campaign of yours. Congratulations: you learned nothing from the last four years, and you continue to prove that America is getting dumber. Bravo.

    3. Andre F says:

      AWESOME!!! Hopefully he can take a few days off just to unwind, that was a lot of stress – I saw quite a few new gray hairs. :)

    4. Ryan Roberts says:

      “The pundits are talking about the winners and losers. We think that’s a stupid f*cking idea.”
      - Completely inappropriate…

      “The work we’ve done over the past year wasn’t just to elect someone, it was to change the direction of our country and impact the future of our communities.”

      The voter turn out doesn’t prove you are EDUCATING voters, only convincing the uneducated to vote. This is evident in exit polls proving the majority of people that voted truly had no idea what they just voted for (on either side of the ballot.) You didn’t change the direction of the country, the same guy that has been there the past 4 years is still there…

      Here is an idea for future emails… educate your listeners and audience. 80+% of the people that voted yesterday and the days before, knew one election, the one for presidency. They blindly selected the other puppets based on the trailing identifier (Republican or Democrat) having no concept of what that person’s views are or what they stand for.

      You have a voice, make it useful.

    5. Brittany says:

      I don’t know why I still get this as an email, but how about we lose the cursing? Even if it is ‘starred’, it is still rude. It doesn’t matter what we are feeling, we should be able to communicate like mature adults and not be sending an email out to everyone that has the F word in it.

    6. Stacy says:

      I received this email this morning, and I think you using near-vulgarities in this email shows your unprofessional and immature nature and I do not wish to have any more contact with your organization; so I unsubscribed. I mean really? Using the “F” word connotation??? Grow up! Just disgusted and disappointed because I really liked your website.

    7. K Meyer says:

      So, I want to know which issues you want to see the Obama administration address and change in the coming 4 years? He wasn’t successful in the past 4 years – how will that change? You still have a gridlocked Congress and a non-bipartisan President. Obama does not stand for Christian values – do you? What are your principles and values? Do you support the constitution, or do you want the government to support you? Have you been watching world events and researching the facts to know whether the media is biased in it’s reporting of the facts? If you really want to make a difference in the world, then work for good, for independence, for belief in one God who created all of us.

    8. Marian says:

      We are engaged, we vote. Maybe the pundits are talking about “winners and losers” but please don’t email me talking about that you think that – in your words “professional speaking?” that you think that it’s it’s a “stupid fucking idea”? Where is your professionalism?. Maybe if you use the word “fuck ” enough you will sound cool, but hey guys, the word “fuck” has been used for decades. So, rock the vote but maybe , you are the stupid “fucking idea”. Lol- just sayin’. :) . don’t email me again ok?
      In your words, uhm go fuck yourselves..

    9. Katie says:

      Obamas win does not fully represent our generation.  I am a christian and am proud to say it, whatever God says is right and wrong is right and wrong and it says so in His word.  Our country has turned away from Him and I am scared in the direction it is now going.   I did my part and voted for romney, I will not be attributed to my generations tolerance for wrong behavior and trying to separate chrch and state.  Without the Lord there is no law.  Im ashamed to call this generation my generation, they have lost sight of what america was founded on and made a stupid choice regarding the economy.  You will see our economy collapse I guarantee within the next few years or sooner, a one world order and end time events.  We need our generation to get back to our morality and get right with God because he loves us and cares for us.  May His will be done.