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    A European Court will allow Britain to extradite terror suspects; the US has seen an increase in cop homicides; a study links x-rays to cancer; Latin American leaders will speak with Obama about a more nuanced drug policy; and Rick Santorum’s daughter has been released from the hospital. Elsewhere, a woman has been arrested for stalking Alec Baldwin, and Bonnie Raitt is back with a new album.

    Aaron + Caitlin


    European Court Says Britain May Send Terror Suspects to U.S., http://nyti.ms/HHbThX
    Britain has finally been allowed to extradite several terror suspects back to the US where they will await trial. The prisoners pled their case at the European Court of Human Rights, saying that the American prison they stand to await trial in does not satisfy European Human Rights Code. Not only did the court decide that the ADX Florence Supermax Prison in Colorado was humane, it also stated that some of the prison’s services go beyond what European prisons offer.

    Even as Violent Crime Falls, Killing of Officers Rises, http://nyti.ms/HYzhKF
    There has been a recent rise in the killing of police officers, even though the total number of murders in the US has decreased. In 2011, 72 officers were killed, almost double the total killed in 2008. Many of the cop-killers were violent offenders who had confrontations with the police before. The upturn in cop homicides has caused the FBI to create a national registry of violent offenders that cops can cross-check at every traffic offense. Specific explanations for the rise in officer murders are eluding those studying the issue.

    Prosecutor in Martin Case Will Alone Determine Its Merits, http://nyti.ms/IdXKe7
    Angela Corey, a notoriously tough Republican Florida State Attorney, has waived a grand jury so that she alone will decide whether or not to file charges against George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Experts have looked at the media surrounding the case and have noted the incredible attention it has received, causing many to wonder how it will affect Corey’s decision. Corey has been described as an overzealous prosecutor,  even claiming that if her mother were to break the law she would have no qualms arresting her.

    Syria has defied pullout deadline, say France, Britain http://f24.my/IsX3RN
    According to France and Britain, Syria has not followed agreed-upon peace terms. The peace plan was crafted by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and called for Syria to pull troops from rebel strongholds. However, evidence shows that Syria is actually sending more reinforcements into those areas, creating a flagrant violation of the agreement. France has also criticized Syria’s shelling of refugees on the other side of the Turkey border.

    For the Elderly, Emergency Rooms of Their Own http://nyti.ms/IHOUnd
    As baby boomers age, the medical care industry has had to keep up with changes. One of these anticipatory moves is the creation of elderly emergency rooms, which are meant to cater to older patients. Obamacare ties hospitals’ performance to customer satisfaction, and these new ERs for seniors have been tremendously popular. Amongst the differences between regular ERs and senior ERs is the use of iPads for communicating between patients, nurses, and doctors.

    Study links dental X-rays to brain tumor risk http://wapo.st/HCNi1a
    The American Cancer Society has released a study in their journal tying a brain tumor to a specific type of x-ray. People with Meningioma were twice as likely to have received a routine bitewing x-ray of their mouth. However, many of those who are sick were exposed to these x-rays in the 1960s when they were more radioactive. Receiving these x-rays before you were 10-years-old increases your chances by 5. Doctors say not to be alarmed, for changes in the profession have made x-rays safer.

    Autism science is moving ‘stunningly fast’ http://usat.ly/HTABer
    Autism has been a hot topic in science lately, leading to incredible research discoveries that have been made in the last few years. Specifically, there have been increases in the brain mapping of autistic children which has helped create new treatments. In this mapping, the brains of autistic children look very similar to functioning brains, but breakthroughs have shown that they are wired slightly different. This new information will improve the quality of life of the quickly growing autistic population.

    Latin American countries pursue alternatives to U.S. drug war http://wapo.st/HWWyJz
    President Obama is headed to a Western Hemisphere summit in Colombia where he will be told that America’s international war on drugs is failing. The current policy has led to the deaths of over 50,000 in Mexico and has created war zones all throughout Latin America. Despite working hard to end the drug trade, virtually no inroads have been made. This has led national leaders to discuss other options, such as decriminalizing possession or legalizing substances like marijuana.

    Birthrate for U.S. teens is lowest in history, http://usat.ly/HEwTJD
    Birthrates for American girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are at their lowest in over 70 years. This curbing of teenage pregnancy is due to recent anti-pregnancy messages and increased use of contraception. Teen pregnancies are almost a third of what they were during the baby boomer peak in 1957 and just over half of what the totals were in 1991. Surveys show that teen girls are as sexually active as they have always been, but are using contraception more frequently.

    Santorum delays campaign return after child released http://usat.ly/Hxua7G
    Rick Santorum canceled his campaign events this morning to take his daughter home from her most recent hospital visit. His daughter, Bella, age three, has Trisomy 18, a rare and deadly disease. Santorum is currently campaigning in his home state of Pennsylvania and is expected to return to the campaign trail later today.


    Melissa Gilbert suffers mild concussion, whiplash on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’http://bit.ly/IfMPUd

    NY cops say stalker professed love to Alec Baldwin, http://bit.ly/HupE4A

    Miss Universe pageant allowing transgender women, http://bit.ly/Io6K2C

    Is Lindsay Lohan Victim of a Setup?, http://bit.ly/IAO5zZ

    Southampton commemorates Titanic anniversary, http://cbsn.ws/HvrmqP

    Bonnie Raitt returns, seven years after her last album, with confident ‘Slipstream,’http://nydn.us/ItiEt3

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