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    India has successfully tested a long range missile; the CIA is attempting to increase their use of drones in Yemen; the Vatican accuses American Sisters of feminism; Citigroup shareholders reject a massive compensation package; the EPA has slacked on testing residential neighborhoods for lead; and the Secret Service is set to interview Ted Nugent. Elsewhere, Dick Clark has passed away, Robbie Robertson visits an ailing Levon Helm.

    Aaron + Caitlin


    India Says It Successfully Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile, http://nyti.ms/HRwshz
    India has successfully tested Agni 5, a nuclear-capable missile with the ability to reach Beijing or Shanghai. India is now among the few nations with this technology, joining Russia, the United States, Britain, France and China. Experts fear that this will only fuel an Asian arms race between China and India. China cannot view this development as a good thing and will likely respond by strengthening its connections with Pakistan and other nations in South Asia to weaken India’s influence.

    CIA seeks new authority to expand Yemen drone campaign, http://wapo.st/JflFck
    The CIA has asked the White House for the authority to increase the amount of drone strikes in Yemen. The expansion of drones would allow the CIA to bomb locations without knowing the specifics of who they would kill. The drones would only be utilized on areas that have clear al Qaeda operatives, but operatives whom the US does not know by name. Even without an expansion, the CIA has used 8 drone strikes in the last 4 months in Yemen. Experts fear that allowing more drones strikes is a slippery slope to escalating US actions in the region. Also, the US occasionally has made mistakes in the past with their drones resulting in the killing of unattended targets.

    Vatican: U.S. Catholic sisters, nuns making serious theological errors, http://wapo.st/HW555y
    The Catholic Church has criticized groups representing American nuns, claiming they are misunderstanding scripture. The Vatican is referring to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious as teaching “radical feminist themes.” The Vatican also feels that American sisters have too silent about abortion and contraceptives. One of the groups criticized responded that they focus on dealing with poverty, not sexual issues. Some are saying this tension is just a natural aspect of the evolution of a church in flux since Vatican II.

    Citigroup’s Chief Rebuffed on Pay by Shareholders, http://nyti.ms/HZS4Xn
    Citigroup shareholders voted against giving CEO Vikram Pandit a $15 million compensation package. This is the first time shareholders have organized and voted against an outsized compensation package, giving many hope that this will prevent other publicly traded companies from overpaying executives. The move was supported by both Occupy Wall Street types and institutional shareholders, who feel Citigroup profits might be better spent elsewhere. This vote was non-binding but most likely will
    influence Citigroup’s final decision.

    Poisons lurk where lead-smelting factories once stood, http://usat.ly/ImXpGW
    Despite the EPA knowing about contaminated dirt in many residential neighborhoods, the agency has done little to clean it up or warn residents. One example is in Cleveland where a neighborhood surrounding a former lead smelting plant has toxic levels of chemicals in the dirt. USA Today looked at old industrial directories and investigated the levels of lead in the ground around old plants. The results show that the EPA has not done its job warning and protecting residents.

    Ted Nugent gets call from Secret Service over violent election remarks, http://bit.ly/HV6x5L
    Last week during the National Rifle Association convention, former rock star Ted Nugent said if Obama were to be reelected, Nugent would either be in dead or in jail next year. The secret service took this as somewhat of a threat to President Obama and has decided to meet with Nugent. Nugent, who, in an attempt to avoid militarty service, once defecated in his own pants prior to meeting with the Vietnam Draft Board, is a staunch advocate of firearms and is a supporter of conservative politicians.

    Survey: Young adults cool on Obama, Romney, voting, http://usat.ly/HTcVZo
    According to a new report, Barack Obama will not be able to rely on the strong youth vote he received in 2008 for the coming election. However young people are not particularly keen on his Republican rival Mitt Romney either. Experts are saying that this survey is bad news for both campaigns, for while Obama is more favorable and more exciting to young voters, he was more so four years ago. Additionally it seems as if the youth vote won’t turn out in similar numbers as they did in 2008, making this slice of the population even less influential.


    Dick Clark dies: Entertainment icon became hero to stroke victims, http://lat.ms/I56Agw

    Cannes sets 2012 fest lineup, http://trib.in/HSpvN7

    Levon Helm visited in hospital by The Band’s Robbie Robertson, http://cbsn.ws/I51MYD

    Following The Lives Of Chimpanzees On Screen, http://n.pr/J8229t

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