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    The United States has few options for responding to a North Korean Missile Launch; war seems inevitable between Sudan and South Sudan; George Zimmerman will be tried for the death of Trayvon Martin; Amazon is making moves in the e-book department; Obama has elected not to sign an anti-discrimination bill; and Congress is trying to take on “bath salts.” Additionally, JK Rowling is set to release a new book; a French presidential candidate uses a “Watch the Throne” song in a political ad; Axl Rose will not attend his hall of fame induction; and Serbian police have found a stolen piece of art.

    Aaron + Caitlin


    Few U.S. Options as North Korea Readies Missile Launching http://nyti.ms/HDhLLx
    There is little President Obama and the United States can do as North Korea
    prepares to test launch a missile. It seems that the best option is for the
    US to downplay the significance of the test, for it’s impractical to prevent
    it. The US will, however, revoke the recent food-aid it granted to the
    totalitarian state. The reason that the US will not request sanctions on
    North Korea is that the country is already a heavily sanctioned nation, and
    the US does not want to waste its international capital dealing with China
    and Russia on North Korea when it is also dealing with Syria and Iran.

    Sudan, South Sudan mobilise as border violence intensifies http://f24.my/HBYGcB
    After South Sudan captured an oil field from Sudan yesterday, the two
    nations have started to ready for war. As a result, the African Union led
    peace talks between Sudan and South Sudan have been put on hold. After
    leaders failed to sign a treaty in Ethiopia, both sides have ramped up their
    wartime rhetoric.

    Prosecutor Files Charge of 2nd-Degree Murder in Shooting of Martin http://nyti.ms/I6gLN6
    Trayvon Martin’s family is celebrating a special prosecutor’s decision to
    charge George Zimmerman in the February shooting of the 17-year-old. The
    decision to charge Zimmerman was made by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey,
    who has downplayed any racial issue in this case.

    Post-ABC News poll shows drop in Republican support for Afghan war http://wapo.st/HCa2BA
    For the first time ever, a majority of Republicans do not think that the war
    in Afghanistan is worth fighting. This is an interesting revelation,
    considering likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney has come out in favor of
    the war. Even though Obama supported increasing troop totals in the
    beginning of his term, he has started to draw back troops and plans to turn
    Afghanistan over to local control by 2014.

    For John Edwards, isolation is a symbol of his downfall http://wapo.st/I5UFxB
    As John Edwards prepares for trial, it seems that his life is a lonely one.
    Living in the same palatial Chapel Hill estate that he built with his late
    wife Elizabeth, Edwards is persona non grata in Chapel Hill. Many old
    friends are disgusted that he cheated on Elizabeth while she was sick and
    have abandoned the former presidential hopeful. Others feel spurned, saying
    Edwards was so power hungry after his 1998 senatorial elect that he forgot
    who helped him get there.

    Obama delays ban on discrimination by U.S. contractors, disappointing gay
    rights advocates http://wapo.st/HE35M8
    President Obama did not sign a ban that would prevent federal contractors
    from discriminating based on sexual orientation. White House aides said that
    the president has planned a multi-pronged effort to urge companies not to
    discriminate, but for many gay rights advocates, that is not enough. Groups
    have been working to present this ban as widely supported and popular, but
    Obama will still not budge. Many are still holding hope that the president
    will sign the bill if he wins reelection.

    ‘Bath salt’ poisonings rise as legislative ban tied up http://usat.ly/IHXl5v
    Legislators are working to ban legal drugs marketed as bath salts or
    synthetic marijuana strains. Senator Rand Paul is holding up the passing of
    these bills as his Libertarian views require that states, and not the
    federal government, make decisions about drug laws. Poisonings from bath
    salts jumped from just over 300 in 2010 to over 6,000 in 2011, creating a
    sense in Congress that something has to be done. These substances mimic
    illicit substances like ecstasy and cocaine and have proven dangerous.

    Better tests find record concussions among U.S. troops http://usat.ly/HyYCgC
    In recent years, medical technology has improved for troops, especially in
    concussion detection. New reports show that on any given day last spring, an
    average of 16 troops suffered brain injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq. While
    increases in terrorists’ use of improvised explosive devices contribute to
    this this rise in concussions, experts say that the real reason for the
    increase is better testing.

    Death Penalty Repeal Goes to Connecticut Governor http://nyti.ms/HMFUwW
    The Connecticut House of Representatives has echoed the sentiments of the
    Connecticut State Senate, approving a bill that would end the death penalty
    in Connecticut. The Democratic governor has said she will sign the bill.
    Currently, there are 16 other states that do not have a death penalty, and 5
    different states have repealed the death penalty in the last 5 years.
    Connecticut’s bill has been in the works for over two decades. It was vetoed
    by a Republican governor in 2009; at the time a gruesome home invasion had
    just taken place and the only survivor of the incident was in favor of the
    death penalty.


    Axl Rose declines Rock Hall induction, http://usat.ly/HyiXTC

    Hollande: ‘Vote for me, N***** in Paris!,’ http://bit.ly/HJopkz

    Mel Gibson, Screenwriter Feud over Jewish Hero Movie, http://bit.ly/IYLOva

    Feud of the Day: Courtney Love vs. Dave Grohl, http://eonli.ne/HxFWt5

    Obama Says Kanye West is ‘Very Talented’ But Still a ‘Jackass,’

    Serb police find painting believed to be stolen
    Cezanne, http://fxn.ws/HCMtbO

    J.K. Rowling announces first novel for adults: ‘The Casual Vacancy,’

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