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    Primary Day in New Hampshire

    It is Primary Day in New Hampshire. The first primary in the 2012 contest. And while voters are heading to the polls for the Democratic and Republican primaries (polls close at 7pm!), some misinformation is being spread about the voting laws.

    So here is the low-down:

    1/ If you are registered to vote already, you do not need to bring ID to the polls.
    2/ If you are not registered to vote, you can do so at the polls today (!) and you must bring proof of who you are and where you live (utility bill, student ID, etc)

    Last year, the state of NH tried to pass legislation that would make it nearly impossible for out-of-state students to vote, end same-day voter registration, and require very specific voter ID at the polls. But students and citizens in NH rallied and won! The measures were all rejected.

    But today there has been a bunch of confusion caused by misinformation about voting rights flying around NH.

    Check out this message from Rock the Vote’s Amanda Brown (who used to be a student voter in NH) as she sets the record straight.

    If you have questions about election information, go to electionland.comĀ for more information.

    And, clearly the attempts to make it harder for students to vote whether through laws or confusion are not going away. Rock the Vote will be fighting back. If you want to help, sign up to join our ‘Rock the Vote, Don’t Bock the Vote’ campaign.


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    Heather Smith
    Bio: Heather is President of Rock the Vote.
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

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