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    Partisan Spat Over Rides to SC DMV

    We noticed a bit of a partisan spat in South Carolina over the implementation of the photo ID legislation. Here’s the story.

    Recently, when discussing the new photo ID legislation with the FOX affiliate in Greenville, Governor Nikki Haley dismissed concerns that voting rights would be affected and offered a unique solution: “Find me those people who think that this is invading their rights. Find and I will go take them to the DMV myself and help them get that picture ID.”

    Taking the Governor’s words at face value, the family of Robert Tucker, a 76 year-old veteran without a photo ID or birth certificate, contacted her office to ask for a ride to the DMV. According to news reports, Tucker’s cousin said: “They told me the best that they can do is tell me to go to legal aid. I told the Democratic Party about it because I find it so odd Republicans and Governor Haley put so much credit into the bill. They talked about how it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they couldn’t do anything for the person who is disenfranchised.”

    The Democrats made a video – which you can see here – and Republicans responded. State GOP Executive Director Matt Moore said the video is “just Democratic Party tricks” and reporters got a new response when they called into the Governor’s office:

    “Yes, we will assist Mr. Tucker, as we’ll work to assist anyone who is having trouble getting state services,” said Haley spokesman Rob Godfrey. “Anyone who feels they cannot get a picture ID should call the governor’s office. Governor Haley was entirely sincere when she said she would help people get the ID they needed to secure the integrity of their vote.”

    If you need help getting an ID or to the DMV, the Governor’s office number is 803-734-2100. Make sure to tip your shuttle driver.

    Fun side note: ThinkProgress determined driving the 178,000 currently registered voters disenfranchised voters would take the Governor just over 7 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days. If there’s no traffic.

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