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    Bank Account Activity New Voting Requirement in Wisconsin?

    Did you know that your constitutional right to vote actually hinges on how often you swipe your debit card at Starbucks?

    No? Neither did a Wisconsin voter who went to the DMV to get his “free” voter ID card.

    Since you will need to show a government-issued photo ID to vote in Wisconsin in 2012, the requirements for actually getting an ID at the DMV are pretty important. This video showcases the apparently new requirement that a bank account has to show a certain amount of “activity” to be used to prove your residency. I don’t remember seeing that in the Constitution.

    The video also highlights how the DMV automatically charge people a $28 fee unless a certain box is checked – even though clerks make no effort to educate people that the fee would be waived if the ID is for voting. Check our your new “democracy”:

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    Becca Ward
    Bio: Duke University, Class of 2012 Majoring in Public Policy, Certificate in Energy and the Environment From Portland, Oregon.  Aquarius
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

    One Response to “Bank Account Activity New Voting Requirement in Wisconsin?”

    1. Levi says:

      I am from NY – And homelss people have to carry ID on them at all times anyways. Forget about the homeless for a second. I THis is about voting. When you walk into the place that you vote and they DONT ask for ID are you OK with that? So anyone can pretend to be you? This video is about A mother getting a ID card for her son. Why doesnt the son have Drivers licens? or ID card already? If it a special ID card just for voting that hasnt been made clear by the reporter or by the video. This isnt voter suppression. It is acually voter security, making sure that when you go to the voting place, it is you casting your vote.