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    News Round-Up: Wednesday February 16, 2011

    President Obama is putting his foot down on big defense budget cuts, Madoff is pointing out the banks for being complicit in his scheme, and Schwarzenegger might be making his way back to the box office.


    Barack Obama Plays Hardball with Veto Threat, http://politi.co/gvln27

    President Obama says that he is open to furthering budget cuts, but not ones that will make the Pentagon and the Department of Defense unworkable.

    Bernie Madoff, Banks “Had To Know ” Of Fraud, http://huff.to/fs5eQQ

    Despite denial of any involvement, Madoff claims that the banks could not possibly have been ignorant as to the fraud he was committing.

    The Future of a Democratic Egypt, http://wapo.st/eMxrQo

    Condoleezza Rice stands by her 2005 remarks that the United States supports Egypt in its quest for peace, and that although turmoil may lie in the immediate future, the ideals behind it will stand the test of time.

    Role for Teachers Is Seen in Solving Schools’ Crises, http://nyti.ms/fLlzKw

    Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asserted his view that teachers unions can be utilized to help, not hinder, many of the problems schools are facing. Many Republicans and some Democrats disagree with Duncan on the role of teachers unions.

    Egypt’s Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet, http://nyti.ms/hMozFh

    Egypt was able to shut down the internet for 5 whole days nation wide based on the fact that they own the infrastructure through which the information flows. This shut down not only affected individuals, but also impacted businesses with online components.

    Conservative GOP Could Prompt Some to Skip Iowa, http://bit.ly/dQDTuQ

    Iowa may no longer be as important to presidential hopefuls as it grows more and more conservative.

    Gaffes Continue to Hamper Braun, http://bit.ly/fhPjj1

    Many wonder whether Braun’s charming personality and people skills will be able to win her enough votes to compensate for a rocky, controversial political past.

    Killers Frontman Eats with Romney, http://bit.ly/eYig3d

    It’s hard to say whether Romney sought out Brandon Flowers in order to capture a larger portion of the youth vote, or if Flowers is following in long time friend Bono’s footsteps and becoming politically engaged, but either way the unlikely pair have a strategy up their sleeves.


    Watson: 1, Humans: 0: http://bit.ly/hkP1so

    He’s back: http://bit.ly/hNiq0m

    Bonnaroo reveals initial lineup: http://bit.ly/iBHC

    Katy Perry and Kanye star in new music video: http://bit.ly/dZOref

    Billy Ray scared for Miley: http://bit.ly/f0tWWe

    Lil Wayne challenges Oreos for more Facebook “likes”: http://aol.it/i2yovN

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