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    To all the first-time voters in the 2008 election: Rock the Vote and over 30 youth organizations want you to vote again in 2010! Check out voteagain2010.com to hear from your peers on issues you care about and learn how you can get involved. You can even tell your friends to vote again in 2010 right there on the site.

    Sara Haile-Mariam, a communications and outreach associate at Campus Progress, really believes in the idea behind the new website.

    Here’s what Sara had to say about Voteagain2010.com:

    This site will make the case for midterm participation based on a simple truth, While members of Congress have the power to vote for or against legislation– we have the power to vote for or against every one of them.  That’s a power that we can’t let go to waste… which is why we must vote again in 2010.

    Click here to check out Sara’s kick off Campus Progress’ 2010 National Conference .
    Others organizations involved with Vote Again 2010 include: the League of Women Voters, the Energy Action Coalition, Voto Latino, and many more. There are just too many to list here, but we want you to join us! There will be opportunities to offer your input on everything leading up to the midterm elections and we’ll keep you up to date on unique events like Trick or Vote, a nationwide, costumed get-out-the-vote canvas held on Halloween. We’ll also have some more practical resources that can help you register to vote and find your polling place.

    With Vote Again 2010, youth organizations are joining together to accomplish one goal – to make sure the voice of every young voter is heard on November 2nd. Check out the site today and help us get every young person to vote again in 2010.

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    Rock the Vote
    Bio: Rock the Vote was founded in 1990 to organize artists and fight against censorship of musicians. Since then we've evolved to focus on empowering young people to get involved in the political process. We use pop culture, peer-to-peer organizing, and the latest technology to raise visibility of politics and demystify the process of registering to vote.
    Email the author at: blog(at)rockthevote.com

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